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Pryde of the X-Men
The Le (05/14/2010)
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HeroClix Pryde of the X-MenFirst broadcast in 1989, the Pryde of the X-Men served as a pilot episode for a new X-Men cartoon series. It failed.

The awesome Toei Animation took the helm for the visuals, and it looked damn good (they also did the animation for Digimon, Yu-Hi-Oh, The Real Ghostbusters, G.I. Joe, The Transformers, and more). Unfortunately, visuals alone isn't good enough to get a series green-lit.

The story revolved around Kitty Pryde coming to the Xavier mansion and meeting the X-men for the first time. The plot ultimately took the X-Men to a space station where the X-Men battled the Brotherhood of Mutants. It was a classic tale that worked very well in my opinion. The episode moved at a brisk pace, but it wasn't a bad thing by any means.

HeroClix XMen Animated SeriesThe problem, as usual, were the fanboys who didn't think it was comic-book-y enough. Wolverine's voice was truly terrible in Pryde of the X-Men (Australian accent), but the other character voices were just perfect, and the story itself was very interesting. However, it seems fanboys would rather complain about the "White Queen as a member of the Brotherhood" rather than just enjoying the first real X-Men cartoon as-is. Sheesh.

Fanboy (noun): A passionate fan of various elements of geek culture (e.g. sci-fi, comics, Star Wars, video games, anime, hobbits, Magic: the Gathering, etc.), but who lets his passion override social graces, and manages to kill a great cartoon for small nuances because he has nothing better to do with himself on a Saturday night.

Unfortunately an X-Men cartoon would eventually succeed on the small screen three years later with 1992's X-Men The Animated Series, which featured Wolverine and a voice even scratchier than Christian Bale's Batman. While the stories of that series was very interesting, the actual animation was just horrible. The anatomy was way off, the movement was stiff and problematic at best, and the voices were questionable... yet everyone loved it. You win this time, Saban Entertainment.

Regardless, Pryde of the X-Men was an excellent intro to the series, and it's a shame it wasn't picked up for a longer run. I have to admit though -- the intro song is pretty cheesy.

I hope you call all get a chance to see the whole thing someday. And if you can't, you can always watch the first 10 minutes on YouTube:

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Your Comments:
Why the hell does Wolverine have a Cockney accent in this show?

Posted by: henryhyde on 10/25/2013 8:03:15 AM
Pryde of the X-Men was a terrible run. I'm surprised it even made it through the first episode. X-Men Animated Series was incredible. The story lines were great, the voices were amazing, animation was too good compared to any other animation, and the characters they introduced were connected well with the plot, etc. This is all my opinion just like your website which is really just an opinion. This series was awesome that it lasted for 75 episodes pretty much. Don't mess with the 90's X-Men! They rule! Nowadays we have to watch anime looking x-men running across the screen. It's nowhere as awesome as the x-men animated series.

Posted by: aoasunfire8 on 2/18/2012 4:02:21 PM
Am i the only one that noticed most of the voice actors in this did voices in G.I.joe.
pretty sure wolverine's and pyro's voices were two of the dreadnoks.
of the soldiers in the beginning there are at least 2 joe voices
the white queen did the voice of pythona
colossus was a joe(just without the russian accent).
cyclops was the voice of duke.- kept expecting cyclops to yell "YO JOE"

Posted by: dmacleod66 on 3/20/2011 11:19:58 PM
When this originally came out, my best friend bought the VHS. I made jokes about him spending $25.00 for a 23 min tape. In 1993, I picked up a copy of it and was disappointed to discover it was an edited version. There are 2 scenes which were cut from the original tape. One was when the X-Men are leaving to face Pyro and Blob, the original version had Xavier briefing Cyclops and Nightcrawler 'porting over to kiss Kitty's hand and then back into the mini-jet. The mass release, which to this day is the only version I can find online, this scene starts with him 'porting into the jet to leave. I recently found a friend who still had the original which I copied into an avi.

Posted by: Lordoracle on 7/29/2010 11:31:45 PM
I remember when this first debut on the marvel action hour. The drawing and animation is better but I loved the 1992 X-Men series. Pryde has more of an 80s drawing feel to it while X-men had more of an early 90s feel to it
I liked the voice actors on it and every season the drawings and animations got better. They did a great job with the Phoenix and Days of Future Past stories even though they were different than the comic. On Pryde I never liked how Wolverine has an australian voice.

Posted by: Joe on 6/12/2010 10:25:44 AM
That was awesome. thanks for pointing it out!

Posted by: A.J. on 6/9/2010 2:53:38 PM
wow, the art really IS better. 100% better in the intro. i truly hate the successor series art, particularly when compared to this.

Posted by: im2112 on 5/18/2010 5:57:12 PM
I actually still have that video. I loved it when i was 8 and i still think it rocks. The scene with Colossus and Juggernaut on Asteroid M was awesome. And I loved the theme song.

Posted by: Ken on 5/18/2010 3:24:08 AM
love it lol this show had some of the great voice actors of our time lol

too bad toad isnt in the clip but Frank Welker does his voice lol (nibbler on Futurama)

and Kath Soucie (Cubert Farnsworth on Futurama) lol awesome

Posted by: refrusdraob on 5/14/2010 5:09:57 PM
The theme song was cheesy. After watching the clip I have one question: How in the world did Magneto get captured by the US Army?

Posted by: dyspro on 5/14/2010 12:05:06 PM