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Fortress Wars
The Le (03/21/2013)
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Fortress Wars HeroClix World ScenarioA mobile fortress is on the way to destroy you, but you're prepared. Your own fortress is now mobile and ready for action... head on! Fortress Wars is a HeroClix scenario created for 2-4 players. Your goal is to eliminate the opposing Fortress while keeping yours alive.

•2-4 Players
•For 2 players: 1000 points.
•For 3-4 players: 800 points.
•4 actions per turn + 1 bonus Action that can ONLY be applied to your fortress.

•NO BFCs allowed.
Feats are only allowed on your initial force. If a figure with an assigned feat is KO'ed, the feat is permanently removed from the game. Feats are not allowed on your Fortress.

Your Fortress is a 4x4 "character" that must be placed completely within the starting area. The rest of your force must be placed in your starting area or up to 4 squares away from your Fortress. (You can use ANY 4x4 object to represent your Fortress, or use the special ones we created!).

Fortress Dials are found on pages 2, 3, and 4.

You may have additional figures on your side-board (up to 800 points worth).


Accumulation: At the end of your turn you accumulate 25 Fortress Points. 

Spending: At the beginning of your turn you may spend your Fortress Points to bring in characters from the SIDE BOARD, and place them within 4 squares of your Fortress. You do not need to spend all your Fortress Points this way - whatever you don't use gets carried over to your next turn. You can summon as many characters as you can afford this way, but they must have a minimum cost of 8 (you can't spam Lian Harpers!). Characters purchased this way cannot be placed adjacent to an opposing character (or the opposing Fortress).

Custom HeroClix by GoldeehExample: At the beginning of your second turn you have 25 Fortress Points. You spend 15 to summon a Hydra Soldier, leaving 10 left-over. At the beginning of your third turn you have 35 Fortress Points (10 + 25). You spend 30 of those points to summon a Hydra Foot Soldier, leaving you with 5 Fortress Points left over!

Alternatively, on your third turn, you could have spent 30 points to summon TWO Hydra soldiers, leaving 5 Fortress Points left over!

Alternatively, you can wait until you have 250 points saved up and summon Odin!

(Right, custom Batman HeroClix by Goldeeh)

•Bonus Fortress Points: Whenever you KO an opposing character, you receive 25 Fortress Points.

Mega Fortress Points: If you KO an opposing Fortress, you immediately receive 200 Fortress Points. (Only useful in games with 3 or more players)

If your Fortress is destroyed, you can no longer summon new units from your side-board, but you can keep playing with the figures you have left on the game board.

The following rules are optional.

KO Point Bonus (Optional): Whenever you KO an opposing character, you gain Fortress Points equal 1/2 the KO'ed Character's cost, rather than the nomal 25.

KO Action Bonus (Optional): Whenever you KO an opposing character, on you receive 1 additional Action Token which can only be used on your next turn.

KO Side-Board (Optional):Friendly characters that are KO'ed during the game are immediately placed on your side-board.

To win you must KO all opposing Fortress'.

Optional: You must also KO all remaining opposing units to win the game.

Special thanks to playtesters Brandon D Vecchio & Matthew Esch!

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Your Comments:
I think the Celestial Fortress can actually Mind Control opposing Fortresses, as even though Cold Steel states "This Fortress ignores opposing character's Mind Control", it also says "This Fortress' powers cannot be ignored." So your opponents Fortress tries to ignore an unignorable Mind Control.

A little late, I know.

Posted by: ChippyYYZ on 10/2/2016 6:24:11 AM
This was a really neat scenario to play out. I'm glad I got a chance to help out with the playtesting. Props to my victim, er, opponent, Justin Davis for playing along.

Posted by: MEsch on 3/21/2013 8:52:36 AM