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Avengers Movie HeroClix Spoilers
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Avengers HeroClix Logo12-14-2011: Looks like we're going to get another AVENGERS HeroClix set! According to ICV2, here's what we know so far...

•Scheduled for March 2012 (the live-action Avengers movie is set for May 4th).

•40 figure set, including Captain America, Thor, Red Skull, and Loki

•"Avengers Movie HeroClix Starter" will have 6 figures, unique dials, 2 maps, rulebook, dice, and reference card... and HeroClix Online code(s)

•Available in single figure Boosters (I am assuming this is a gravity feed)

•Available in three-figure "Team Packs" <-- this is new to me.

•"Each Booster and Team Pack will also have an on-line code." <-- I assume they are referring to the single-figure boosters.

02-29-2012: The last of the Warriors Three for the Avengers Movie HeroClix is here! He's got a great opening click of Charge and Blades/Claws/Fangs with a whopping [11] damage!  And if you can hit that sweet spot, he's got Flurry and Blades/Claws/Fangs too -- yes, Furry and B/C/F can be used together!!!

Marvel Avengers Fandral HeroClix Dial

02-15-2012: Another of the Warriors 3 makes an appearance -- HOGUN! Just look at all those fun colors on that dial! Charge, Willpower, and Outwit? Yes Please!

Avengers Movie Hogun Dial

02-01-2012: The Avengers HeroClix gets more interesting with VOLSTAGG! Looks like he'll work well with other Warriors Three figures too! Can we say [4] damage for 67 Points? Woot!

HeroClix Volstagg Dial

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Your Comments:
Love the new hulk was hoping my friend would pull one he has stupid luck pulling thus far 2 lady deaths superman ( if he was brought up by darkside) the guy who lays out drill tokens and he sayed screw me and pulled 2 red skulls he has been playing 12 days. He said he has an army well I have a hulk

Posted by: ezzyfaye on 5/31/2012 11:18:42 AM
I've actually found three stores in my town that are selling the single boosters of the movie Avengers but they've been in the traditional boxes, which I am glad by the way. But I haven't seen any of the team/three packs yet, which I'm dreading bucause I really don't want to buy them off ebay either.

Posted by: drakelf on 5/5/2012 1:24:20 PM
I'm pretty pleased with this set. GV Hulk is close to the dominant piece we've been waiting for and I like the AE pieces of Tony Stark and Jonah Scmidt. (I like AE's as support pieces). No such thing as a perfect set, Hulk could use leaping and the set's best villian, GF Loki, looks like he's got a glass jaw (overpriced points piece) but overall this set is beating the Hell out of Galactic Guardians for me.

Posted by: Licensedhero on 4/24/2012 7:38:46 AM
Heh, Bruce Banner reminds me of tommy vercetti from vice city.

Posted by: justin on 4/21/2012 6:32:37 PM

Thor would be able to use Rage of the Wayward Son with Flurry. The reason being is that Flurry is a power action that activates two free close combat attacks.

Wayward Son SP is a free action that gives a free close combat attack that activates at the beginning of the turn whenever an opposing figure that is 75 pts. or more is adjacent to Thor.

As you can see the sources of the free attacks are from two separate types of actions.

FREE ACTIONS - Some game effects do not require the character
to be assigned an action token when that action
resolves, or they allow a character to do something
after the character uses another kind of action,
such as a power action or move action.
Using a free action does not consume one of
your available actions for the turn, and you may
give your characters as many free actions as
game effects allow. A character may not activate
the same game effect twice in one turn with free
actions, unless the game effect indicates otherwise.

Posted by: phep on 4/20/2012 9:22:44 PM
Hey, can someone please answer a question I have on the 160 pt rare Thor?
On his fourth click, he has flurry and rage of the wayward son, both of which say that he can make a close combat action as a free action, right? At first this sounded awesome to me, because he could possibly attack three times in one turn. But then I remembered that you can't do more than one free action of the same effect per turn. Does this mean that this Thor can't make three attacks, or can he?

Posted by: NeoDaxamite64 on 4/20/2012 3:28:22 PM

No the regeneration roll would stop at the AE starting line so the best the Hulk would get is click 9.

This is a great Hulk. I hope all the disappointed Hulk fans that didn't enjoy Incredible Hulk can look forward to this one to play with.

Posted by: phep on 4/19/2012 10:20:45 PM
If Hulk AE regens, can he regen past the red line? (can you make him angry for only 40 pts?)

Posted by: Kragnorak on 4/19/2012 12:00:13 PM
No Ed Norton Banner, huh? :b

Posted by: Kragnorak on 4/19/2012 11:58:25 AM
@phep, yes, the Target exclusive GF packs have different stats than the main set. It is also the only place to get Agent Coulson, Tony Stark and Heimdall. The GF set has the Loki chase and the main set has chases of the Red Skull with the Cosmic Cube and Odin.

The 255pt Hulk is the GF piece.

Posted by: lordoracle on 4/18/2012 8:02:26 PM
Their we go that's a great 255 pt Hulk! It's how the Hulk freak'n should be lol. A real terror on the battlefield that wrecks and smashes all in his way....don't mak him angry you would like him when he's angry....

Posted by: Spider- Man 071 on 4/18/2012 4:43:10 PM
Why are there 2 of them?

Posted by: white phoenix of the crown on 4/18/2012 3:03:07 PM
now thats the hulk i've been wating for!

Posted by: x on 4/18/2012 12:15:53 PM
got a CTD box earlier today... comparing with a video unboxing of AVM gravity feed found at Target, the figs are different.

So, to have a chance to get everything, you have to get the CTD and the gravity feed boxes.

Posted by: emcee on 4/18/2012 2:18:17 AM
Can someone confirm this for me?

Are the AVM gravity feed found at stores like Target have different stats from the ones that will be sold by B&M stores or are the only difference is that there are additional chase figures (ie Loki) and the gravity feed count (30 individual boosters vs. 24) in the mass retail chains?

Thanks in advance to anyone that replies! :-)

Posted by: phep on 4/17/2012 6:32:30 PM
I don't like it when they do the mass marketing packs at the major retail stores. It takes forever for me to actually find a store that has them in stock. I would rather just go pick them up at my local game store.

Posted by: nafets920 on 4/17/2012 1:15:13 PM
OK that' s cool.. and I found on ebay the complete set with a Loki with the cosmic cube as a LE and ... a skrull infiltrator

Posted by: Flacco on 4/17/2012 11:37:05 AM
I think the inclusion of the 11 figure Mass-Market GF is ridiculous when the regular set is a GF (or CTD as they are now calling it).

The picture of the Mass Market packs is wrong actually. They show them to be pouch-like packaging. They come in a 1-figure box like the other GF/CTD. In fact, the MM packs aren't even distinct from the regular packs by saying "11 figure set" on them.

For all we know, with the exception of the bar code, they could be mixed in with regular packs.

Posted by: lordoracle on 4/17/2012 7:38:52 AM
So 1 figure gravity feed packs, and 1 figure regular packs. That could be a bit confusing for the people that are unaware of this.

Posted by: nafets920 on 4/16/2012 8:59:58 PM

No, I don't think so. I'm pretty sure that, aside from the gravity feed, there are only the 1 fig boosters and the 3 fig team packs.

Posted by: NeoDaxamite64 on 4/14/2012 11:52:22 AM
So the figures with their collector number in the 200's are the gravity feed single packs. What kind of packs are the rest coming in? Are we getting the five figure booster for this set too?

Posted by: nafets920 on 4/13/2012 8:51:26 PM
@Sir Christopher: You're technically right, but a better way to look at it is this: You have a 67% chance to deal the same or more damage. And with someone around with Probability Control, you have an 89% chance to roll a 3 or higher.

Posted by: The Le on 4/12/2012 8:42:35 AM
Heimdall - Not sure how often I would use Blades/Claws/Fangs on his first 2 clix. You only have a 50% chnace of doing more damage and a 33.3% chance of doing less damage. I suppose if it was last round and I knew I needed to stick the other character for 4 to KO him.Find the Imperv and last clix boost intreging. I know they do that alot with the last click boost just no many getting Imperv

Posted by: Sir Christopher on 4/12/2012 7:28:26 AM
Interesting set.
Love the idea of the themed teams (particularly if ice giants are one of the themes).
Fact the the mins are based on people means the miniatures look like they're be good for conversions

Posted by: annoyinglizardvoice on 4/11/2012 2:53:19 PM
Heroclix SPAIN? I just started and I can't even keep up with all the sets, now I gotta look at SPAIN?!

Posted by: Tim J on 4/10/2012 10:29:59 AM
The scales of Heroclix have become varied lately. Look at the Black Tarantula compared to most any "normal" character, he's sized like the Hulks from that set.

Posted by: lordoracle on 4/9/2012 1:09:01 PM
What could the 6th Team pack be?

We know: Warriors Three, SHIELD, Hydra, Howling Commandos, and Frost Giants.

Maybe a Hulkbusters with General Ross, Emil Blonsky, and Abomination AE or generic Hulkbuster soldier (even though Ross' unit was not named in the movie)? Looking at the reveals so far, I just noticed we have nothing from Incredible Hulk.

Posted by: lordoracle on 4/9/2012 1:04:59 PM
Turns out there is a Gravity Feed for the Avengers Movie set even though the set itself is one. It appears to be mass market exclusive like the GL feed was. This is where Agent Coulson comes from.

Posted by: lordoracle on 4/9/2012 8:20:19 AM
The new Hawkeye reminds me of the old Ultimates Hawkeye but with more manunverability & flexibility but with less damage potential & range.

However I'm glade he got the Sharpshooter & anti-stealth combo going so unless his target is behind blocking terrain there's no way of hiding from him.

Posted by: phep on 4/4/2012 8:45:42 PM
Finally a Hawkeye worth playing!

Posted by: tikiphantom on 4/4/2012 3:56:56 PM
Love the sculpt and the dial. I think the reason behind the flipping of RS to LC would be to allow him to break away if someone ties him up after his initial attack. Just a thought.

Posted by: Shawn Besaw on 4/4/2012 2:26:26 PM
Hawkeye - Found the Weak Spot. Nice power that can help but not overpowering. Not sure about the logic of flipping fron Running Shot to Leap/Climb and back. Only logic I can see is that it makes a player more reluctant to push him off of his running shot click.At 12.5 points per clix he seems like a good 2ndary Attacker.
Actually glad that he only has 1 clix printed at over 2. He is just shooting arrows. Was surprized he has no special(exploding, Penetrating,smoke cloud, etc) arrows.

Posted by: Sir Christopher on 4/4/2012 1:37:08 PM
Yes, they do look like zombies. Just no missing limbs.
Note I have not seen the how big these Guys are portrayed in the movie but am wondering why they are only a single based character while the Frost Giants on HoT are quad based?
Laufey –
Casket of Ancient Winters. When Laufey is KO’d, Give each opposing character an action token.
Interesting ability. The ability could keep him alive as a player may not want to attack him when they can KO him as the extra action token could cause pushing damage. Of course this does not have the same effect against Adominable or Quintessance or Power Cosmic Characters. Of course placing Lazerith Pit Feat on him make him fun as he can get to use the trait power twice in a game. Of course with the Regen at the end one could actually place him on the board after him being gone for a turn and then regen him if it is late in the game. Teaming him with Cypher can be deadly if your opponent has Mystics on their team.

I Uphold the Truce. When Laufey Attacks an opposing Character that attacked a friendly character since your last turn, modify Laufey’s attack value by +1
I neat power, but will require a lot of keeping track of who attacked and who was just given an action token on your opponents turn.

Glad he is 180 Pts. That way you don’t have to deal with more than 1 on a team to often. The 3 clicks of Phasing/teleport at the end Combined with 2 clicks of regen makes him that he could easily run and regen if your opponents does not have outwit.
I’m not sure how often I will play him as I am not a big fan of 0 range Pieces even if they can attack 2 spaces as a close combat attack. I’m still surprised when Wizkids put out giants that do not have super strength as an ability. Perhaps they should look at including Super Strength as part of the Giant trait. I can lift my child that is half my height but he can’t lift me. From his perspective I have super strength. Don’t recall many giants in the comics that can’t left a manhole

Posted by: Sir Christopher on 4/3/2012 8:26:59 AM
Makes me wonder how big the single CTD box is with this set having Ice Giants, The Hulk, & the Destroyer in it?

Laufey is pretty a pretty good brick that gives some type of support thanks to his SP for Asgardian Monsters.

The Ice Giant SP is interesting. It can potential prevent figures from being carried or prevent range attacks from being made.

3 Ice Giants & Laufey with the Gauntlet and all the gems would make for an interesting team at 500 pts.

Posted by: phep on 4/2/2012 10:42:14 PM
Is it me or do the giants look to be about as menacing as those tiny Hulks from the IH set?

They're sure going to look like poop next to the excellent Giant-Size X-Men Frost Giants!

Posted by: Kragnorak on 4/2/2012 10:04:04 AM
He's not broken. As Nightwing fan said, just use a smaller piece. You don't need Thor taking him out or any Asgardian for that matter. The movie set has plenty of small pieces to KO him let alone JL Bats, Hulkbusters, Hydra and so many more. His defense is low in close combat so its an easy hit out of that power.

Posted by: Lord Logan on 3/29/2012 6:29:04 PM
I dont think Agent Coulson is broken. Either crush his team before he gets taken out, OR just have a figure on your team 99 points or less KO him. That seems simple enough to me. In golden age that leaves WOS Nightcrawler, OOTS Batman and HOT Cap, AV Winter Soldier as 4 possible Coulson killers. You just got to make sure one of your guys is less then 100 points and problem solved.

Posted by: Nightwing-fan on 3/29/2012 1:28:43 PM
the list of powers and abilities that WRECK this peice:
outwit (doesnt it wreck everybody?)
energy explosion
pulse wave
force blast

sure you cant take a swing at him, but you can still outwit the hell out of him. and pretty much every GOOD team has at least one character with a top dial outwit. and if you dont, after this guy comes out you will be a horrible clix player if you dont

Posted by: sparkdemon on 3/29/2012 11:13:27 AM

There isn't a Gravity feed for this set. The whole thing IS a gravity feed (single-figure packs) except for the 4 3-piece Team Packs that come in the display with them.

Posted by: lordoracle on 3/29/2012 9:11:17 AM
Nah, at first glance it might appear to be an overly powerful figure, but hardly broken in the sense we usually see it. When he has stealth, he doesn't have that SP, so it can be outwitted. He is a great SHIELD tool though, with his regular perplex and TA range/damage 'perplex'. There are many possibilities to handle the guy, as several have already posted. But I do like him, and think he's pretty creatively done!

Posted by: aqhoffman on 3/29/2012 9:05:15 AM
hard to consider Agent Coulson broken when the SP is subject to outwit (and who doesn't pack outwit on their teams these days). Ultimate support figure... a distinct possibility. Broken as hell... I'd say no.

Posted by: phep on 3/28/2012 7:33:20 PM
Coulson just needs a little Energy Explosion sent his way, via his two SHIELD agents that will inevitably be flanking him...

Posted by: Preacher13 on 3/28/2012 7:13:59 PM
#206 sounds like Gravity Feed Avengers . I believe that's how numbers worked in Hulk set .

Posted by: Avarice Heroclix on 3/28/2012 5:17:28 PM
Most Martial Artist pieces (like just about ALL of Street Fighter) can go straight for him. Most of the pieces were like 50+.

I definitely want him since I love the character, but I am wondering, like Shawn, what's with the 206 number? How is Coulson being released?

Posted by: lordoracle on 3/28/2012 3:39:37 PM
Hmm, what's up with the number 206 though? I thought Avengers Movie clix went to 40. 1-9 Common, 10-17 Uncommon, 18-22 Rare and 23-40 team packs (Warriors 3, Howling Commandos, Shield, etc).

Posted by: Shawn Besaw on 3/28/2012 12:38:48 PM
@Baron , Actually he can be the target of outwit it just says he cant be the target of an " Attack " from a character that's 100 pts+ .

Posted by: cat on 3/28/2012 12:04:27 PM
Nope. Outwit wont do the job. His SP says he cant be targetted

Posted by: Baron Impossible on 3/28/2012 11:29:20 AM
I don't see much of a problem with Agent Coulson. His range is only 6; his damage is low even with perplex; his defense is so low that almost any attack has a better than 50/50 chance to hit him; he doesn't have outwit so I don't see him as a game changer in any scenario. Pulse wave would also do him in pretty quickly.

Posted by: x-law22 on 3/28/2012 11:28:31 AM
I can see why he's Unique, a squad of him would be a problematic. Besides the ways below, just EE one of the SHIELD Agents next him or good old PW will do too(though what Doesn't get around?)!

Posted by: The Dark Knight on 3/28/2012 10:27:37 AM
Coulson's power seems Broken. Not liking if I having to use an Outwit to counter I'm not Intimidated by any "Super" Heroes. Makes him a inexpensive untimate tye up piece that only has to be concerned with Outwit. Of course if your venue allows unrestricted play of (graon) "golden age" pieces their are alot of characters that can ignor this power (Aka 50 Pt Rookie Polaris doing 4 clix of damage kills him in 1 hit)

Posted by: Sir Christopher on 3/28/2012 10:21:55 AM
Do not forget you can just outwit Agent Coulson's SP.

Posted by: mecimcim on 3/28/2012 10:09:07 AM
Coulson's power seems OK - an opposing figure of 99 pts or less can still attack him, and the 100+ guys after they've taken care of his teammates. A non-super would tend to be overlooked, right? With low defense and no damage reducers, that SP is the only thing helping Mr. Nondescript stay in the game!

Posted by: Spudeus on 3/28/2012 10:04:02 AM
Desatroyah! Glad I missed the HOT version of this. Makes me want to get this even more.

Posted by: Ianator73 on 3/26/2012 6:19:19 PM
Destroyer= The one and ONLY figure from this set that I want

Posted by: white phoenix of the crown on 3/26/2012 5:54:57 PM
this destroyer is a beast! sharpshooter, indm, giant, alternating flurry and pb... plus his trait is what ive been praying for for all of those games where a meat shield is used to tie up my heavy hitter while they get picked at from afar... FINALLY, theres something i want from this set

Posted by: 2517582 on 3/24/2012 5:52:54 PM
"It, in Theory, allows him to move 1 even on turns he does not make anyother movement. Interesting ability - don't see the rational for it, but interesting Posted by: Sir Christopher "

Your interputation is correct as far as the Trait is concerned but the rational for it is simple as the Trait indicates (primarily that the Destroyer can always move in order to attack). In games terms it can be used for the follow:

1) Avoid close combat figures that are based to it even when pushed without needing to break away.
2) Add an extra square to it's range prior to making a range attack which in the current environment is pretty good considering range attacks are being neutered.
3) Add an extra square to extend it's close combat reach prior to using Flurry.

Also 250 pts. with 10 clicks of life, indomitable, sharpshooter,& above average stats in ATK, DV, & DMG seem worth it to me. Not every figure needs Power Cosmic and/or tons of move & attack powers to be considered a good tent pole figure.

Posted by: phep on 3/22/2012 8:37:37 PM
"The special power seems a little unclear to me (not like I'm going to be grabbing this figure, since it's not of interest to me): "... At the beginning of your turn, Destroyer may be placed into an adjacent square." Adjacent to what? The square he was in when he started the turn?

Posted by: Mesch "

What I interput this to mean is that be placed into an adjacent square to where he is at the beginning of his turn. Basicall adding 1 to his movement. However, it does not state he has to roll for breakaway or that this power is countered by anyother effect that limits movement. It, in Theory, allows him to move 1 even on turns he does not make anyother movement. Interesting ability - don't see the rational for it, but interesting

Nice figure. High on the pricey side at 25pts per click but with a sharpshooting giant(kind of redundant)as ther is not many 50 giant out there. Let down by only 2 clix of move and attack ability

Posted by: Sir Christopher on 3/22/2012 2:37:43 PM
The special power seems a little unclear to me (not like I'm going to be grabbing this figure, since it's not of interest to me): "... At the beginning of your turn, Destroyer may be placed into an adjacent square." Adjacent to what? The square he was in when he started the turn?

Posted by: Mesch on 3/22/2012 7:16:20 AM
What's not to like about the new Destroyer. Starting 12 AV sharpshooter with alternating Psychic Blast, starting 18 DV Indomitiable with a full set of damage reduction powers (nothing lower than Invulnerability), Giant, 10 clicks of life, nothing lower than a natural 3 damage for 250 pts.

The Destroyer is the definition of OMA!

Posted by: phep on 3/21/2012 7:42:11 PM
OMG! look at those keywords
That´s insane

Posted by: Kalibak on 3/21/2012 7:06:35 PM

Posted by: white phoenix of the crown on 3/21/2012 2:06:27 PM
Wow, puts the HoT one to shame!

Posted by: spudeus on 3/21/2012 11:46:14 AM
Well, here's another potential full infinity gauntlet user one man 300 team.

Posted by: Shazbot on 3/21/2012 10:47:02 AM
HMMM, thats a lot of points. In golden age with fortitude and repulsor shield he would be a good 1 man army.

Posted by: Slade Wilson on 3/21/2012 10:35:28 AM
I like this destroyer. The points may be a little high since he doesnt have the Power Cosmic TA. But I wont complain as he will make a decent herald for Galactus.

Posted by: Nightwing-fan on 3/21/2012 9:49:09 AM
@phep: The power action only allows you to place it on that card. Each could get a token each turn, but you couldn't use one card to activate te effect and put the token on a different card.

Posted by: PassingBy on 3/14/2012 8:00:43 PM
Makes me wish I had money now Galactic Guardians and Avengers look way better than the Hulk set, I need a job lol.

Posted by: Spider-Man 071 on 3/11/2012 8:01:45 PM
Concerning the Red Skull's Build Me a Doomsday Weapon trait if you were to field two of the same figure would you be able to give two power actions per turn for the reasearch counters and stack them on a single Red Skull card or would that be assign to each Red Skull individually?

Posted by: phep on 3/9/2012 9:02:05 PM
Johann Schmidt + My Own Private Army SP + Hydra TA = Outrageously Good! The bad guys always get the best stuff! :)

But why can the Red Skull do more damage than Cap? :(

Posted by: phep on 3/7/2012 8:28:38 PM
Schmidt with three Aim Agents and Professor X...

I can't wait.

Posted by: Shazbot on 3/7/2012 2:27:36 PM
Hey look, now you can cut off Elrond's head and mod a LoTR click!

Seriously, I like the looks of Johann with the Mauser. That's another step closer towards getting the NaziClix I have always wanted for WWII action! Here's hoping the Germans don't protest too much so that they release a Fear Itself set or something. Also, Hydra generics with the Nazi look would be a good compromise.

Posted by: Kragnorak on 3/7/2012 12:34:03 PM
Looks like I was right about Fandral's point value. However if you add up the Warrior Three, Sif, & Thor's points cost it comes to 440 points. I wonder if there is going to be a 60 points Heimdall figure in this set to make a 500 pts. Asgardian force?

As for Fandral he seems to have a lot of 1's for his damage values. I think personally an Asgardian should have a minmum of 2 damage at all times considering that... well... they're Asgardians. ;-)

Posted by: phep on 3/1/2012 8:42:33 PM
@PassingBy: Oh, that's right. I was thinking of Super Strength -- using an object as part of an attack USED TO increase Damage dealt, but now it only increases the damage value... yeah, a Critical Hit will still increase the damage dealt by 1.

Posted by: The Le on 3/1/2012 6:24:17 AM
@The Le: You're correct about the trait, but a critical hit will increase the damage dealt. Locking the damage value only affects the damage value, not damage dealt. Since a critical hit increases damage dealt (not damage value) it will increase the effect of an attack using BCF.

Posted by: PassingBy on 2/29/2012 11:18:28 PM
I was talking to the owner of my local comic and game store and he said he has not seen anything about the 3-figure team packs. Does anyone know if they just scrapped it? Or is it going to be a mass-market release?

Posted by: lordoracle on 2/29/2012 7:49:23 PM
@Sir Christopher: Nope. B/C/F rules specify that the damage value is LOCKED after you make the B/C/F damage roll. So the Trait and a potential critical hit cannot modify LOCKED values.

Posted by: The Le on 2/29/2012 5:16:37 PM
Fandral - "Best of all, that Flurry + BCF is a great combo to potentially deal 12 damage on an unsuspecting click!" techniocally it is 16 damage. Warrior Three Together gives a +1 and A critical Hit adds +1 making each attack potential of 8 clix. Flurry makes it doubled for 16. Nice click

Posted by: Sir Christopher on 2/29/2012 4:04:38 PM
That version of Captain America is pretty good for 70 pts., I like that he can Leap/Climb as a free action on the last 3 clicks then still make a power action to use close combat expert after moving. With Indomitable I really don't mind the 9 attack value on those clicks as he can move & attack for two consecutive turns. Nicely done Wizkids.

Posted by: phep on 2/22/2012 8:39:37 PM
I like the new Black Widow. The dial design is similar to Exp. Mockingbird from the Sinister set but has a better TA, a very useful trait, & upfront stealth. I think she is very playable for her point cost.

Posted by: phep on 2/16/2012 8:38:29 PM
@Mario if they are chase figures do you happen to know the what figure distribution will be like for each CTD box? LOTR was horrible in our state (not one person pulled a Gandalf, which was a rare, in about 10 CTD). Most of us had to get them online. If the distribution is similar then I'll just get the hard to get figures on-line instead of buying 4 CTDs hoping to pull one SR/Chase.

Posted by: phep on 2/16/2012 8:27:02 PM
Great way to get some started as a give away pack... just because!

Posted by: Ianator73 on 2/16/2012 7:48:26 PM
Great way to get some started as a give away pack... just because!

Posted by: Ianator73 on 2/16/2012 7:43:37 PM
Does anyone know how many packs are in the counter display?

Posted by: lordoracle on 2/16/2012 10:18:14 AM
Phed their not SR they are chase its a smaller set

Posted by: Mario on 2/16/2012 8:23:58 AM
I've noticed that so far 2 of the Warrior Three are SR level pieces. I wonder if Fandral will be as well and be about 67 pts. so you can field the Warrior Three and Sif in a 300 pts. game?

Posted by: phep on 2/15/2012 7:18:24 PM
hogan's face looks terible

Posted by: heroclix fan on 2/15/2012 3:47:22 PM
I'm more weirded out that these ancient Asgardians are rookies.

Posted by: Kragnorak on 2/15/2012 2:12:06 PM
(less than)(less than) Why does Hogan's face look like John Bilushi when he was protrayed the Samurai chef(?) on Saturday Night Live? (greater than)(greater than)
Ahh, Nightwing-fan, that is ancient Chinese secret!?!

I will have to get a katana to mod onto a Hogun's sculpt! I may have an XP Taskmaster in my extras.

Posted by: Hodak on 2/15/2012 11:47:11 AM
Why does Hogan's face look like John Bilushi when he was protrayed the Samurai chef(?) on Saturday Night Live?

Posted by: Nightwing-fan on 2/15/2012 10:59:31 AM
... so Hawkeye suddenly shoots left-handed?... ( I suppose such an accomplished marksman would be ambidextrous... ;-)) did anyone get point values for these figures?...

Posted by: MikeInMKE on 2/14/2012 10:15:38 AM
It's not Cap's costume from the comics. Look closer.

Posted by: sol on 2/14/2012 8:18:29 AM
It weird that they used Captain America's costume from the comics and not the movie version. On the other hand it has a nice action pose. Also that Hulk is HUGE!! I wonder if this Hulk will top over 200 pts. or not?

Posted by: phep on 2/13/2012 10:14:38 PM
What's going on here with the FF pack? I see classic Cap and not the film version.

The Hulk is to scale compared to the other characters, so that is a nice change from the last set :b

Posted by: Kragnorak on 2/13/2012 10:01:55 PM
Bucky, Gabe Jones, Sif, Voltstagg, now Dum-Dum? My picks for this set seems to be pretty spot on so far!

Dum-Dum Shotgun SP & Sharpshooter combo is pretty interesting.

Hulk: "Puny guns no hurt Hulk! Hulk smash!"
Dum-Dum Dugan: "My BOOMSTICK says different!"

Posted by: phep on 2/8/2012 9:10:10 PM
@Sir Christopher: Keep mind that Dum Dum is a SHARPSHOOTER! So if he's based with someone, he can make a ranged attack and deal 4 damage to that adjacent foe! Better yet, use RUNNING SHOT to run next to an opponent and fire (they won't expect it).

Posted by: The Le on 2/8/2012 8:36:09 PM
Dum Dum Dugan - have to admit that at 1st glance "Shotgun" looked pretty cool. I than thought his dial says he does 2 damage and has a range of 4. This means at a rang of 2 he does 1 more damage. The only redeaming feature i see is it makes Perplexing down his damage from an opponet Mute as he has a guaranted 3 damage at 2 spaces away.

I would have rather have it that he attacks as if he had the number of attacks increased to 2 if a target has an opposing character next to them that is not blocked. He must target both of these characters. The damage dealt must be devided by each figuare hit with each character hit taking at least 1 damage.

I have always felt that each character hit when more than one character is targeted should have to have 1 damage applied towards them until all hit characters have had damage applied towards them. I don't recall Ironman shooting two villians and putting all the power behind 1 and just shooting a light beam(0 damage) at the other, just to let them know that he could have hit them if he wanted to

Posted by: Sir Christopher on 2/8/2012 2:29:20 PM
My bad, I missed the Heroclix logo on the bottom right corner. I'm assuming it'll be something like the Smurf's mini game.

Posted by: Sentinel Mark V on 2/7/2012 7:04:47 AM
The image for the Avengers Movie Starter is incorrect. Munchoboy from Wizkids/NECA has said that the mini game is a separate release, hence why the box doesn't have Heroclix anywhere on it.

Posted by: Sentinel Mark V on 2/7/2012 7:01:40 AM
I agree with dave

Posted by: white phoenix of the crown on 2/6/2012 4:33:45 PM
Hey, tom. Why don't you just respect other folks opinions as we're being expected. To respect yours? I'm one of those folks that thinks the market is being flooded with too much product, and as a result, the dials, sculpts and mechanics comming out are imo, not quality stuff. Instead it's a race to get stuff out, much less late, when wk can't meet their own deadlines due to quality issues or other excuses. So how about you tone it down and instead of bashing people, just refrain from the rage-posts? Or am i the one being unreasonable now?

Posted by: dave on 2/6/2012 12:44:48 PM
I'm so sick of all the bitching and belly aching from all these halfwits. A couple of years ago Wizkids was out of business and heroclix were no more. No that it's back and going strong you still have all these morons posting about their grievances, enough bitches! Shit up and go play your game, or better yet shut up and go home.

Posted by: C Thomas on 2/6/2012 12:15:34 PM
Volstagg - Nothing special here. Good that he is only 67 Pts. Good Hand to Hand piece for the points. 11 pts per clix.

Posted by: sir christopher on 2/2/2012 2:54:02 PM
The problem here with Volstagg is that he is just too little, as in the film. They should've given him a similar treatment to Robbie Coltrane in the Harry Potter films.

Posted by: Kragnorak on 2/1/2012 11:14:45 AM

Posted by: white phoenix of the crown on 1/29/2012 12:52:50 PM
Wizkids - Enough with the FF sets. Enough! Half of the pieces will never get played becuse they stink. Some characters we don't need 3 versions of. My venue plays with the Highlander rules(no duplicate characters or personas) which means I get to choose which one of the Thunderbolt Ross characters I use. Quite over saterating the Market. The gravity feeds need to go. Save the ideas for the different characters for a different set. In order to be cometative Wizkids is making you spend $$$. have seen a drop in players due to in costing TOO much to play against the players that spend $300.00 per set and have just about every piece

Posted by: The Toph on 1/25/2012 5:53:04 PM
Gabe Jones - Not seing any clix on his dial that is not going to be good. Screw the theme teams. He should be on everyones team.

Mixed feelings that he is a SR? Can see him being Hard to Pull or costly on the secondary market. He sould easily yeild "chase" or anyother SR+ in a trade. The "Grenade!" power is great on turtle teams.

Now don't start screaming that all soldiers or Howling Commandos should have the power. If you want that play Gears of War Clix

Posted by: Sir Christopher on 1/25/2012 5:26:52 PM
@ Mantis Warrior. Hmm.. Was I hasty. I had the impression this was a fast forces type set or mini set. Is this a full release?!?!? Will there be several Thors, Caps etc and these are their solo movie versions? If so I retract all I said 2 posts ago. If not then it still sux.

Posted by: Mantis Warrior on 1/24/2012 10:21:57 AM
Well that's 2 out of my 26 possible figures prediction so far. As for the figures:

Sif - I like her SP. She can position where she's need then still be able to make a BCF attack for big damage. It's a bit situational but considering most opening attacks are hitting for 3 damage or higher she'll get plenty of use of those SP clicks.

Thor - Awesome close combat beatstick for 160 pts., Wayward Son SP for more than half his dial could potential have him attacking almost every turn (sometimes twice) if the conditions are right.

Bucky - I'm not really impressed by this figure but he'll have his uses on soldier team (especially ones with Captain America on it).

Posted by: phep on 1/19/2012 8:17:56 PM
@ inspired stranger
I'm looking at the keywords. No Avengers! In the avengers movie set! The same is true of the Thor I believe so the avengers movie set will not be able to produce theme teams of it's own theme! That kind of sucks for me. Still nice dial and powers and will come with a map so I'm in.

Posted by: Mantis Warrior on 1/9/2012 9:30:58 AM
Here there's something new...

Posted by: Flacco on 1/5/2012 12:45:31 PM
does this set have any normal five figure boosters

Posted by: sgtfury on 1/2/2012 3:50:19 PM
now i know that i didn't pay attention to his special powers "morgan smith"

Posted by: sgtfury on 1/1/2012 12:35:04 PM
What! the cap is amazing are you blind the detail is awesome the whole thing is awesome grrrrrrrrrr!

Posted by: morgan smith on 1/1/2012 6:39:40 AM
this cap looks awesome but he is not that great

Posted by: sgtfury on 12/31/2011 12:29:28 PM
he looks awesome Mr.Gomes wants it he has 100,000 hero clix.

Posted by: anthony nardone on 12/30/2011 3:20:57 PM
I just need to get this it is awesome im toatally speach less

Posted by: morgan smith on 12/29/2011 6:42:49 AM
Awesome. Look at those key words! He is so going in the utility box

Posted by: inspired stranger on 12/27/2011 1:32:16 PM
wow that is an exellent piece

Posted by: calvin on 12/24/2011 4:04:35 AM

Posted by: white phoenix of the crown on 12/23/2011 8:46:58 PM
Would have liked to see The Great Escape have been Labelled. Run Away!

Posted by: Sir Christopher on 12/23/2011 6:22:24 PM
I used to try to buy some individual pieces or boosters for every set released but this is all getting a bit much. I may pick up a couple of the LOTRs or GG sets, but I'm seriously sick of being assaulted with too many sets in such a short time. They need to slow down, and stop focusing on movie things. They have much more material from comics, and generally far better material to work with. I'm glad Marvel is getting some attention, but I'd like some Vertigo sets released, and more variety in the pieces they release. I think the Hulk has gotten plenty of attention, why not instead make some more obscure character.

Posted by: bobby on 12/23/2011 3:36:46 PM
Caps Big 3 - My opinon a bit of an over kill. This means he will almost never crit miss. Felt it would have been better with a limit to it Maybe once per other soldier Key word on the team

Posted by: Sir Christopher on 12/23/2011 1:31:03 PM
does anyone know black hand unique dial

Posted by: calvin on 12/23/2011 2:03:50 AM
I disagree with a lot of the HeroClix hating in this thread. Nobody is forcing us to be completists! I am enjoying the variety and vitality of the game designs.

About Captain America: That sculpt certainly highlights how goofy the film outfit is compared to the classic costume.

@The Le: The max character limit doesn't bother me (and I can be wordy), but not being able to make assumptions or assassinations or watch Doc Samson take Hulk down with the jawbone of an a** because the filter has a filthy mind does ;-)

Posted by: Kragnorak on 12/22/2011 11:12:16 PM
ok cap i like the dial more than the sculpt

Posted by: bp29 on 12/22/2011 11:26:11 AM
Looks like a very cool figure, and a great representation of Cap from the movie. Say what you will, but I think this is less market-saturation, and more excellent marketing on NECA's part. The Avengers movie releases in May, guys. They probably initially planned on waiting for a while before releasing the set, but with the movie coming out, the timing was just too perfect. How many boxes of Heroclix will they sell because they have an Avengers set releasing right around the same time? My guess is that it is a pretty substantial number. Speaking as a father to two boys who love the Avengers, and will be seeing the movie (probably several times), I KNOW that we're going to be buying a chunk of this set, just so my kids can reenact scenes from the film. I actually think that NECA made the right move going this way with it specifically because of this. Look at it as a way to bring new Heroclix players in through the use of a movie tie-in.

Another way to look at it is that the GG set is for long-time players and proven fans of the game. The Avengers set is more to pull in new people that know the movie or the Avengers in general, and could be interested because of the tie-in. If old-school players get re-releases of figures we already have, or slightly less than useful new figures, vote with your dollar and just don't buy the set.

Posted by: haoyong on 12/22/2011 10:20:57 AM
Merry Christmas The Le. You run a great site here.


Posted by: Nightwing-fan on 12/22/2011 8:07:34 AM
Gosh, I really need to increase the max character limit of these posts. I'll toss that in my to-do list. -The Le

Posted by: The Le on 12/22/2011 7:26:31 AM
To finish since I didnt realize I went over.

Some of the stuff they are previewing I really like and want. But then I look in my wallet, the stack of bills my family has every month, and I realize that a game I have loved for the last 10 years is slowly becoming to expensive for me to continue. AND I DONT LIKE IT!

Posted by: Nightwing-fan on 12/22/2011 6:51:40 AM
I think this Cap is pretty good. Looking forward to more previews from this small set. I know I'm more interested in this Avengers set then the Galactic Guardians. But I also intend to get GG. I just wish they would not release the two sets together.

About this market saturation that I'm reading here about. I think Neca is trying to get all there money back from buying the game a couple of years ago all at once. Either that or they are pushing out as much as they can before shutting it down in a couple of years.

The way that they are flooding us with releases is making choices easy on what to buy. I dont like this idea of their's to do 3 different releases for each set. In the long run I think its going to hurt the game. Ttheir decision to start this practice is forcing all of us players to pick and choose what to buy due to our own finances. I've already done this to Marvelclix as I pretty much just get anything related to Daredevil or the Avengers. besides that I've having to skip the rest of the sets.

I can already see the results of this practice at our venue since summer when the casual fan loses most if not every game they play with older figures and can only afford a couple boosters per set and getting discouraged. They dont show up that often. Then you have the players who have the money and who can afford a brick/case or two per set. I cant fault them, but its becoming just like every other game out there where there is your "Haves" and your "Have-Not" players. Those with the money are the most successful.

Personnally what will hurt me the most is that I've also been a DC completest since Hypertime and would like to stay that way, but I dont know anymore. I'm dreading when the Infinite Gauntlet has run its course and Neca is starting this same process all over with DC releases. I already know I can spend less on ebay to buy missing DC pieces then buy it at my local venue which hurts them.

Some of the stuff they ar

Posted by: Nightwing-fan on 12/22/2011 6:46:35 AM
About market saturation....
First I at least not only play I am a collector sice sinister (when I began to play) have every Marvel set complete, so yeah it affects me and every collector.
second know what will happen if every body just go to ebay to buy the figures they want? the venues will stop buying cases...economics 101 low demand even higher prices...short story another dead game that this time nobody else is going to buy

Posted by: Cke on 12/22/2011 2:55:41 AM
Regarding market saturation... just don't buy what you don't want. I'll pick up the Avengers movie sarter, but probably skip the rest of the set. I am pretty annoyed that the best versions of Red Hulk and Abomination were in the gravity feed, rather than the base set of IH though. I might start skipping the bricks and go back to just buying the figures I want on Ebay

Posted by: Licensedhero on 12/21/2011 10:21:05 PM
I kind of like this new Captain America. 19 DV against range & close combat attacks until given an action for a starting click makes him a very good tie up piece or meatshield when carried by a flyer or tked into position. Very good attack values and the first 4 clicks have some type of move & attack power. The Big Three SP is nice because it give the figure a greater chance at ignoring a crtical miss or making a critical hit. Not a monster figure by any stretch but one that can pull it's own weight in a team.

Posted by: phep on 12/21/2011 9:53:52 PM
@bonez555666 You quit huh? so what are you doing on a heroclix website? Stick to your guns man, find a new hobby and quit your complaining.

Posted by: battlinbichon on 12/21/2011 9:11:03 PM
I'm so glad i quit heroclix back when they started to do the computer sculpts, simply cause this game has gone to crap...ahh i wish we could go back to the days of old sets, rules, sculpts, and LEs :(

Posted by: bonez555666 on 12/21/2011 7:42:48 PM
Im about to quit heroclix here are my reasons:
1.- Please stop the Fast Forces
2.- You dont need to have the gravity feed for every expansion its way too much
3.- Stop saturating the market too many sets in 6 months, I dont have enough time to get to know my pieces and soon wont have the money to buy everything
4.- Stop saturating Marvel sets Hulk/Guardians/Avengers STOP IT
5.- Too many chases, now they´re like mcdonalds happy meals

Posted by: Che on 12/21/2011 3:16:03 AM
Hi, my wife and I just started playing and I have to admit, it's been a little bit of a scramble to grab all the "just released" stuff already. I thought we were doing good getting bricks of Superman and Cap, but then Hulk comes out and now I'm seeing the Galatic release notes... And I'm certainly an Avengers fan, which is what lead me to this post, but it does seem a little odd to release it so early compared to the movie street date. Unless they're planning on saturating the market with 6 or 7 more sets in the mean time.

Also, as someone commented earlier, if they made TMNT clix... oh Dear Lord... the money I would spend...

Posted by: SergeantUSA on 12/18/2011 10:32:32 PM

Well I'm assuming they'll be doing movie versions of Heroclix figures themselves since that was the Avengers set in based on. After with all the FF packs Wizkids/NECA have done for some of the sets (GSX, Superman, Hulk, Green Lantern, Watchman, & now Glactic Guardians) I don't think originality is high on their priority list. I would be pleasantly surprised if there are orginal figures that have not been released in clix form yet.

Posted by: phep on 12/15/2011 8:26:39 PM
What is with the reissuing of minor characters so soon whaen there is plenty of other minor characters out there. I'm sick of the Fast Forces sets. They are not available at the same places you can get the boosters at. I don't know why. The gravity feeds are right up there as well. Like we needed 4 versions of the hulk and punisher coming out this month. I thought they got away with that when the did away with the REV. Two versions of a unique General Thunderbolt Ross
and 2 red hulks? Not supporting the logic. It's just another way to get more money from the player/collector with some of them that may nopt be played often. I would rather that the gravity feeds did not have different dials.

Posted by: sir christopher on 12/15/2011 5:12:50 PM

I don't think your guesses are on point because ALL of those characters are already in existence, and as recent as Hammer of Thor. A HeroClix set does often have remakes but also sub-themes and some never-before-made characters.

Marvel also likes them to showcase some of the newer characters, so I predict Wonder Man's Revengers including a sculpted D-Man.

New Avengers have been palling around with Brother Voodoo and Son of Satan, one of which they will have the cojones to make. I'm hoping to see a non-extravagantly-dressed Dr. Strange that is not Sorcerer Supreme as well.

Last time there was an Avengers set we saw the associated Thunderbolts, and the T-Bolts have been trickling in about 2 or 3 per set, so I am imagining we should get a handful in this release. I'm hoping for Doc Centurius, Joystick, Ghost (newer look), Scourge, Headsman, Blackheath, Satanna, and guessing that MACH V is about due for an appearance.

I'm betting we will see Protector as well, or whatever Noh-Varr is calling himself these days.

Villains should include Masters of Evil, and perhaps Norman Osborn's new Dark Avengers depending upon how popular Marvel thinks they will be.

Posted by: Kragnorak on 12/15/2011 12:22:09 PM
I think that it would be best to follow through with the promised merchandise than announce new things at this point. With the Hulk release, they guaranteed the release of the GSX FF set, but have been mum since. Is there any word when we will be getting the X-men FF for our HoH to revert into or are we just going to have to wait until the Mighty Avengers set to do something with these chases?

Posted by: Fox on 12/15/2011 5:42:02 AM
I've seen the poster for the initial figures in the set other than what was mentioned here(Iron Man MK III, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, & the Hulk were on the poster along with Cap & Thor) but I wonder what would be the other 30 or so figures are going to be? My guess:

1) Iron Monger
2) War Machine
3) Iron Man's MK I, V, & VI armor
4) Ivan Vanko (Whiplash & Crimson Dynamo versions)
5) Agent Coulson
6) Hammer Drones (2 different versions)
7) Sif
8) Warriors Three (Fandral, Hogun, & Volstagg)
9) Destroyer
10) Odin
11) Heimdall
12) Laufey, Ice Giant ruler
13) Ice Giants
14) Hydra Soliders
15) Howling Commandos (Dum Dum Dugan, Gabe Jones, James Falsworth, etc.)
16) Bucky
17) Peggy Carter
18) Jane Foster
19) Pepper Potts
20) Happy Hogan
21) Shield Agents (MIB version)
22) Abomination
23) The Abosorbing Man
24) General Thunderbolt Ross
25) Glenn Talbot
26) Betty Ross

So that would account for 27 to 30 of the figures in the set not including those that were already announced/revealed. Anyone think that my guesses are pretty close to the mark?

The sad thing is that a lot of these figures on my list still have playable versions of them for Modern Age so the vast majority will be re-sculpts. Hopefully they'll have some interesting twists to their dials to make them different from their 616 counterparts in the comics.

Posted by: phep on 12/14/2011 11:22:30 PM
Dear Heroclix,

Have you ever heard of market saturation?

Lord of the Rings
Mighty Avengers
Galactic Guardians
Movie Avengers

Like 5.5 sets in about 6 months. That's a bit excessive, don't ya think?

Posted by: Seth on 12/14/2011 10:51:40 PM
@ geminimerc - My thoughts exactly when I saw this... I'm getting quite sick of seeing the same characters made over... and over in a very short span of time. There are so many other characters that Wizkids should get on clix form... TMNT, Dragon Ball, Naruto, Gosh... It's getting old Wizkids! Sure it's a Movie version but didn't we just get these character? I'm just upset because I'll want these too.

Posted by: Ianator on 12/14/2011 8:21:37 PM
I love heroclix just as much as the next person but having the same characters in just about every other set seems to be going overboard. If they are going to do this at least they can make some minion figure packs like the three team or the single figure boosters with different minion pieces n throw in some pieces like Madrox n Seven Deadly Brothers. Pieces where you want more than two or three.

Posted by: geminimerc on 12/14/2011 5:57:49 PM
This should be interesting.
Are the maps double sided maps?
And are the team packs kinda like those of the fantastic 4 that have been seen few years back?

Posted by: Ramón on 12/14/2011 3:26:21 PM
Also, the logos for the Avengers set is different than the Mighty Avengers logo they put on the "pet avengers" spoiler.

What is up with that? Will there be Mighty Avengers, New Avengers, Dark Avengers, Young Avengers, and Dead Avengers sub-releases? o_O

Posted by: Kragnorak on 12/14/2011 12:57:33 PM

I know what you mean. Even the secondary market complete sets might not work. For example, in my book the Watchmen Fast Forces set goes on the same checklist as the Watchmen Collector Set pieces. After all, they are the same sculpts and related dials (if you think of things compared to R/E/V).

But somebody on eBay would not combine those two releases due to the different collector symbols. Same with the Superman release and the Fast Forces. But they are clearly related.

The three-figure Team Packs seems like the same format as the "HeroClix Classics". I really hope that these are duplicate dials that I won't be tempted to collect if I have the main Avengers stuff!

Posted by: Kragnorak on 12/14/2011 12:55:18 PM
So there will be starters, team packs, gravity feeds, and regular boosters? Or does "boosters" just refer to the gravity feeds? I'm about to the point where I can't keep up with all the different types of releases any more. Very soon I'll just be turning to the secondary market and buying full sets so I don't have to keep track of it all.

Posted by: hair10 on 12/14/2011 11:45:31 AM
Team Packs are probably the same as Action Packs. (Jonah Hex)

Posted by: Lord Logan on 12/14/2011 11:25:46 AM