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Sinestro Corps War
The Le (05/12/2010)
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HeroClix Sinestro WarOverview: Retreating to the Antimatter Universe planet Qward, Sinestro builds an army of yellow ring wielders known as the Sinestro Corps. With the ability to "Instill Great Fear" on their side, the Sinestro Corps make a bold attack against the Green Lantern Corps and Earth. The Green Lantern Corps are outnumbered, outgunned, and taken completely by surprise. Can they survive?

Players: 2
Points: 1000 points for player 1, 1200 points for player 2
Actions: 4 actions per turn
Cards: 10% rule in place for Feats. No BFCs or Bystander Tokens allowed

Player 1 (Sinestro Corps Team): This player can only use characters with the Sinestro Corps keyword, or characters that have no keyword. Characters on the Sinestro Corps Team are assigned the Instill Great Fear card (this is not a Feat, and use is optional).
Special (Sinestro): If you have one or more "Sinestro" characters on your team, select one as the Leader -- the Leader possesses the Leadership power if he does not already have it, and may use it twice per turn (potentially granting 2 extra Action tokens). No other character on your force may use Leadership until this one is KO'ed.

HeroClix Sinestro Corps Green Lantern Corps

Player 2 (Green Lantern Corps Team): This player can only use characters with the Green Lantern Corps keyword, or characters that have no keyword.
• Starting Force:
Player 2 may only place up to 700 points worth of figures on the board. The rest of the figures must be placed on the sideboard to be used later (see below)
Reinforcements: At the beginning of the 4th round, you may place up to 100 points worth of characters from your sideboard to your starting area and use them immediately. Beginning the 5th round, place up to 200 points worth of characters the same way. Beginning the 6th round, place the rest of your sideboard figures the same way.
Lethal Force is Authorized: At the beginning of the 4th round (when your first reinforcements arrive), characters on the Green Lantern Corps Team are immediately assigned the Lethal Force is Authorized card (this is not a Feat
, and use is optional).
Special (Hal Jordan): If you have one or more "Hal Jordan" characters on your team, select one as the Leader -- the Leader possesses the Leadership power if he does not already have it, and may use it twice per turn (potentially granting 2 extra Action tokens).No other character on your force may use Leadership until this one is KO'ed.

Sinestro Corps Strategy:
Attack, Attack, Attack! You're job is to instill great fear, so do so! You've got 3 full rounds to terrorize your opponent, but won't be in trouble until the 5th and 6th rounds (when the Green Lantern Corps reinforcements come in bulk)... so don't give him an inch!

Green Lantern Corps Strategy: You want to delay as much as possible, but Sinestro's got a 300-point advantage, so turtling will probably get you killed. You need to balance out offense and defense until your reinforcements arrive (and the Guardians finally authorize Lethal Force). The odds are stacked against you, so we recommend only veteran players use this team.

Victory Condition 1: If an opposing force is wiped out at the end of any turn, the game ends and the surviving team is the victor.

Victory Conditions 2 (optional): The game is over at the end of the 8th round of combat. Victory points are based on KOs only. If your Victory points are higher than your opponent, consult the chart below:
•500+ points higher than opponent: Dominating victory!
•400+ points: Superb victory
•300+ points: Good victory
•200+ points: Fair victory
•0-199 points: Pyrrhic victory

Historical Outcome: As the battle moved to Earth, the Sinestro Corps are defeated due to the sheer numbers of the Green Lantern Corps, but mostly thanks to the new law allowing Lethal Force. One Guardian sacrifices himself to send Super-Man Prime to an alternate universe, the Anti-Monitor is hurled into space, and Sinestro himself is beaten to a pulp and arrested. Ganthet and Sayde leave and create the blue "hope" power ring, in preperation for the Blackest Night (scenario coming soon).

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Your Comments:
As of BN & DC75, there's plenty, now for keyword "Sinestro Corps"... having an Anti-Monitor helps... having some key characters be Chase doesn't...

Posted by: MEsch on 3/25/2011 7:54:56 AM
The reason I allowed "no keyword" characters, is because of the distinct lack of Sinestro Corps HeroClix figures. Some people may have a hard time finding 1000 points worth of Sinestro Corps figures in their collection. And even on the other side, most "Green Lantern Corps" figures is a rehash of Hal Jordan (many people missed out on the GL Corps boxed set).

Posted by: The Le on 5/13/2010 11:12:07 AM
You should only be able to use Corpsmen. It only makes sense to the story.

@spike1138: You can't use them for they ALL have keywords.

Posted by: Lord Logan on 5/13/2010 10:44:34 AM
HoT Moon Dragon wants to use Lethal Force is Authorized!AA Doctor Destiny and Thor the Reigning could benefit as well. Mind Control FTW!

Posted by: spike1138 on 5/12/2010 2:25:10 PM
WOW!!! I love it.

Posted by: JediLobo on 5/12/2010 10:00:42 AM
Very very nice. Would be impressed to see a Blackest Night scnerio when more Lanterns are released.

Posted by: Lord Logan on 5/12/2010 8:47:37 AM
My buddy and I played a GLC vs SC on the space map awhile back... Wish we would have done this instead. Looks great.

Posted by: 3Gsniper on 5/12/2010 8:46:02 AM
I just want to express my gratitude to the people delivering these incredible scenarios. This one is great. I've been wanting to play a Green Lantern Corps themed team since forever, now I have the perfect scenario to play it with. Thanks!

Posted by: Passaporte on 5/12/2010 5:38:49 AM