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The Slade Files: Thor
Eric "Slade Wilson" Schaen (02/24/2010)
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HeroClix  Thor

Combating Thor
HeroClix ThorOk so how do you fright such a beast? With you’re brains of course. Outwit is the bane of all brick figures so if you are able to rob Thor of his defense powers and hit him for some damage you will discover that even a god can feel pain. You can also outwit his indomitable to make him have to push like any other mortal. Psychic blast is probably you’re best bet for knocking Thor around as it will pierce his invulnerability. Perplex is another way to slow him down and decrease his usefulness, I like decreasing his damage as a tactic. Since Thor does not have any Impervious or Super senses powers, massive amounts of damage are also a good option. Like Hercules’s charge flurry with 2 objects for instance. Talk about the gift of battle!

When choosing feats for the god of thunder I prefer lower cost feats. The first feat on my mind is Immortal Contempt. This Feat will allow Thor to raise his impressive attack values by +1 whenever he attacks a character that does not have the deity or cosmic keyword. Protected is inexpensive way for Thor to avoid some serious damage. The indomitable ability will keep him from taking the pushing damage. And Stay Down is another cheap feat that Thor can make use of on every single clix and will increase Thor’s chances of landing a critical hit (it's actually a pretty nasty feat). Of course there are other choices like Fortitude, but at 25 points it’s a little expensive. Save that one for bigger point games.

Immortal Contempt (cost: 10). Prerequisite: Deity Keyword
Choose a character. The character modifies his attack value by +1 when attacking a character without the Deity or Cosmic keyword that has a point value less than its own.


Protected (8 points):
Choose a character. (Optional) If the character does not already have two action tokens on it, damage dealt to the character as a result of a single action is ignored. After that action is resolved, give the character an action token and remove this feat from the game. If the character already had one action token on it, giving it a second action token deals pushing damage normally.


And Stay Down! (Cost: 6)
Choose a character. When the character is not using an object as part of a close combat attack, an attack roll result of 11 or 12 is a critical hit.

Team Building
Thor is playable at 300 points with some of his fellow Asgardian’s backing him up. However Thor really starts to shine at 400+ games. Just make sure your other teammates bring things to the battlefield that Thor can’t. Characters with Outwit, Perplex and Probability control are usually the best support and the story is no different when playing Thor.

Final assessment
Thor is a powerhouse and that is reflected in his point cost of 226. However thanks to his range, mobility, and damage dealing potential Thor is more viable option than some others that are around the same cost. Play him in 400+ games to get the most bang for the buck.

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Your Comments:

Thor is highly resistent to damage but impervious is a little much for him. I could see it on a single clix but he is actually not quite a s durable as say the Hulk. Odin, Balder, Volstagg, and Pluto have all showed higher degrees of invulnerability so, I quess thats why they were given impervious.

Posted by: Slade on 5/6/2010 12:27:19 PM
Love the Thor clix, looks fricken awesome and cool powers. Maybe you can answer me one thing, why do they not want to give him impervious? Odin, Balder, Volstagg, Pluto, etc. have it, but they won't give it to Thor. He's gone toe to toe with so many powerful opponents like Superman, Hulk, etc. who also have it. He is a god, lets treat him like one.

Posted by: Geminimerc on 3/1/2010 2:33:06 AM
instead of "And Stay Down", I like Hold The Line, where he can use it on every click. In essence, "After the character makes a close combat attack (not action) he can make another close combat attack against a different character at -2 to hit." Great to combat swarm teams and I think it is 4 points.

Posted by: Nighthawk on 2/24/2010 3:40:56 PM
Everything in your article is correct about Thor I like to use him with the LE Asgardian Warrior so he can perplex my attack to a 14 to smite other Gods

Posted by: God Slayer on 2/24/2010 1:30:38 PM