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Hulk Fast Forces Spoilers
The Le (12/02/2011)
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Lookee Lokee here! It's The Incredible Hulk Fast Forces Dials and cards!

(click to see full card)

Incredible Hulk Fast Forces

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Your Comments:
On hulk the special power "the angrier the stronger I get" (or whatever :)
Is a really cheap attack........... I like it!

Posted by: Aqua7729 on 9/20/2012 6:30:53 PM
Thunder bolt Ross is actually pretty tough and strong for a 25 point character!!
I expect to use him quite a bit as a "filler" character.

Posted by: Aqua7729 on 9/20/2012 6:24:38 PM
She Hulk is looking as hot as ever and is it just me or does the leader look like Sinestro maybe its his bro or he just dyed his skin green

Posted by: morgan smith on 12/31/2011 2:34:25 PM
Wow, I just opened mine, and... the Hulk and Abomination sculpts are really disappointing because they are so TINY.

I was picturing these guys being able to look cool next to the WoS Red Hulk but they look quite unimposing in comparison.

Thanks to the digital sculpting techniques WizKids are now using, Hulk is almost as tall as Saruman! 8*(

She-Hulk is not quite as bad, although she should appear to be a couple of inches closer to Red She-Hulk.

Posted by: Kragnorak on 12/16/2011 11:36:49 PM
Love the feet on the Hulk and Red Hulk. The feet are bigger then their shins

Posted by: Sir Christopher on 12/8/2011 7:54:47 PM
Ross is a unioque so you only need 1. It would be nice if Wizkids would issue a 4 pack of the Hulkbuster Wrangler so you could get more then 1. Don't see alot of people playing the grunts that come with Collectore pieces (Aka Doombots FF, Thunders of Quard.) Due to them being only 1 per package

Posted by: Sir Christopher on 12/4/2011 3:53:31 PM
I like ross and hulkbuster the most out of these 25 pts each and sheild t.a. I'm going to want alot of them.

Posted by: bio on 12/2/2011 8:30:07 PM
Stronger the Angrier I Get: I like the power. The closest special power that I have seen on a Hulk to deal with his anger issues. Would have been nice if it would have given him protection from mind control as well

Posted by: Sir Christopher on 12/2/2011 6:28:25 PM
The she-hulk looks good The closeline power seems cool. Plan on playing her.

Posted by: Sir Christopher on 12/2/2011 2:58:19 PM
Yeah,I'm not really a hulk fan, but these are pretty nice.

Posted by: Not really a hulk fan on 12/2/2011 2:25:01 PM