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Web of Spider-Man Spoilers
The Le (03/24/2010)
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09-02-2010. Make sure you see our coverage of the Web of Spider-Man MAP that comes with the prize kit!

07-27-2010: Matt J spotted the Mysterio dial and sent it to HeroClix world. Special thanks to Matt!

HeroClix Mysterio

07-27-2010: Last week we got a look at Peter Parker and his Alter Egos. Today we get a look at his real-world nemesis, JJJ! Too bad he's a unique!

JJJ HeroClix Web of Spider-man Jonah Jameson

07-23-2010: Well well well... Wizkids has released all the info you could want on Peter Parker and his TWO alter egos. We just have to say that this is EXACTLY the idea we talked about right here (see #5). Let's get cracking!

Web of Spider-Man HeroClix Spoilers
Web of Spider-Man HeroClix Spoilers
Web of Spider-Man HeroClix Spoilers

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Your Comments:
I fxcking love spider man xD (less than)33

Posted by: TheVioletLove on 8/30/2011 11:29:50 AM
I would love it if they would make 3-d maps with tunnels or trenches.Even if they dont make 3-d maps make tunnels or trenches anyway.It would stick it to the clixs with a 10 range.Jump into a tunnel then pop out to attack them.

Posted by: Brian on 10/24/2010 6:20:01 PM
This set is an amalgamation of BatB and Hot.There are some great defenses mixed with great attack values. My favorite is the Sinister Six and Deadpool.Cosmic Spiderman is sick and wrong.

Posted by: Brendan on 10/13/2010 5:41:07 PM
HAMMER Teams Rock big time!
havent lost a game with them yet. awesome 300pt team

Norman Osborn
3x HAMMER Elite Operatives
1x Agent Brand (Repainted as Victoria Hand)

This team is utter filth that has more actions than almost any other team for the same points and each character has the potential to deal damage even to the heaviest of hitters thanks to the sheild TA

Posted by: Ste on 10/7/2010 9:15:23 PM
Playing a 600 point match tomorrow. Scientist theme team, with two Iron Men, a Doc Ock, and four Researchers. Seem like a good team, or are there any mods you'd make. Web Only. Thanks.

Posted by: The Blue Hope on 10/1/2010 12:35:35 PM
Gotta love that night crawler, Kudos to the guy who designed him, he's a lot of fun to play and a very accurate representation of his abilities

Posted by: Ste on 9/30/2010 7:05:00 PM
has anyone received there buy it buy the brick fig yet?

Posted by: garbage man on 9/30/2010 12:24:54 PM
Played a booster draft. For my 300 point team I used Mysterio, Iron Patriot, and Cardiac. I'm not going to lie, it was a pain in the ass. Second place!

Posted by: The Blue Hope on 9/24/2010 12:40:28 PM
I have DEADPOOL. Happy. Happy. Happy. Happy. Happy. Happy. Happy. And some other guys too. Also love X-Force. My son loves his monster symbiote army. Great set.

Posted by: tylerdrake on 9/21/2010 3:00:30 AM
Yes very awesome set big spidey fan just recieve a cosmic spider-man in my 2nd box.

Posted by: Chris on 9/18/2010 5:53:41 PM
Why didn't they make a Madam Web heroclix figure in this set.Web of Spiderman-Madam Web? I would give her lots of special powers.One special power would be at any time during the game if Madam Web rolls a 5or a 6 any friendly figure can be teleported to any place on the map of her choosing.This power can only be used once per game.This would save heroclix lives big time.Your superman or Thor is about to die during an attack roll and poof he's gone.He's moved next to a healer.

Posted by: Brian on 9/17/2010 12:38:53 PM
everyone must still be opening boosters as all is quiet on here...

Posted by: Ste on 9/15/2010 7:16:58 PM
This is cool 1 day out and got Ironman and War machine the first pack

Posted by: Charles on 9/14/2010 7:05:32 PM
quick question, am i the only person excited about the future now that Deadpool Corps is an official keyword?

Posted by: Ste on 9/13/2010 7:48:16 PM
Ok then folks, on the brighter side of things who are we looking at in this set and thinking OMG! they are awesome! maybe even too awesome.

Minis that get my Vote as follows.

Bullseye, 8 people took part in today's sealed and he was fielded on 5 of the teams involved, that would be enough said however (even though i am a Hugh Dark Avengers fan) he should not have had a longer dial than both Wolverine, Daken & HoT Cap.

Noh-Varr, love that trait. now i've finally completed my Dark Avengers i had to field them as a 1,200pt themed team (with some HAMMER support) against a themed New Avengers team. my opponent now fears him even higher than Bullseye after he smeared several members of his team across the map, and with each hit he just went from strength to strength and gave my opponent a whole new head ache each time his power set changed.

Speaking of which; Norman Osborn + HAMMER Agent + HAMMER Elite Operative = better than taking Iron Patriot on his own by a very very very long shot! HAMMER is the new dirty Horde and Norman is the BEST AE ever! oh dear you might say, i've rolled a Goblin and dont have the Model, never mind, just keep him as Osborn and cackle madly as HAMMER agents at AV 11 bring down Outwitted Tent-poles.

Wolfsbane; best of the X-force members by far. DV19 with 2x 5+ saves in close combat + stealth is utter filth, add to this an AV of 10 + blades and claws and you are really on to a winner.

Lastly (and by far the most commonly pulled mini i've seen so far) Molten Man. he might not look like much, but in a set full of Super senses, Close combat reflexes and shape change, he is a poison nighmare, and he even has Plasticity to keep people trapped, add to that his great damage reduction and a bit of charge and OMG he's the painful gift that just keeps on giving!

Anybody else got an Honourable mention to add to my list of "ones to watch"?

Posted by: Ste on 9/12/2010 8:58:41 PM
Jeeze people are miff'd! i personally think this set was amazing. best brick i've bought to date, only 5 dupes in 1 brick & 4 SR's.

I may be biased as i fanally got my completed Dark Avengers but come on- this set is pretty sweet.

People complaining about poor SR selection, one question, would you have preffered these characters to have been this sets commons/uncommons and by now you would be drowning in a sea of vapours and spots, or would you rather these more niche characters were kept to the SR's where you could by a Brick an possibly not get a single one?
Look on the bright side, if you have it and hate it, trade it with a completionist for a Rare that you want, everyone leaves happy, they feel like they got a great deal on a trade and you are left with something you actually want!

It is a much more painful situation when a major character crops up as a SR (cough Green Goblin cough)and your left chasing it, than to have an SR list you arnt that bothered by.

One final point on the whole Red Hulk Vs Bullseye Attack values. Attack Values better represents finese and skill over strength. strength is more closely linked to damage. Hulk might be one of the strongest people in the Marvel universe but Bullseye will hit far more often. its when the Hulk finally hits you that you need to worry, or just die out-right!!!

Posted by: Ste on 9/12/2010 8:06:47 PM
LMAO!! i pulled a vapor with mysterios dial...
not only is it a crappy super rare. i cant even use it in play.
play her as vap-sterio or something..

whats the deal with that wizkids?

Posted by: frankie on 9/12/2010 2:47:46 PM
Is anyone else thinking of a massive symbiote and zombie army? I was looking at my Mutations and Monsters, and I was drooling over the monster keyword possibilities.

Posted by: The Blue Hope on 9/10/2010 1:01:00 PM
You pulled Spot? I could use one of him, and Vapor. My roommate is trading me a Deadpool for my extra Mysterio. Good trade on my part, no?

Posted by: The Yellow Fear on 9/10/2010 12:30:05 PM
yea i pulled spot, vapor, and mysterio for super rares...yuck!

Posted by: ned on 9/9/2010 2:41:12 PM
Something the matter ned? I'm glad my roommate is getting some. I'm trading my second Mysterio for Deadpool. Any news on Spider-Hulk?

Posted by: The Yellow Fear on 9/9/2010 12:56:45 PM
did anybody preorder the set and not get it yet? cuz i havnt gotten mine yet and i would like to know if im the only person on the planet that got the shaft

Posted by: owlman on 9/9/2010 12:56:13 PM
yay im so glad everybody else is getting what they want!!!

Posted by: ned on 9/9/2010 12:52:31 PM
I pulled two Mysterios, Doc Octopus, Iron/War, Green Goblin, Morlun, Doppelganger, and the Red She Hulk. 54/64 FTW!

Posted by: The Yellow Fear on 9/9/2010 12:50:22 PM
I will say this thanks for the spidey villians its about time.And here's a suggestion not all of us can make the tournaments couldnt there be a contest for another fan to make a heroclix of their very own in one of your sets,i mean come on that could raise more interest gain more money for you and give the fans some hope of making their dream clix.I'm sure its possible i think it would be a nice gesture for the fans

Posted by: Adam on 9/9/2010 7:35:09 AM

Posted by: Adam on 9/9/2010 7:11:26 AM
thats what im saying the spot is a super rare.. theres an average of 3 to 4 super rares in a brick and i dont want one of my 3 or 4 to be wasted on the spot..ridiculous!!! and vapor is another one that i could care less about.. but my luck ill get both of those winners!! lol

Posted by: ned on 9/8/2010 4:51:13 PM
@ Ned, well at least its a super rare so your chances of pulling him is reduced, and even if you do, he'll make excellent trade bait for all those spider man nutts that have to have all of his villians.

Im pretty darn chuffed with the SR list in this, as i regularly buy by the brick then pick out super rares online to fill in the gaps. with this set there are very few SR's i actually want so my expenditure on this set has been drastically reduced with no ill effect of Wizkids, both they and i shall be happy...

Now whats the betting odds that the Green Goblin SR ends up as the most expensive piece on the secondary market as people rush to complete the Norman/Patriot/Goblin Trio, and double or nothing that i dont pull him in my brick!

Posted by: Ste on 9/7/2010 7:36:57 PM
if i get the spot i will kill something innocent for sure!!! what is the point in a fig like that?

Posted by: ned on 9/7/2010 4:00:27 PM
I will maul a small kitten if I do not pull a Iron/War duo. Well, maybe not a kitten, they're too cute.

Posted by: The Yellow Fear on 9/7/2010 12:48:50 PM
are some super rares more difficult to pull than others?

Posted by: clam on 9/6/2010 6:15:54 PM
5 figs for each universe you say? ok here goes

Joker & Harley Duo
New Sinestro (regular yellow lantern version)
A generic Royal flush ganger (to fill in for their missing numbers)
Dark Knight the Movie version of the Joker
dwarf clown henchman (from the killing joke) for the Joker...
and yes i do have a lot of love for the Joker, but who doesnt?

New 616 Black Widow
Bucky Cap
Orginal Baron Zemo
Original Black Knight
In all fairness i could go on and on and on about Marvel characters i want, but most would be remakes. So i've managed to limit myself to just the top 5

Posted by: Ste on 9/4/2010 9:38:39 PM
after seeing who the super rares are i realized that the ploy to pay to play is alive and well, thanks neca/wizkids, you suck!

Posted by: varnae on 9/4/2010 8:16:51 AM
Wow guys stop whining about this set and wolverine, hes fine.
And especially stop bringing up old sets, The tournament legal modern sets include: arkham asylum, secret invasion, hammer of thor, brave and the bold, avengers, justice league, monsters and mutations, crisis and then finally web of spiderman. Okay? Im tired about hearing about non-legal sets like sinster, and supernova.

btw theres too many super rares i want, ugh

Posted by: bruce on 9/3/2010 3:47:30 PM
Well thats a relief, this is the best site hands down that has anything to do with heroclix.Seriously you guys do a great job,no BS thank you

Posted by: Adam on 9/3/2010 5:45:13 AM
@Adam, it's calm here at HeroClix World because of a computer crash :(

Not to worry though, I've got a backup, and we're still on track for some new and original HeroClix content next week, and it's Web of Spider-Man related! HeroClix World is the king of original HeroClix content, and we're not going to give up that crown easily.

Live Long and Be Fabulous! ~The Le

Posted by: The Le on 9/2/2010 1:09:22 PM
if i dont get an ironman/warmachine or a groot i will kick and scream like a little girly!!!

Posted by: the toker on 9/2/2010 12:23:08 AM
Must be the calm before the storm and everyone is to excited about the big release that its all quiet,Well if you could have 5 figures you wanted made from DC and 5 from MARVEL who would they be.

Posted by: Adam on 9/1/2010 8:03:26 PM
@ Adam, yeah but you gotta give credit to NECA, they have been listening really well, hence us getting characters like Cardiac & Doppleganger.
Dont even get me started on the subject of Supes, its a dark and very ranty road that has been tread way to much. only advice i can give you is to assassinate him with extreme predjudice as soon as humanly possible in the hope that your opponent might think twice before spending that many points on him in the next game, its worked for me a few times.

Posted by: Ste on 8/30/2010 7:35:41 PM
Yeah i brought it up because me and my friend planned a cross over battle and while not really old he has the 226 Superman to my brand new 226 Thor and damn! They always give supes mad crazy dials and he is just a superMAN! Thor is a damn GOD,he doesnt have no powers that depend on the sun and supes other weakness Magic,Thor's hammer! and i know complaining dont do nothing but like we all know some characters get all the love and some just get whats left over.The most popular will always be in the sets and all you can do is hope for your guy to finally be called up to the show,unless you can really put together a rallying cry that will be heard.

Posted by: Adam on 8/30/2010 3:21:29 AM
@ Adam; with regards to over powered DC sets. YES YES YES! i was saying this constantly over the first few years of collecting. My main gaming buddy is a DC nut, and while im partial to a little Bat-man every now and then im much more in the Marvel camp. this led to a hell of a lot of DC vs Marvel show-downs and i couldnt believe how hardcore so many of the DC equivalents were by comparrison.

I think the balance of power has shifted a lot over the last few sets though, and they are now much more equal in power to point level.

The upside for me from this is that it forced me to play much more tactically and be very aware of my characters abilities/strengths & weaknesses throughout thier dial progression. reckon the current win to loss ratio against the guy in question is now something along the lines of 5:1, we even joke that he must be a masochist. but now i just bragging and no one likes a big head

Posted by: Ste on 8/29/2010 9:28:10 PM
@ Theo, i know what you mean, i tend to feel the same when we get cosmic style sets, i completely avioded buying any boosters of Super Nova for this same reason and stuck to singles on the secondary market. you have to wonder though, with this more focused approach, will certain sets create a lot of similar discontent (probably too strong a word to use)going forward. i know personnally my interest would be greatly reduced for a FF set or Guardians of the Galaxy set

Posted by: Ste on 8/29/2010 9:09:00 PM
STE. Dont get me wrong there are some cool figs, its juts this set dosnt make me super exiceted. Then again every once in while there are some sets that i dont get hiped up about. like Sinister, Collateral Damge, Avengers, and Arkam. I guess this one just had to be apart of the cycle. Thats all.

Posted by: theo on 8/29/2010 5:43:31 PM
My bad they said 40 i believe for the first time

Posted by: Adam on 8/29/2010 4:35:58 PM
The Ufoes,Molten Man,Will-O-Wisp,Red Hulk,Red She Hulk,Menace,Daken,Spider Hulk,Cosmic Spidey,Toxin,Groot,Iron Patriot,The Spot,Symbiote,Chameleon,Cardiac,Puma,Morlon, there is some i am missing,but they said just 30 new not the whole set and some of the fig's they made well not new are different enough to keep most but not all of us happy,u just gotta wait till next time if you really want someone bad enough start by voiceing it alot,or play and win the major hero clix tournament and get to create your own.

Posted by: Adam on 8/29/2010 4:34:28 PM
Web of Spiderman seems like an nice set, but I remember the powers that be saying a few months ago that this set would feature Marvel characters who have never been done before, well I guess that was not entirely true. I'm tired of all this talk about Wolverine, he's been done before, many times by the way. So has Spider-Man. So has Warpath. You guys get the picture. How about we do a set that reaches deep into the corners of the Marvel Universe and pulls out characters we might have forgotten about and put them to clix-form. Now that would be cool. I understand they sometimes have to do some repeats of certain characters, but make that 20% of the set and the rest is new people we've never seen before. Personally I'd like to see the Marvel horror guys done, like Werewolf By Night, Dracula, and Frankenstien's Monster. Just my humble opinions though. Thanks.

Posted by: Greg on 8/29/2010 8:14:24 AM
Avengers im down,I just hope i get some great new bad guys I really want the Brotherhood bad,but whatever they decide Im buying.Has anyone noticed when you go through your collection how powerfull DC is to Marvel now i like both,i lean more towards Marvel and might pass on the 75th just because but you never know,but alot of older fig's are sick for DC and go a long way,and Wolverine is not one of my most fav's the one from sinister has helped me win a battle or two but he should of been at least 7 maybe 8 clicks because he fights everyone! but like Ste im done complaining whats done is done.Man i love Hero Clicks

Posted by: Adam on 8/29/2010 3:39:25 AM
im not mad per say, just think Wolverine deserves a longer dial, his powers are fine, i would even be happy if they were toned down a touch just lasted a few clicks longer, there are still a fair few dials in the set that pass the 7 click mark, that i feel are less deserving. but hay i just crying over spilt milk now so i'll give it a rest now... sorry for bending everyones ears for so long.

You are right (Adam) it is a street level set and shouldnt compare to a set of Gods, and i too cannot wait to see whats next! praying for another avengers themed set myself_ Bucky Cap, Luke Cage, Mockingbird, Hawkeye, Ares and Ms Marvel; all either long over due or in-need of a revamp, hell they can even throw in a new Wolverine & Spidey that are more up for dealing with greater threats than those in WoS, while these reasons are all good and well im biased as im still very much in love with the first Avengers set we got

Posted by: Ste on 8/28/2010 7:29:45 PM
I think everybody is mad at wolverine's dial but like i said i think what they may be trying to do is make the set's close to who fights them in Hammer of Thor the dials last longer because you got some brutes in there and its god vs god,and in Web you got alot of spiderman figures who can fight in their set and some old sets but are not super power houses.They are making them close in stats to fight who they really fight,They changed it up from the last set before Hammer of Thor they were all pretty powerful now i think it will vary from set to set,Am i happy,hey it could always be better but now i just wanna know whats next after web for marvel

Posted by: Adam on 8/28/2010 5:08:13 AM
@ Theo. Dude the dails are great, a bit short yeah but still great. I think the Wolverine dial is about 3 clicks to short but i completely agree with you on Nightcrawer, this is the best representation of him to date.
My only real gripe (other than dial shortness) is that the wall-corner sculpt of Spidey has been well and truely over used (4 in total inc the LE)but even this is a very iconic image

Posted by: Ste on 8/27/2010 10:34:38 PM
Have now seen all the dials with the exception of a few LEs and am now even more excited for the big day!
Daken (being a mega DA fan) i am really looking forward to getting my hands on. Bullseye is potentially the best sharpshooter in the game and Red hulk is an absolute beast!
while i normally get bricks i reckon im gonna go case level with this one!
one last point, Doc Oc can use perplex 4 times a turn but only on himself! he's a veritable one man army but doesnt seem to play well with others

Posted by: Ste on 8/27/2010 10:26:04 PM
No it is not the single character focus, I actually like it when they base a good portion of the set on one particular thing. I just think that most of the stats are not worth the points or, the stats mess up the character. Like the Hulks, ALL OF THEM. Then again some of them are dead on like Wolverine and Nightcrawler. I just want all the clicks to have proper stats, points, and powers to go to the chacter thats all.

Posted by: theo on 8/27/2010 10:14:13 PM
@ theo. well aside from poor stats Sinister did have one of the best selections of figs as well as some of the nicer sculpts so i cant blame you, i even felt similarly when i saw HoTs line up, but i totally ended up loving that set once i had it in my grubby mitts... maybe its down to the hiatus but now i cant get enough of it.
Just a quick question, is it the single character focus thats put you off or something else???

Posted by: Ste on 8/27/2010 9:11:16 PM
I am REALLY NOT impressed with this set at all. Dont get me wrong there are a few cool ones but, I think I would prefer to buy a brick of Sinister then this set.

Posted by: theo on 8/27/2010 8:38:20 PM
I compared sinister wolverine versus web wolverine and sinister wolverine has more clicks for less cost. Wasn't a ton of difference in powers or state either.

Posted by: drax on 8/25/2010 9:16:52 PM
It looks like after i checked it out that hammer of thor is stronger and the figures on average have more clicks,while web of spiderman have fewer clicks. It makes sense when you compare them to who they fight ,with a few exceptions i think i see the formula and it looks good to me now.

Posted by: Adam on 8/25/2010 3:55:47 AM
i do prefer longer dials over short heavy hitters that are also one hit wonders, although i'd rather there was a better balance between the two. a lot of these longer proved to be nothing more than moving barriers with pathetic combat values after the first few clicks.

I said in another post that gold defence appears to be a lot less predominent in more recent sets although it crops up here and there in strange places (proff Zoom!?! WTF) this combined with shorter dials makes for a much shorter game and i guessing thats what they (Wizkids) are going for. it enables larger tourneys and those playing for fun end up playing much larger games. last time me and my main gaming bud played 300pts it lasted 15 mins so 600+ has become our average just so we get a decently long game.
am i complaining here??? well kind of, although by doing so i feel as though im actually asking for power creep, and that makes me feel dirty in a bad way

Posted by: Ste on 8/24/2010 11:50:38 AM
"Is it just me or does anybody last longer than 6 clicks whats the deal with that!"

We had a Golden Age vs Modern Age game last week and noticed that. We came to the conclusion that older figs had longer dials with less powers/lower numbers while the new ones pack more Bang into a shorter dial.

Posted by: Phyl on 8/24/2010 4:20:57 AM
Is it just me or does anybody last longer than 6 clicks whats the deal with that!

Posted by: Adam on 8/24/2010 3:40:21 AM
Also it seems to me we agree on some of the clicks such as wolverine being to weak,it just bugs me when they dont make them as good as they really could be with the attributes and number of click dials they deserve,obviously you know your clicks and i respect that more than most but you have to admit sometimes the people in charge love a figure too much Elektra 160 points and sometimes they show no love at all cough cough Bi beast 73, Tombstone 58, Grey Gargoyle 75 they all have fought thor or the hulk in great battles in comics and now they wouldnt last a round 2.As i said before im just paticular to what they have been and what they give us.No disrespect intended just what i think,i just love the battle my friend

Posted by: Adam on 8/22/2010 3:22:55 AM
I hear you bro its just thor is one of my fav's and im not asking for crazy points but at 235 the thor who also happens to be an avenger is pretty damn good and has imperv,and that was my biggest problem.Now i know the new thor is sick but im real paticular with my fav's like Hercules even thor himself said hercs better at hand to hand combat and he stopped the craziest hulk in comics anyone has ever seen and is 142 points while good not great i also love wonder woman whta man doesnt but making her 248 points is insane,i know DC VS MARVEL but come on,not to say they are not both great but you know what Im saying,Thor at least deserved one click of imperv and its not not his strength its his worthyness to hold the hammer or anyone could hold it lol

Posted by: Adam on 8/22/2010 3:08:14 AM
@ Adam, we seem to be having a friendly misunderstanding lol. This Thor can give most Supermen clix a good run for thier money, and clobber all but the best (chase minis) of them, he even gets Invulnerability back for his last few clixs.
As for Super strength, well that should be a given as you need that kind of strength to even pick up the Hammer in the first place. could he be better, hell yes, but i have to ask you this, how much playability would he loose on account of the vast increase in his points.
He'd end up as another Ares, someone who's got a great dial but rarely sees any play on account of his points value.
To top it off he was a common, so easy to get hold of.
Now Spider-man, Captain America, Daredevil and Wolverine need the kind of VIP treatment your talking about, coz as it stands they are great dials but tend to be one hit wonders when faced with Thor or any other like powered figure in the game. these are the kind of guys that need a bit of beefing up to the 100-150pts range.

Posted by: Ste on 8/21/2010 7:25:20 PM
I cannot believe they made a Spot figure. That is freaking awesome!

Posted by: Wombabtoy on 8/21/2010 11:37:55 AM
Well consider this Thor is Odin's son and he has 18 invulnerability,I guess being the heir of asgard Impervious is too stong for him because Volstagg has it and while he is great he is no Thor,also the special thor can use super strength is wasted it should be more like thor can use exploit or energy explosion because he does not carry the hammer just for looks

Posted by: Adam on 8/21/2010 3:16:49 AM
Can cosmic spidey shoot through stealth?

Posted by: childpredator on 8/21/2010 1:46:15 AM
What-what-WHAT!?! not happy with Thor from HoT!?! dude that clix is awesome! he's better than the power cosmic mighty thor and over 50pts cheaper! hell you can stick repulsor shileds and fortitude on him and he'll still be cheaper. whats not to like really???

Posted by: Ste on 8/20/2010 7:05:41 PM
Love the new heroclix but cant wait to see marvels next set,am still not happy with thor from hammer of thor maybe make an ultimate version that would be sick.I just want em all,and i really like villians need more more more

Posted by: Adam on 8/20/2010 3:28:24 AM
@ turdburgler
main way to get it is playing in the release event at your local store. or you could wait a few weeks til they start showing up on Ebay.
Sigh, although i am loving this set 2 things upset me.
1 Incomplete Dark Avengers team, and yes i will moan about this until i gat the full team and that includes a new Sentry and a more useable Ares, Both with DA key words, hell i think Ares should get HAMMER as a key word too, considering he was HAMMER's stratagist.
2 Still no Bucky-Cap! the people need a bBucky-Cap dammit!!!!

Posted by: Ste on 8/20/2010 1:22:10 AM
how do you go about getting the LE fig toxin?

Posted by: turdburgler on 8/19/2010 7:32:43 PM
@CaptainAwesome: yup! There are 3 spider-mans on the wall! As a matter of fact, Eric "Slade Wilson" Schaen submitted a new SLADE FILES recently, focusing on the symbiote version. (comings soon)

Posted by: The Le on 8/19/2010 6:22:59 PM
Quick question: I thought i remembered from earlier spoilers(confirmed with a quick look back) that there was a symbiote spiderman also on a wall. Does this mean there are 3 spidermen in this set? 4 if you count the mail away fig?

Posted by: CaptainAwesome on 8/19/2010 5:23:22 PM
I'm with Adam. I want to see more X-Men!!! Yeeeahhh!! And talking about Web of Spiderman, I need those symbiots!!! all of them!!!

Posted by: JasonCR on 8/19/2010 4:24:45 PM
I'm w/ you Adam.

Posted by: Nightcrawler on 8/19/2010 2:25:00 PM
They need a brotherhood starter pack or the next marvel set should include some maybe sabretooth,juggernaut,magneto,mystique, i mean come on and a new hulk would be nice has not been the origonal green guy in quite awhile.Or a starter pack of Age of Apocalypse for his four horsemen now we are talking who's with me

Posted by: adam on 8/19/2010 4:19:31 AM
ok then let me ask you this.. say if peter parker is on his last click and he has an action token on him.. can you push him to turn into his alter ego and the alter ego takes a click or does peter parker die?

Posted by: diddly on 8/18/2010 11:54:23 AM
yes you can have both figs. That some good strategy that I use, keeping the first in the back ground, then beating a** with the AE, then bring it back gain for a little more a** beatery

Posted by: seven-feathers on 8/18/2010 11:23:17 AM
can you have an alter ego character and the character he turns into on the same team at the same time?
norman osborn 66pts
iron patriot 150pts

total points 216pts

Posted by: diddly on 8/18/2010 10:29:00 AM
its about time a cardiac click is finally coming out!!!! but what about a man-spider and stix and stones duo figure? when do they get sculpts? i also heard you guys are redistributing the fantastic four starter set. you should do a separation anxiety or a satans six starter set those would be most awesome! or a starter set that hasn't been done yet.

Posted by: 5 star zombie killa on 8/17/2010 3:35:56 AM
@ captain awesome.
She was just an example, fact of the matter is is that we have way to many characters that have 4+ damage and either Super strength, ranged combat expert or close combat expert in this game that characters like Cap and Wolverine should have longer dials so they dont end up as one hit woonder characters. Look at he post civil war mighty avengers as a team, in clix form over 2 thirds of this team can KO both Wolverine an Cap in a single hit, now i know the team is a particularely heavy hitting team, but we all know Cap and Wolverine can handle their fair share of heavy hitters.

Posted by: Ste on 8/16/2010 7:46:30 PM
I'd like to see a new heroclix figure with the ability to heal two heroclixs at the same time.(special power)when this heroclix heals one figure treat healing normal.When this figure heals two figures at the same time give the healer one clix of damage.

Posted by: Alan on 8/16/2010 11:08:58 AM
I'd like to see a feat card called( a full dose of venom) instead of just one clix of damage next to someone with poision you take the full damage dial.

Posted by: Brian on 8/16/2010 11:02:26 AM
according to hcrealms it's the spiderman team ability, which is what i would assume

Posted by: drivenbyapathy on 8/15/2010 9:11:04 PM
Yeah I think that Bag-Mans second Team couldbe Power Cosmic... i dont read comics so i cant really prove anything. But the team insignia looks like Galactus' Helmet.

Posted by: 10heroclick12 on 8/15/2010 9:07:14 PM
I agree with 10heroclick12, looks like another team on Bombastic Bag-Man's base, it looks like mystics to me but I'm by no means 100% on that.

Posted by: Joe on 8/15/2010 8:53:49 PM
Well i agree with you in concept about the dials of those 2 characters being short. We can't compare everyone to Ms.Skrullvell or we wouldnt use anyone else.

Posted by: CaptainAwesome on 8/15/2010 12:27:23 PM
I was just looking at the Bombastic BagMan's base, and i believe there are 2 team icons on his base..??.. I know ones the fantastic 4 insignia, but i fail to identify the other. It might just be me, but it looks pretty real.

Posted by: 10heroclick12 on 8/14/2010 11:49:30 PM
Sorry to be a moaner but is it just me or is Wolverines dial a little on the short side? even with his Regen ability i can see him going down a little too easy? in all honesty i would have prefered regular regen and paid the points for auto regen

I felt the same with with smokey feet Cap, great dial, provided someone with super strength doesnt get the first hit in and KO them with a heavy object. as it stands SI Ms Marvel can KO each of them in a 2 turn period, provided she's got a little perplex or prob support, i just see Cap and Wolverine (more so than most) in it for the long haul and not the first to fall

Posted by: Ste on 8/14/2010 7:54:33 PM
My normal method is to buy a brick in store, trade any duff SRs i pull (on average i'll only actually want about half the SRs in any given set)for either ones i want or failing that i'll settle for Rares that i didnt pull and want bad.
Next port of call is the store's singles cabinet, after that i fall back onto the online retailers to fill any gaps and bulk out my minions/generics.

Although i have never actually sent off for the BibtB figure, i like to support my local retailer as its also my gaming venue. only reason i dont get my generics in store is because they price them a rarity higher as they know people want multiples.

With WoS i am reaally contemplating getting a case, The set looks awesome, and although there is as always a few turkeys in my eyes, i want the vast majority of the SRs this time around

Posted by: Ste on 8/14/2010 7:43:31 PM
Thanks for the advice. The actual cost for all of the figs on troll and toad was like 440$. I think ill stick with buying a case, or even 3 bricks. Thanks man.

Posted by: 10heroclick12 on 8/14/2010 3:49:08 PM
With that kind of money, I recommend buying 1 case, or even 3 bricks. You will likely get duplicate rares and SRs, but you can use these to trade for figures you want... and you should also buy from your local store so that you can get the brick figure (typically you can't get the free brick figure from an online store)

Posted by: The Le on 8/14/2010 3:28:15 PM
I just went 2 troll and toad to the WOS Singles Preorder Page and did some math. the cost of buying every figure from common to SR will cost over 250$. Buying 1 case of WOS costs 160$. Like "Ste" says, u will get on average 6-8 SR's;10 SR's if your lucky. So, using these results, what should i do????

Posted by: 10heroclick12 on 8/14/2010 3:06:31 PM
would u think buying a case of the web of spiderman would be just as good as buying the figs u want online? i mean like what "Ste" said. U probably wont get every fig and your not even garaunteed to get a SR that u would want (like Iron Man/War Machine Duo Fig) when buying a case. Whats the Best thing 2 Do????

Posted by: 10heroclick12 on 8/14/2010 2:52:19 PM
This is one of the characters that fortunately we will have now on this expansion. Even though he is not such a powerful figure, you know...the fact of having another spidey's ally in clix is just great. The scuplture is very cool!!!

Posted by: JasonCR on 8/12/2010 5:10:41 PM
i believe that indicates that the character has a trait...

Posted by: flanders on 8/12/2010 2:14:30 PM
and what does the star by the defense symbol mean?

Posted by: Dylan on 8/11/2010 11:15:32 PM
you should show Daken's clicks and traits

Posted by: Dylan on 8/11/2010 11:02:52 PM
Just dreaming im affaid. you get an average of 3-4 SRs per brick and the full set has around 15. but i too wish it were possible.
I beleave it was the case back in the old REV days when a case wase 4 bricks of 12 boosters a piece, but a case was a lot more exspensive back then and their was still no guarantee

Posted by: Ste on 8/11/2010 6:51:59 PM
is it possible to own all 64 figs by buying a case? or is that too good to be true? you would think that you would condidering that you will be getting 100 figs in a case.

Posted by: the diddler on 8/11/2010 11:36:08 AM
What about the Uk, do we have a seperate release date or have NECA managed to sort the bugs out so we get them in rainy old england at the same time?

Posted by: Ste on 8/10/2010 7:13:19 PM
@spidey It was supposed to come out two days ago... but they pushed it back... so now its coming out on september 8th... that is if they dont change it again...

Posted by: TheFreestyleMonk on 8/10/2010 3:39:03 AM
when is this set coming out?!!!

Posted by: spidey on 8/8/2010 3:05:48 PM

i don't think it will change the game, Cosmic Spidey is 319 points not alot of ppl are gonna waste that chunk of their build just to be able to shoot through walls and what not. and ppl will always find ways around him. so i wouldn't worry to much

Posted by: refrusdraob on 8/7/2010 1:02:34 PM

thanks man, i also found out his special trait is uni vision and its line of fire is never blocked...... i feel as if thats gonna change the way the game is played or am i over doing it...

Posted by: mike k on 8/7/2010 2:05:41 AM
WTF no chases thats crazy!!!!!!

Posted by: B&B on 8/6/2010 8:36:36 PM
@mike k

there are no chases in WOS at all, confirmed by mister Ziran on the Realms

Posted by: refrusdraob on 8/6/2010 6:50:39 PM
does anyone know if cosmic spider-man is a chase because that would be very upsetting... he was the one powerhouse ive been waiting for.

Posted by: mike k on 8/6/2010 4:17:50 PM
I just have to say on this expension that, in many ways, it has surpassed my expectations. I love the alter-egos on this new collection and the Anti-Venom is just...wooooow!!! I love that sculpt!!!
And another important thing to mention is the fact that they included many chanracters that did not have a clix before, and now they have; and the new version of previous characters like Carnage is just...Great!!! So, I can't wait any more for the release!!!

Posted by: JasonCR on 8/5/2010 11:54:47 PM
yeas it is.
reason for the sculpt issues, multiple sculpters, one of which is amazing another of which is not so hot and tends to ignore simple continuity issues like scale. Said iffy sculpter is also a hugh DC fan and just plain isnt a fan of Marvel so probably just sees his Marvel sculpts as a way of paying his bills.
Look at secret Invasion; Iron man, Nick Fury & Spider-man were all sculpted by the same guy, and im betting he also sculpted Prowler due to his over-bearing stature!
same sculpter when working on DC, Green arrow in classic garb with 3 arrows strung on his bow & that awesome wall crawling blue beetle... can anybody else see Favouritism here or is it just me

Posted by: Ste on 8/5/2010 8:59:15 PM
some of those figures are a little bit doughy-ish and not sculpted well, but some are also very awesome looking. was that really blurry photo of scarlet spider?

Posted by: Dreadnaught on 8/5/2010 7:25:29 PM
Ok one more point, what on earth could justify a 319pt fig that isnt indomnitable and has at the very least 2 clicks of KO, that trait must be Banging! on Cosmic-Spiderman!?!

Posted by: Ste on 8/5/2010 7:24:48 PM
was hoping for more from wolverine, and for him not to have an ability tying him to X-force, should have seen that coming really!
Guess i'll be hoping to get my hands on the LE version now then.
his healing factor is ok but i would have liked some regular regen on his last click or two. way it is there he'll be great against hordes but get panned the second a heavy hitter or someone with a little luck and some blades/claws/fangs gets to him.

What i'd really like to know is what we get when we pay 220pts for an indomnitable red hulk! NECA had the smarts to click all the minis in the cabinet to KO before putting them on desplay.

and finally i guess we can pretty much confirm the chases as Spider-hulk, Cosmic-Spider, Bag-Man and probably Scarlet-Spider (although the latter may just be an LE)as from what i can see of the numbers on the bases, normally anything past #60 is Chase or LE

Posted by: Ste on 8/5/2010 7:13:05 PM
No. Bloody. Way! Paper Bag Man? That's awesome! That is THE definition of a chase figure. Who's going to need it? How many people know what he is or is from? It's great! Would I like one? Sure, but I'm not going to get all torn up about it if my luck from HoT doesn't pull through to WoS. Good on ya, WizNECA.

Posted by: ophyjgjhnfn on 8/5/2010 10:30:36 AM
i want to see the cosmic spidys dial so bad he looks boss

Posted by: bonez on 8/5/2010 10:27:32 AM
@TheFReestyleMonk The Star tell you the figure has a trait to make it easier to remember during the game.

Posted by: Behemoth on 8/5/2010 5:55:05 AM
So everything looks mad chill, super excited to get another Runaways team member, hopeful they do Xavin...Spider-Hulk gets a thumbs up...

Posted by: seven-feathers on 8/5/2010 5:02:32 AM
Does anybody know what the star on the dial means?

Posted by: TheFreestyleMonk on 8/5/2010 4:36:30 AM
I'm really considering getting 2 bricks now!!! Thanks for posting guys!

Posted by: Ianator on 8/5/2010 4:04:45 AM
The one in the red jacket is Victor Mancha, don't know why there are flames on his hands, they probably should be bolts of electricity. He's the "son" of Ultron (which explains the Indomitable), and one of the Runaways, only Xavin is needed from the mainstays for that team

Posted by: Ouchmaker on 8/5/2010 3:33:54 AM
it says victer something. but tell me thats not scarlet spider cosmic and hulk spidermen is nice and i told you so on the venoms! lol altough bag man i did not see cxoming!

Posted by: jack on 8/5/2010 2:19:29 AM
Did they seriously do a Venom/Antivenom repaint?

That is just depressing.

Posted by: Boundforgreatness on 8/5/2010 2:16:43 AM
I think that guy with the flames is a runway...

Posted by: B&B on 8/4/2010 4:19:23 PM
can we see some more dials and/or a official list in order please? me will love you long time...

Posted by: kraig on 8/4/2010 1:16:45 PM
The guy with flames behind him to me looks a bit like Dr. Strange. I don't think it could be Pyro or Human Torch based on outfit and what is visible on face. The flames could be meant to distract and could have nothing to do with the character though. The outfit is a bit like something from marvel 1602 maybe?

Posted by: Bobby on 8/2/2010 10:54:34 PM
@ Static
Think the brown hunched over guy is Vermin (a rat featured spidey villian)
The regular looking guy in the red jacket, i could be wrong but i reckon its Amedeus Cho (i know i must have spelt that wrong)
think the Big guy infront of the tent card is Warpath and the chick with the spear (although i dont think she has a spear) is X23, only reason i can give for these two is that the non-LE Wolverine is in X-Force garb so i'd expect at least a couple of this team to make a showing along side him.
Hope this helps and by all means blow holes in my theories, if im wrong i'd like to know.

Posted by: Ste on 8/2/2010 6:53:14 PM

Green+White-gold bracers (Photo 4 at front to left of Police & X-Ray) This one is also familiar to me, but again I cannot remember who it is!

I just remembered who this is!!!! It's Marvel Boy (Noh Varr) in the costume before his current Avengers one.

Posted by: Static on 8/2/2010 11:56:59 AM
I was in a rush to finish my last post as I was going out and thus I forgot to mention the locations of those figures I hadn’t been able to identify. So, any help with these ‘guys’?

Big guy in black & white (Photo 2 in front of the Release Info Card) This one is annoyingly familiar, but I cannot remember who it is!

Normal looking guy in red (Photo 2 behind Anit-Venom) Is this the Eddie Brock that someone mentioned?

Female with Spear (Photo 2 in front of Iron Man & War Machine duo figure) Could be a Kraven?

Symbiote alone? (Photo 2- again very hard to see- surrounded by Green Goblin, Hawkeye (Bullseye), Scorpion and Female with Spear)

Black Guy in white jacket with gun (Photo 3 at the front left of J. Johah Jameson)

Squatting figure on object (Photo 3- very hard to see towards the back- between Prowler (and what I believe to be) Firestar. Also between red SpiderMan and Solo)

Brown hunched over Figure (Photo 4 Left side in front of Thug with gun)

Green+White-gold bracers (Photo 4 at front to left of Police & X-Ray) This one is also familiar to me, but again I cannot remember who it is!

Guy with Flames behind him (Photo 4 front left figure to the left of Green+White-gold bracers)

Including Deadpool (whom I forgot to put in my initial list- thanks Trevor) that makes 61 figures + the ‘Buy It By The Brick’ figure! So how many ‘Chase’ figures are there going to be and which ones are they?

Posted by: Static on 8/2/2010 11:40:50 AM
Were did you find the information on the Prize Kit. Our store in Copenhagen cannot find any information on this.

Posted by: Jan Robert Andersen on 8/2/2010 7:09:23 AM
and thiers still more that they didnt have in the conention pics, like deadpool. ive seen his dial and his trait is rediculous!

Posted by: trever on 8/2/2010 12:03:52 AM
Having examined the convention photos as well as I can I think I have identified a lot of the figures. However, there are still 9 I'm not sure about, or even have a clue about!
Some of the following list have already been confirmed. Some I'm very confident in my identification. A few I'm quite confident, but not 100% about the identities...

Black Cat
Dr. Octopus
Green Goblin
Groot (Giant)
HAMMER Agent #1
HAMMER Elite #2
Hawkeye (Bullseye)
Iron Man
Iron Man/ War Machine (Duo)
Iron Patriot
Ironclad (no obvious figure)
J. Johah Jameson
Mary Jane
Molten Man (Could this be a wrongly coloured Ironclad?)
Night Nurse (Nurse #2)
Norman Osborn
Nurse #1
Peter Parker
Police #1
Police #2
Red Hulk
Red She-Hulk
Rocket Racer
SpiderMan (black)
SpiderMan (red)
Thug #1
Thug #2 (SpiderMan's 1st?)
Venom (Face half covered)
Will O' the Wisp
Wolverine (black)
Wolverine (tan)

Any help with the others?

Big guy in black & white
Black Guy with gun
Brown hunched over Figure
Normal looking guy in red
Female with Spear
Green+White-gold bracers
Guy with Flames behind him
Squatting figure on object
Symbiote alone?

Posted by: Static on 8/1/2010 8:04:16 AM
To the tylerdrake group has been playing anywhere from 600 to 1000 point games and sometimes even battle it out with 1200 or more point armies. Face it theres nothing wrong with three hour Heroclix matches!!!!!

Posted by: evilchud on 7/29/2010 11:15:48 PM
@andy no no no, the way i figure it is that they are trying to give us more sturdy sculpts instead of "twig" figures like Black Flash, and "low flying planes" is refering to what Spider-man might be webbed to when swinging above buildings, its always kind of been a joke, like "if thats the Empire State Building, what is his web attached to?"

Posted by: refrusdraob on 7/29/2010 7:23:15 PM
@ tylerdrake i think the character you are mistaking for aunt may is the LE Night-nurse, and there is a generic common of the same sculpt thats prbably just a regular nurse, my guess is its a modern era paramedic, seeing as we have both cops and thugs updates in this set too.

Quick question to everyone on here_ what points value games to you guys averagely play these days? it just seems after Hot that the 300pt average game size is a thing of the past these days, me and my circle rarely play anything smaller than 400pts and most of the time its more in the region of 6-800pts

Posted by: Ste on 7/29/2010 6:59:01 PM
Big props to VESTIGE for the Mysterio sculpt!

Posted by: wintremute on 7/29/2010 2:57:19 PM
Cool. I see MJ. Thanks for pointing her out.

I wonder if that is Aunt May behind them? Time will tell.

Posted by: tylerdrake on 7/29/2010 1:44:11 PM
I like the mysterio a lot!

Posted by: slade wilson on 7/28/2010 10:23:40 AM
Hey, The LE! In the pictues of the set on display, you can see the Mysterio Fig sitting in the back just over the shoulder of Green Goblin (next to the booster boxes).

Posted by: thearthandyman on 7/28/2010 9:34:08 AM
Well said, I guess I am focusing on the insignificant. The important thing is that there are a lot of first time figures. I'm super excited that they're releasing entire teams with this set, such as the new X-Force, U-foes, and possible the Dark Avengers. I think we had to wait for five or six different Marvel releases just to get all the Inhumans. Can't wait to add Groot to my Guardians of the Galaxy team. I hope they include a new Drax!

Posted by: Andy on 7/27/2010 9:54:08 PM
I'm not generally a fan of sculpted terrain with my figures either, but...

It is so much better than the travesty that is the 6 click brick figure with the ridiculously unnecessary huge base that is only there to support the buildings in the background. Let's face it, Clix is not a "miniatures" game. It's a turn-based strategy game. You could play the game using only the discs; the figures are just eye-candy. Maybe this one's not your cuppa, but there are plenty of other Spidey's available if you're looking for one to convert into another game system.

IMHO, what you should be focusing on is that we're getting the first Carnage in a very long time and there are a ton of figures in this set that have never been produced before. My gripe is how the paint looks beneath Peter's eyes compare to how great he looks on the card. He looks like evil Peter who hasn't slept in a week. I'm afraid of another Wonder Woman eye flub.

Disregard me, though, let the nerd rage continue. :P

Posted by: ninthdoc on 7/27/2010 9:11:44 PM
@refusdraub - What does "low flying airplanes" mean??? Are you implying that the idea behind it all went right over my head? Because if you are, please enlighten me. I've been collecting and playing HeroClix sense the beginning and if I'm just missing the point, someone please let me know.

I am not looking to create an issue, I just want to know what I'm missing.


Posted by: Andy on 7/27/2010 8:06:29 PM
@tylerdrake - Look to the right of Peter Parker in the pics on page 4 of this blog, just above the Iron Maiden Clix box. I think that may be an MJ right there. I'm going to GenCon next week, so maybe I'll be able to confirm after that, if WK and The Le don't beat me to the punch. :P

Posted by: ninthdoc on 7/27/2010 4:31:02 PM
allright a brand new hostage! jjj im comin for ya

Posted by: jack on 7/27/2010 1:54:41 PM
I love that jjj is no longer relegated to just a flat pog AND can take a hit and keep complaining. Now all I need is MJ to run around and dodge baddies

Posted by: tylerdrake on 7/27/2010 1:40:51 PM
I love J. Jonah! You can even play him on a "reporter" theme team with Peter... with Jameson's Perplex, you can even FORCE him to help Parker! Ha!

Posted by: WolvieFan9 on 7/27/2010 1:17:26 PM
@Andy low flying airplanes

Posted by: refrusdraob on 7/26/2010 10:47:10 PM
Although most of the figures look great, I personally think the two Spider-man figures look like crap! Is that supposed to be webbing? I don't understand the need to pose him clinging to a wall. I get that it's kinda his thing, but couldn't they come up with some kind of dynamic pose, possibly something involving him swinging on a web line? I thought the idea behind HeroClix was to create a gaming environment that simulates classic comic book battles...if Spider-man is moving into position to confront Dr. Octopus he doesn't bring the wall with him. What if your playing on the "Arena" map, you're telling me that there just happens to be a wall in the middle of it that Spider-man is hanging on? The design seems almost as lazy as having the character just stand there. (Iron Patriot)

Perhaps I'm just over thinking it!?!

Posted by: Andy on 7/26/2010 8:09:51 PM

Posted by: Lord Logan on 7/24/2010 10:34:14 PM

Posted by: Refrusdraob on 7/24/2010 8:55:16 PM
I am thrilled that Wizkids is keeping the figures somewhat in scale and proportion. Looking good, looking good! Thanks The Le

Posted by: Ianator on 7/23/2010 8:05:51 PM
man! they pushed back the release date to september! another month spidermanless...

Posted by: trever on 7/23/2010 7:28:03 PM
Wow now i know why they call him the Amazing Spider-man, they are both fantastic!

Posted by: Ste on 7/23/2010 7:16:20 PM
The Giant fig is named Groot, he's from the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Posted by: DSK007 on 7/23/2010 4:59:58 PM
who is the giant in the back row? and i assume eddie brock has dual ae too judgeing from the anti-venom and the norm venom. so thee venoms aint bad but stil how is the big guy?

Posted by: jack on 7/23/2010 3:07:31 PM
Its going to be so hard to win those!

Posted by: B&B on 7/23/2010 1:54:35 PM
OMG!!!! IS THAT GROOT?!?!?!?! WOOHOO!!!!!
This set is shaping up nicely. I like the look of that Sandman.

Posted by: Jason on 7/23/2010 11:16:37 AM
Like the 3-D objects. Can't wait to put down a web token or a webbed up person!

Posted by: BlueLantern01 on 7/23/2010 8:41:26 AM
Oh boy Oh boy Oh Boy!
Now if i could only make out each and every one of their names.
@ ThatOneGuy, looks like their both Super Rare, and the mutant Spiderman is Doppleganger, a character for the Maximum Carnage story arc.
Two things i've noticed, Lots of Uniques and lots of Civilians, neither things bad in my book as i always play Highlander rules and i would much rather have sculpts instead of tokens.
i'd rather have had daken in costume, but hay at least we're getting him! i'll probably convert parts of him and his dial onto that classic Wolverine body. Which brings me to another minor grip, why do we get another version of the brown suit but still no New Avengers version?
I'm Glad to see generic cops and robbers appear in this set, the perfect place for their updates was in a street level hero's set.
i'm a little gutted that the Dark Avengers dont appear in full force but it's to be expected given that it's just part of the Sub-theme. At least the missing members have all had faily recent versions that can fill the void (pun intended). i do like the fact that Bullseye and Daken arnt making any effort to hide who they really are though.
Oh one more point,there are a few confirmed figs missing from these images; Carnage, Deadpool and im assuming the Hammer Elite, as he has blonde hair, guessing the darker haired common of the sculpt is the lower level grunt. so this leaves me with hope that there's still more to see... Chough Dark Avengers Cough.

Posted by: Ste on 7/22/2010 11:15:07 PM
i just want nightcrawler to be really good. and a deadpool...

Posted by: trever on 7/21/2010 1:49:45 AM
I love the Spidey Brick piece. it obviously isn't really made for playing though, and is much more of a thank you piece for the collectors and long time fans who just love awesome sculpts. Sure you could probably find a better piece to play in the set or other sets to fill the spider-man slot in your team... but then you'd just play that. This is just a 'for fun' piece. and as far as i'm concerned its a fine one at that.

Posted by: Logan on 7/20/2010 8:10:05 PM
How rare are the Mutant Spiderman and the Red Hulk going to be?

Posted by: ThatOneGuy on 7/20/2010 7:54:50 PM
(Continued from below) Anyway, with 2 miss chances on Puma's opening click to cover his advance, I'm a fan.

Posted by: That Guy Who Ran on 7/20/2010 5:58:25 PM
Spidey... yuck. Love the dial itself, love the web-swing trait, love the Web terrain SP. Dial is at least a bit overcosted (should be 75? 80?), hate the 2x2 base. Love the idea of the iconic cover pose, but did we really need all those buildings to complete it? just have the one building to support Spidey and the goon and it could absolutely fit on a standard or possibly double-base, either of which would dramatically increase his playability.

I was really hopeful that the 2x2 was because this one dial would house an REV of Spidey at say 60, 90 and 120 points (arbitrarily selected) in the style of Clown Prince, 3 distinctly different dials that you select one of at the beginning of play, rather than a 2x2 colossal Sentinel type, where the Exp. and Vet. are just extensions on the Rook. With 26 possible slots on a 2x2, it's entirely possible to have 3 seperate short dials: 6 for the Rook, 1 KO, 7 for the Exp, 1 KO, 8 for the Vet, 1 KO = 24 clicks, with 2 extra available to extend the Exp to 8 or the Vet to 9. Only 1 SP would have been available for each slot, obviously, but CPoC was fine like that. Those 3 dials all play radically differently, so designing 3 Spidey dials with less variation between them obviously would have worked as well. The Web-swing trait could easily have been full-dial.

It would have been righteous, and the definitive Spider-Man. This thing just feels like a half-finished white elephant. Too big for its own good, it's a collector's piece rather than a playable one. I'll be ok with that (BibtB is a good place for collector's items, I suppose) as long as there's a good, playable, main-continuity Spidey within the set at some rarity below SR or Chase.

Puma: ain't nothing wrong with that. But then again, I like low-cost Charge-starting melee beaters. His 4th and 5th clicks are hilarious. With no armor, he's very likely to land on them after a decent 3 or 4 shot or push to them after a 2-damage poke. With 2 miss chances in SS and SC on hi

Posted by: That Guy Who Ran on 7/20/2010 5:53:34 PM
I'll buy my case to get my two brick figures like normal. But none the less, he really looks pretty bad to me. Granted its represents him when Spiderman captures his first crimianl, the man who killed Uncle Ben, so he hasnt refined any of his powers. He'll be a nice novelty figure, but I seriously doubt he will every see any play from me or either of my two sons. I would rather he have been a regular figure on a regular base, and something else was the BIBTB figure. Its by far the worst BIBTB figure I've ever seen. MAJOR LETDOWN!

Posted by: Nightwing-fan on 7/20/2010 5:04:16 PM
I would have rather seen this piece on a regular base rather than a giant 2x2 base ....kinda pointless really , I could just see myself playing this on a 3-d map web swinging on buildings while having smaller buildings with me (greater than):D

Posted by: fishhoof on 7/20/2010 4:21:44 PM
Eh the one spider man clix i did not want to see for the spidey preview , I was hoping that the preview would be a spider man clix that is not the bbtb fig.

Posted by: monkeykill on 7/20/2010 4:14:15 PM
Well I hope errata will allow the web terrain to be used by the many spiders out there already as a "feat" or something. Nice simple rule.

Posted by: scourge101 on 7/20/2010 1:52:44 PM
Alright kids, calm down. Comics are comics. To bad-mouth one company or the other is to pretty much bad-mouth comics in general. It's only obvious that lines are going to be drawn and mud will be flung, but what's the point. By mentioning the characters, companies, storylines and titles you don't like, you create an interest in those things for someone else. If you don't like a character, company, storyline or title the best thing to do is not mention it at all. By doing so you decrease the awareness of those things. It's like the old saying goes; "Any exposure is good exsposure." So next time you feel the need to lash out and attack something you don't like, remember that you may just spark the interest of someone else who will gladly support the thing you wish would just go away. So remember, kiddies; "The worst press is no press at all."

P.S. MAKE MINE MARVEL!!! (Sorry, I couldn't help it.)

Posted by: thearthandyman on 7/20/2010 10:43:20 AM
Ah! Okay, so it's the brick figure. I don't know why I was presuming it would be a Spidey from a booster.

I'm not a big fan of the 2x2 bases in general - navigating maps becomes trickier and it creates a larger target - and here we have one where the only justification for it is the sculpt? (The dial's only 6 clicks deep; it's not like the multi-scenario Joker dial.) That part doesn't work for me.

Beyond that, though, we have what seems to be a very playable 6-click, 90 pt. Transporter piece. The Trait works nicely, allowing him the mobility both via Leap/Climb and the ability to move as a Free Action if he doesn't have a token, providing him some potential for a full-Speed move and attack option part of the time on those first two clicks. Mid-dial Outwit, too. The First Webs SP is a nice touch, too.

Had they not gone with the diorama approach and just put the figure(2) on a standard base, I'd definitely see this as a winner for a rookie Spider-man. As it is it's likely to end up more as a decorative element.

Posted by: miraclo on 7/20/2010 9:26:18 AM
Oh, does anyone know if WOSM plans to have the hobgoblin as part of the set list? That is one villain that is long over due to be re-worked! I am surprised that he has not been re-done by now?
Uggh.. I hope Puma is not a sign of thing to come (sculpt wise) in this set...
Looks like more B&B mediocrity..

Posted by: hope figs get better on 7/20/2010 1:40:45 AM
For Ste. My bad i just dont like it when people start to trash talk on the comics and characters, cause then that gets me started. As storyline wise, yaeh the civil war and secret invasion were cool no doubt. After those (I feel anyway) there arent any good ones. I was an active reader of the hulk but with this new red hulk stuff Im losing hope , it just seems like there are to many hulks but no bruce banner hulk. Same thing with the X-Men. I just think that DC has better ones like HUSH, basically all Green Lantern comics, The Blackest Night, The Sinestro Core War, KC, The Killing Joke, so on and so forth. Character wise, again opinion but some tukeys in Marvel are Spider-man, Mole-man, Sugar-man, Dr Strange., But thats why they call it a matter of opinion. As for the the guy ridiculing Marvel for disney i completly understand, You have to stand up for what you like. That guy should not start crying Disney just cause its on the poster. No offense taken.

Posted by: theo on 7/17/2010 11:08:10 PM
lol good one, yeah Howard the Duck is pretty aweful, i'll give you that.
As for naming characters worse than him in DC, well this is obviously only my humble opinion but... Super-man, Wonder-woman, Hawk-man, Hawk-girl, Plastic-man and captain boomarang to name just a few off the top of my head.
Dont get me wrong im not filled with nothing but hate for DC, i love Batman and his rogues gallery but for the most part the vast majority of thier characters just dont do it for me, and its not to say Marvel doesnt have its share of turkeys, i just find it easier to ignore thiers.
As for great story lines, well once again its subject to opinion but i personally loved Civil War, Secret Invasion, Dark Reign, the death of Captain America, the new thor stuff. not read siege yet as im waiting on the graphic novels but ive got high hopes.
As for Disney not belonging in Heroclix, i couldnt agree more, i'd hate Mickey Mouse even appearing in the Game, let alone actually KO'ing somebody like Bats or Spider-man. The orginal poster just chose to lable Marvel characters as such and thats what got me started.
Sorry for any offence i may have caused, but like most Marvel fans it got my back up that somebody would come on to a Marvel preview thread and start "crying Disney"

Posted by: Ste on 7/16/2010 8:01:11 PM
Gotta love Puma. He is going to be a great tie up piece and more useful because he has a couple generic key words. (Modoc's 11? please) Now if they only make Shriek and Carrion we can do the Carnige Crew from Maximum Carnige!

Posted by: inspired stranger on 7/16/2010 4:16:51 PM
This is for Theo. Name a DC character worse than Howard the Duck? If you mean is the sense of an obvious slapstick character in a "serious" (not intended for kids) title: AMBUSH BUG. Don't get me wrong, when I recently had to reduce my pull list due to being unemployed, most of what I kept were DC titles. Marvel's got too many inter-connected titles to collect on a reduced budget. Plus, too many of then have Wolverine and Deadpool (Marvel's most OVERUSED characters) whom I am sick of seeing.

Posted by: oracle on 7/16/2010 10:03:56 AM
This is for ste. It is not the fact that any disney characters will give any comic book character a hard time, its the principal that disney characters do not belong in heroclix games at all. Plus DC comics are way better than marvel comics. And dont if you dont believe me, name someone in the DC universe who is worse than Howard the Duck. Besides when was the last time marvel had a good stroyline that actually made sense.

Posted by: theo on 7/16/2010 3:22:40 AM
OOOOOOOOooooo and the DC fanatics get their blades/claws/fangs out!
I really dont see any of these characters giving Super man a hard time in a one on one situation so chill.
As for power creep, well its called planned obsolescence(I looked it up!) and its been happening in both Marvel & DC sets for some time now, not to mention in just about every other aspect of consumer based industry since the early 1900s
On the point of Super man, nobody should be able to stand a chance against him, thats the point and (for me anyway) what makes him so Dull!
Call Marvel Disney all you like, they will still have a better line up of characters than DC any day of the week.

On to the new preview_ looks pretty cool, being a common, i think we'll see a lot of him in sealed events.

Posted by: Ste on 7/15/2010 9:05:47 PM
is it me or are the marvel sets all about power creep? he's way too good for the points. Disney characters should not stand a chance against superman!

Posted by: werker on 7/15/2010 3:48:39 PM
heyy. somone with b/f/c and flurry on a click that doesnt suck!

Posted by: trever on 7/15/2010 2:51:50 PM
I'm excited about the U-Foes coming out, and the fact that they are going to have all four coming out in the same set is even cooler. I've always been a fan. I'm impressed with Vapor's dial, she can make a great tie up piece that can be hard to hit. I do have one question though, when she uses smoke cloud, she gets plus two to her defense automaticaly, does she still get the plus one for hindering? If so that would give her a defense of 19 or 20 through most of her dial, that with shape change and exploit weakness makes her pretty awesome in my book.

Posted by: geminimerc on 7/13/2010 10:48:02 AM
hhhmmm had a tough time figuring out Vapor, only real use for her i see is using her smoke cloud ability to move around and poisoning people... not really my style of play, but she'd be great on a bat man team, if you dont mind breaking your theme.

The good news for me at least is she's a super rare for i team i just dont care for, so i can just use her as trade bait!

Now all i can say is; SHOW ME MORE DARK AVENGERS!!!!

Posted by: Ste on 7/8/2010 8:38:11 PM
Really want a "hammer of..." set for Silver Surfer soon, so long as they're doing it this way. Unless they're saving Cosmic Spidey for that, I'm hopping it'll show up here. I'm glad Carnage is common, since the last one was about 30 bucks, I'd really appreciate an affordable deice. Already getting chills about how I'm going to buy Goblin though. Doppelganger looks pretty swell and I'm very hyped up for antivenom.

Posted by: bobby on 7/7/2010 1:24:54 PM
Vapor is a member of the U-Foes. U-Foes would be the evil version of the Fantastic Four. The got their powers the same way. On purpose. I believe the other members names are.....Vector, X-Ray & Ironclad. They are enemies of the Hulk mostly. If Vapor is in this series, don't be too surprised to see the other 3 members of U-Foes. Very cool.

Posted by: lordcassidyg on 7/7/2010 9:44:14 AM
well..., the UFoes will be great, just think they start the mess in the stadio when they attacked Volstagg in Siege 1. I just hope not all be rookies, at least the 2 of them who shoot energy´s blasts should be more experienced and dangerous...
I cant wait for the Dark Avengers..., i wish the Moonstone-Ms Marvel had some mind control..., i-m mean, she is a bitch..., she deserves it.

Posted by: oliver cui on 7/7/2010 5:14:32 AM
I'm very pleased to see the U-Foes set to arrive, especially in the same set. The CURSR spread for this is fine with me. The sculpt looks good, such as one can determine at this scale.

I'm fine with the slowness, as she's generally moving as part of a cloud of gas, but she's too easy to hit IMHO, being too dependent upon the Shape Change. They should have at least let her use Smoke Cloud as a free action so that she can get some use from it. With her speed she'll be pushing herself to reach a target as it is, and once she does she'll have to rely mainly upon the Shape Change to give her a chance to rest enough that she can even think about using Smoke Cloud to enhance her Defense. All in all, this reads as a rookie dial, not an experienced one.

Still, I'll be happy to see the team able to hit the map.

Posted by: Miraclo on 7/6/2010 4:56:56 PM
I want to see cosmic spider man as the chase.

Posted by: B&B on 7/5/2010 11:33:08 PM
this set looks good, second look at patriot and i am more impressed. am i the only one who would like to see an indy clix set again? i would like to see buffy, terminators, danger girls, judge dread and possibly some old chestnuts like robocop among others. alien/predator and dracula would also be great. how about a pack with buffy, angel and some vampire lackey's updated for the modern age? just a though

Posted by: inspired stranger on 7/4/2010 9:08:02 PM
I love this "hammer of ..." sets. Spiderman was a great choice, but they should do a DC set like that. Hammer of Superman, or Hammer of Green Lantern. Batman would work too (Hammer of Batman would obviously translate to Shadow of the Bat) but they just updated a ton of his characters in Arkham Asylum

Posted by: Licensedhero on 7/4/2010 5:57:52 AM
ok just one more, then i promise no more (till the next preview anyway) wouldn't it have been cool if the elie H.A.M.M.E.R agents minion ability worked with any character named Ares too, ala the Ares dark riegn mini series.
Sill im hoping one of the LE prize support pieces has this. the shades may have only lasted a couple of issues but dammit they were cool!

Posted by: Ste on 7/2/2010 8:12:36 PM
I'll make this quick as i've somewhat flooded this page with my posts alraedy...

Has anybody noticed the Red Hulk is indomnitable? thats one step in the right direction as far as making a decent playable version of the hilk is concerned in my opinion!

Posted by: Ste on 7/1/2010 9:35:00 PM
I'm still kinda hoping for a J. Jonah Jameson figure out of this set. He's created a good portion of Spideys villains over the years. He should have the same power as the human torch to create a smoke cloud in the squares he's moved through that turn to represent his cigar.

Posted by: Kensai657 on 7/1/2010 6:27:19 PM
@battlinbichon: They are NOT all digital sculpts. On page 1 of this article I list the known figures that were sculpted by James Van Schaik.

Posted by: The Le on 7/1/2010 1:18:42 PM
Does anyone know if they are all digital sculpts? They look really good so far.

Posted by: battlinbichon on 7/1/2010 12:40:14 PM
I'm enjoying the general look of the set so far. They're continuing to try to improve the AE mechanic, though it strikes me that it will always be something with its heart in the right place but which will never really do what it tried to. Still, with the options they've made Norman interesting enough to play, especially with the keywords linking him as nicely as they do.

I'm pleased to see the HAMMER Elite piece in the mix and will be interested to see if there are more than one level of operative waiting in the Commons.

Hopefully the next Marvel set will have a little more of a current tie-in feel -- it still very much feels as if they're just trying to catch up.

I probably have more of a problem with "Goblin Glider" not having ES/D folded in there than I do with any lack of a Sinister Syndicate TA.

Posted by: Miraclo on 7/1/2010 8:48:12 AM
Im stoked to get my hands on the Green Goblin and Iron Patriot. I would really like to see all of the Dark Avengers in clix form. Also, how about a Marvel Zombies Box Set like they did with Blackest Night. Or a Dark Avengers Box Set.

Posted by: Ken on 7/1/2010 3:34:46 AM
@ That Guy Who Ran
only 1 click of attack 10 is a slight let down but that is ok in my mind as it only drops to 8 by the end of his dial; just look back to the old days when characters dropped down to as low as av 5! at least he doesnt become useless halfway down his dial like they did back in the day.
If anything NECA need to start riegning in DV's(as they are with AV) over the next couple of sets as there are far too many characters pushing DV 20.
His movement i'd put down to his lack of the repulser tech that Stark kept from falling into his hands. besides the shield TA should make his slower speed negilble as they can just up each others range. 1 agent will help him equal SI ironman's effective range.
Agreed tho, i would have prefered his last click to have mastermind/outwit as he reverts back to Osborn, but he's great as is.
only issues with goblin is the lack of Sinister syndicate TA and yeah SS should maybe have come in after EE attackwise.
Combat reflexes & toughness are something i imagine Gobbo possessing so maybe its just the naming of the power thats an issue.
Yeah that H.A.M.M.E.R. agent is a beast and has some crazy powers going on to boot! B/C/F, force blast & posion WTF? think they may have gone a little over board on him... hopefully the rank and file agents will be a big step down from this. not that im complaining, i love H.A.M.M.E.R!!!

@ B&B_ agreed we need a complete set of Dark Avengers including an indomnitable Ares and Voided out Sentry with Dark Avengers key words...

ok i'll stop now, just getting a little over excited... oooh cant wait!

Posted by: Ste on 6/30/2010 11:29:05 PM
Hey! I called it. Osborn's AE could go both ways. That just sounds wrong.

Posted by: Lordcassidyg on 6/30/2010 11:26:56 PM
I would like to see the whole dark avengers hopefully they will be in this set.

Posted by: B&B on 6/30/2010 10:16:09 PM
Immediate thoughts... I don't necessarily think Patriot should be Imperv. I think the only Iron Man-armors that warrant Imperv. are the ones that are specifically modded for heavy combat, i.e. Hulkbuster. Invuln. works fine for standard models, even Extremis. No armor + Mastermind custom for the back end of Patriot? I recognize he's fighting under a "the cameras are on" mentality, so he would avoid dirty tricks, but I think the man's fundamental nature is sacrificing others to help himself, sane or otherwise. Also, only one 10 AV? I appreciate the scaleback BatB brought us after the 11+ AV bonanza of HoT, but 150 points deserves better. Goblin I like, but the Super Strength opening is a head-scratcher. I see him opening lobbing pumpkins, then picking up debris and laying about with it once he takes a shot. CR as an ability for "Goblin Glider" is also a curious choice. Goblin sculpt = Awesomesauce. Don't like where either of the AE dials start. No M&A? 66 point figs can have a click or two of Running Shot! It's ok! Like the Hammer guys, but with their Minion power active they're better shots than their leader? Doesn't make a ton of sense to me. Iron Patriot shouldn't have been as good as SI Iron Man at 188 even though it's similar tech just because Norman is not as experienced with the suit as Tony, but I think he got lowballed, especially on AV and movement. He could have had a 10 Running Shot and it would have been fine. He's been flying all his career, as Gobby or IP, so he knows how to move. DV and damage are fine. Not impressed. Really like Goblin. Very concerned for Nightcrawler. I won't be happy if he gets shorted, but as a "fan-chosen fig" by the Worlds winner, I think he'll get some love.

Posted by: That Guy Who Ran on 6/30/2010 8:57:35 PM
I have to say all the figures I have seen so far are just great, but I feel so excited to for getting the Carnage figure...That's the only one left on my spidey's enemies collection! (excepting the once that have not appear yet, like Chameleon, that by the way I expect to see on this one) This figure will look great within this group.

Posted by: JasonCR on 6/30/2010 6:59:26 PM
Is Iron Patriot common or rare? (Think i may be going colour blind!)
Only bad thing i have to say about this one is (and i've noticed the LE commented too) the super rare nature of the goblin. it wouldn't be so much of a problem if there waasnt a 1 in 3 chance of you needing this fig to actually use the norman osborn fig!
Other than this minor point, i think ive got a man crush on neca! Norman Osborn as an alter ego is very usable(well maybe only 2 outta 3 times)
Iron Patriot's dail looks awesome, as does the Goblins and the sculpts are great(but we already knew this)
H.A.M.M.E.R. agents just what i always wanted! and judging by the figs name, they are gonna get the same treatment as checkmate did in BatB!(just wish the Elite operatives were guys in suits alla X marks the spot but this is a very minor gripe)

Just one thing, Dark Avenger as a key word? does this mean we'll get a new Sentry and Ares or am i just getting greedy with my wish list?

All in all seeing these latest previews has totally made this geeks day!

Posted by: Ste on 6/30/2010 6:51:54 PM
Maybe its because I'm more a DC heroclix fan. But none of the 6 dial previews so far have gotten me very excited. The sculpts on the other hand look great, far better then the Brave & Bold sculpts. I am looking forward to seeing Deadpools & Red Hulk's dials and a few others who are rumored to be in the set. But if RH's dial is similar to all the other green/grey Hulks, then he will be a disappointment to me just like all the others.

Posted by: Nightwing-fan on 6/30/2010 5:01:45 PM
Wow, really looks good. I love the minion clix but I hope there are some changes in key word that and/or additions in this set that give more HAMMER pieces or theme teams are right out for this cat.

Posted by: inspired stranger on 6/30/2010 1:42:45 PM
this set is just not impressing me, idk what the big deal is with this set.

Posted by: theo on 6/30/2010 1:30:31 AM
I'm so pleased that the carnage figure is gonna be common, and the original appearance spidey is AWESOME

Posted by: SymbioteSilliness on 6/29/2010 3:30:44 PM
Being a life long Spiderman fan for 30 years now, the more I see of this set, the more geeked I become. Every sculp that I see so far has not dissapointed. The Red Hulk so far is my favorite.

Posted by: Spideyfan on 6/25/2010 12:32:43 PM
But even better than a carnage piece is a Carnage and Venom (and or Anti-Venom)Duo Piece!
Since they havent made an Anti-Venom piece yet that would be AWESOME!

Posted by: Seth on 6/25/2010 11:37:33 AM
Yeah man Carnage dial is a triumph, the sculpt_ ultimate fail... it looks like he's taking part in a half-assed mexican wave where his bum didnt leave the seat so he made his hands bigger to compensate!
Cardiac sculpt looks awesome tho; never read anything with this character in so am a little indifferent but am otherwise happy with a new face in my clix collection.

Reckon we'll see the maxed out spidey peeps want, given the thor that we got with HoT.

I remember reading somewhere (may have even been this article) that the OP kit would have LEs that were repaints to represent some characters at different points in thier career. and i'd be willing to put money on wolverine being one of these, the one above being your X-man affilliated one and the yellow one (Prob the LE) as an avengers one

Posted by: Ste on 6/24/2010 10:00:00 PM
Let's hear it for "Groot!" I was hoping for the rest of the "Guardians of the galaxy"
but we still need "Jack Flag," "Cosmo," etc. and the original bunch, including "Charley-27,"Martinex" and the rest! Oh yeah the 3 D manps are a good idea too!

Posted by: Rodman on 6/24/2010 5:26:29 PM
carnage looks like it came from an old 60's cartoon! i want a madcap!

Posted by: jack on 6/24/2010 4:33:01 PM
Carnage dial looks great! But the sculpt? Ugh! I mean really, who posses like that? If you angle Cardiac in such a way, and view him from the side, you'll have your head in the gutter like me. Carnage sculpt, FAIL!

Posted by: Ianator on 6/24/2010 3:44:15 AM
i do have to admitt that the carnage does look pretty awsome. A piece i want from this set would be a new 2099 spidey, along with another civil war spidey. But the real prizes are the red hulk and red she hulk

Posted by: theo on 6/23/2010 9:58:57 PM
I really do like that Carnage. Never been the biggest fan, but that dial is beast. By second clix, he's running Blades/Flurry/Charge/Plasticity/Steal Energy. The only thing that bothers me is the Symbiote Blade range attack. It's a very selective use attack. He only has 4 range and 8 speed, so why would you choose to make one attack from range at 4 then to charge 4 spaces and make 2 attacks with flurry/blades. Bare minimum for damage rolls, it's a 1 to 2 damage comparison on successful hits.

Really the only reasons I could see is to avoid Combat Reflexes, but with a solid 11 attack, why sweat it? You could also use a multi-target attack and go for straight 3 damage split between 2 opponents. That's about it.

All in all, it's still a great figure. With high attack values through most of the dial, you need not worry about pushing too much. Each successful close combat attack gives him an extra clix of life. That coupled with Flurry makes for a nice 2 clix regen every successful close combat attack.

Posted by: drdoom717 on 6/23/2010 9:00:41 PM

Posted by: BREAKALLDAY on 6/23/2010 8:23:54 PM
Cardiac was a small time villain back in the early 90s. Right before the first comic book company crisis occurred (speculators and multiple variant covers causing the comic book market to crash).

Posted by: ninthdoc on 6/23/2010 8:13:18 PM

Posted by: BREAKALLDAY on 6/23/2010 7:51:48 PM
I really want to see a classic yellow avengers wolverine , for some reason ol' wizkidz forgot about him in secret invasion I mean he only was with the new avengers during the thing. instead they made an x-factor wolverine ?! kinda disappointed by that decision I just hope he at least has the avengers key word .

Posted by: brownleg on 6/22/2010 7:32:12 PM
the red hulk, deadpool, and iron patriot are the only ones im inpressed with so far. im more of a dc fan myself. i really hope the make a new team ability called the dark avengers. once they add more of the dark avengers and the cabal and of course red she hulk and the new avengers i might get more excited but then again i hate spiderman.

Posted by: theo on 6/21/2010 8:50:03 PM
I want to see a new Blob fig(seriously im getting tired of the old REV ones)
it should totally have a star trait where he cant take knock back!

Posted by: Sage on 6/21/2010 10:07:15 AM
One more thing on the Dark Avengers, i soooo hope they dont make any of them chase! that would kill me! hope they learnt from the mistake of making all the black lanterns chases in the last set and the backlassh it caused.
Well i'd be ok if the chases happened to be say a voided out sentry or Iron goblin (crazy patriot without helmet and green face paint) solong as they both had some crazy mental abilities.
Or, it being web of Spiderman and all, why not have the chasees as Mary Jane & Aunt May, they would be terrible in game, like the close combat thugs of old but i know i'd pay a fortune to get my hands on them! never been a fan of pogs but use them just coz i love themed teams

Posted by: ste on 6/20/2010 1:50:19 AM
I really hope the other wolverine rumoured in the set is his son(and not just a repaint), im really wanting a complete team of Dark Avengers!!!
Im also really currious about Deadpool, hope he's got auto regen as a special power for virtually his whole dial, and that he's better than the old vet version, lets face it that was a pretty cool clix.
yeah agreed we do need a modern age Cyclops too.
This may not prove popular but i'd really like a revamp of ares too, the avengers one was pretty cool but just cost way to many points for a non cosmic or at least indomnitable clix, and lets face it, if it doesnt happen in this set then it probably never will after the events of siege...
one last one that might not prove popular_ AE Tony Stark as a common, Mk2 armour as uncommon, extremis as rare, Silver Centurion as super rare and a hulk buster or his stealth armour from armour wars as a chase and have tony able to change into any one of these!
now i know people arnt thrilled with the Alter ego mechanic but i really like the characterful element it adds, still they could do with having the option to change earlier on their dial, i find it far to easy and temping to kill the civilian counterparts the second that option to change apears on the dial

Posted by: Ste on 6/19/2010 1:11:22 AM
I'd like to see a new feat card called (fallen)when A figure with leadership is ko'd place a marker on that square.When any figures for that same teem attack from that square give them a +2 to their attack dial.Prereqs for this card is leadership.

Posted by: alan on 6/14/2010 10:03:23 AM
I agree with the idea for a new Cyclops. It amazes me that even though he has led the X-Men more than anyone else at least in the field but his clicks have never had leadership. Not that we have "White" powers it would be easy to give him that.

Posted by: Aaron on 6/12/2010 5:23:42 PM
ive played heroclix since the beginning, i love it. new pieces to think about pls bring out onslaught or to be a right a** a b.f.c that negates all standard and names powers + white powers on the board, i think that this would make it fun.

Posted by: rob on 6/11/2010 9:15:08 PM
I'd like to see a new feat card for steal energy called (drained)It would be like nova blast.Give the figure your attacking the full amount of damage on your dial.Beware of Pluto,Apocalypse,Wolverine,and aa0228 Arkillo.

Posted by: Brian Grisham on 6/9/2010 5:25:14 PM
I'd like to see figures that are hard to kill.They don't have to be heavy hitters but thorns in the side.Nightcrawler would be a good figure.

Posted by: brian on 6/7/2010 10:14:23 AM
wow, hope thats not the final for the Nightcrawler. It looks a little rough and sloppy in that image.

Posted by: tonyskingdom on 6/6/2010 5:28:03 PM
Wow. Cant wait for this set. We do need a new Elf and lots of the others too. Wolverine in particular is no longer playable in modern age but will be now. Its all good. Now if we can get some of the Sinister syndicate remade that would be great.

Posted by: inspired stranger on 6/5/2010 12:05:04 PM
NEW NIGHTCRAWLER!!!! CANT WAIT!! now we need a new cyclops

Posted by: Casey70 on 6/4/2010 8:46:30 PM
Known figures currently include:
(numbers not all confirmed)

2. Norman Osborn (AE)
16. Wolverine (black suit)
27. Black Cat
29. Doppleganger
30. Green Goblin (AE)
37. Nightcrawler
41. Deadpool
44. Anti-Venom
46. Doctor Octopus
47. Venom
48. Wolverine (yellow costume) (AE?)
50. Groot
56. Iron-Patriot (AE)
57. Iron Man & War Machine (duo)
59. Red Hulk

Posted by: Algan on 6/1/2010 12:44:25 PM
I'd liketo see a new power with this new red hulk.Give red hulk a +2 if he throws an object,lites are now 3 damage and heavys are now 4 damage.

Posted by: Alan on 5/28/2010 1:25:23 PM
We definatly need 3D maps whith 3D cars, hydrants etc.

Posted by: Lord Logan on 5/28/2010 9:22:56 AM
love the idea of the 3d maps. better yet what about sets that let you build your own 3d maps? They could include snap together buildings and sections that you could use to build smaller or bigger maps as needed. What does anyone else think?

Posted by: Aaron on 5/26/2010 12:31:27 AM
After the disappointment with the last set I hope web is good. It looks good so far but the spoilers are often the best part of the set.

Posted by: Rich on 5/24/2010 5:15:53 PM
praying to god they make a new Mysterio. Also thing a new sandman would be legit!!

Posted by: jamison on 5/24/2010 12:55:15 PM
Lets make heroclix maps 3d.I'd like to see tunnels put in heroclix maps.It would help put the hurt on those clixs with 10 range.

Posted by: alan on 5/23/2010 1:21:52 PM
I'd love to see a feat card called locked in mortal combat.It should cost about 25pts.Prewrecks are you must have super strenth and cost 100pts.(when two figures are side by side the player with the feat rolls a 5 or 6 and neither figure can roll breakaway or hypersonic away til one figure is ko'd.(hulk vs superman,oh yea)

Posted by: brian Grisham on 5/23/2010 1:13:14 PM
I'd love to see a feat card called locked in mortal combat.It should cost about 25pts.(when two figures are locked in mortal combat the attacker rolls a 5 or 6 and neither can roll break away or hypersonic away til one is ko'd.)Hulk vs superman ! oh yea.

Posted by: Brian Grisham on 5/23/2010 12:39:08 PM
The Doppelganger's a fun, interesting choice. I'm among those inclined to think that the Wolverine sculpt may see more than one paint scheme as the underlying costume remains the same, but the color scheme is indicative of different stages in his career. The days of Wolverine overload in Heroclix is, honestly, years behind us now, especially with a Modern Age scheme in place. We could use a couple new versions.

I'm definitely looking forward to the set, but I'm not going to sweat the details nor asking for specific characters as the list is long since set. I hope very little space is wasted on Duos (it doesn't matter how effective they make some of them in terms of points vs playability, for me they're almost all conceptual failures) and that they've put more thought into any Alter Egos in this set than they did with the first wave in BatB.

Posted by: Miraclo on 5/22/2010 11:35:52 AM
As excited as I am about the set, I'll be disappointed if we don't get Cable and Deadpool duo.

Posted by: robeywan on 5/22/2010 9:21:34 AM
Can they PLEASE include a Siryn figure? I'v crossed most of my "most wanted" off my list over the years but still no Theresa Cassidy? What's up with that?!

Posted by: Mo on 5/22/2010 1:56:28 AM
Awesome, Im also looking forward to the next alter ego character to be leaked. Maybe a peter Parker with alternate versions of Spiderman like the Symbiote, Man-Spider, or even Cosmic Spidey.

Posted by: Cubano109 on 5/21/2010 4:34:11 PM
Is there a pic of just Deadpool? Just asking

Posted by: tylerdrake on 5/21/2010 4:09:34 PM
Yowzers!! Those look Damn cool. I guess I am a Marvel Zombie...

Posted by: tylerdrake on 5/21/2010 4:04:03 PM
Let's see the WHOLE Brick fig.

Posted by: Lord Logan on 5/20/2010 9:10:38 AM
How about this for your new Hulk.....
Dr. Banner 25 points AE: The Incredible Hulk 200 points
Now that would be something.

Posted by: Lordcassidyg on 5/11/2010 8:35:48 AM
OK yeah but another clix they just need to do is V you know From V for Vendeda i would love that

Posted by: Clix lover on 5/9/2010 10:45:56 PM
Here is a list long over due clixs..Captain America(Bucky),Goliath,Yelowjacket(sm),Beast(avengers),Charlie-27,Martinex,Nikki,Dr.Voodoo or Brother Voodoo,Scarlet Witch(real 1 this time..TY),Miss. America,Whizzer(Invaders)(Marauders)Scalphunter,Blockbuster,Scrambler,Prism,Riptide. Talsman(Alpha Flight),Franklin&Val Richards(FF). Rage(NW) This is just a sm list hope to send u more 4 Marvel..TY

Posted by: Dl Dukes on 5/8/2010 3:44:55 PM
all I gotta say is.....DEADPOOL!!!

Posted by: Chris on 5/8/2010 2:45:07 AM
i totally agree

Posted by: john on 5/7/2010 1:37:42 PM
When are we going to see a Hulk that's incredible?There hasn't been a hulk made so far that's very good. He needs to be fighting mad from his first click.He should be 11 clicks deep.His last click should have stealth,outwit,and regen.He should be a peice that when you see him, you worry.So don't make him mad,just make him!

Posted by: Brian Grisham on 5/6/2010 1:09:19 PM
I need to change my shorts. Red Hulk....finally! Osborne has to be one of those AE types. But which AE? Iron Patriot or Green Goblin......or BOTH? Nice. Looking forward to this expansion.
Oh yeah. This website rocks. Keep up the great work. All hail The Le!
Keep the BYSTANDER Tokens coming man.

Posted by: lordcassidyg on 5/4/2010 9:48:16 AM
finally another deadpool heroclix that looks awesome and probably won`t be superhard to get, can i getta woop woop

Posted by: chris mercer on 4/30/2010 3:14:39 PM
...oh yes, Rulk is the one i need!!!!!!!

Posted by: omoud on 4/30/2010 6:58:05 AM
They are going to want this to be either really rare or really common for marketing purposes. I assume people will kill for this fig.

Posted by: Dreadnaught on 4/25/2010 8:13:34 PM
To bad it will be a chase figure and cost you 90 bucks if you don't pull it.

Posted by: glasshalfempty on 4/13/2010 2:33:03 PM
Wow this is cool! I'm just sad I saw it already because now I will have this in my head untill August!

Posted by: Kyle on 4/7/2010 3:51:18 PM
This piece looks cool! @Victor Von Doom, the Thor/Loki clix got some pretty cool powers but the actual sculpt itself looked horrendous. (thats my opinion)

Posted by: geminimerc on 4/1/2010 1:00:23 AM
Never been a fan of Duo's but the Thor/Loki and Gertrude/Old Lace have started to change my mind if this piece is even marginally playable I will force it into ever team because it looks SO awesome

Posted by: Victor Von Doom on 3/28/2010 8:27:28 AM
Wow Just wow!! Cant wait till August!

Posted by: Slade Wilson on 3/26/2010 11:47:34 AM
beautiful! at least in this digital rendering it is... it's almost a shame that i'm not crazy about duos...

Posted by: MikeInMKE on 3/25/2010 12:54:11 PM
Well, looks like my tax refunds will go straight into pre-paying for WATCHMEN and WEB OF SPIDER-MAN.

I *think* that's a good thing. Spending is good for the economy, right?

Posted by: glen_smith on 3/25/2010 7:20:26 AM
Awesome, just like i pictured it in my head. Augest is pretty far off but i know what im getting for my birthday

Posted by: Ken on 3/25/2010 2:05:54 AM
That's what I'm talking about! Looks like digital sculpting to me... let's hope so.

Posted by: Ianator on 3/24/2010 10:03:31 PM
Wow, Now that is awsome. Cant wish the summer away but wow i really like what i see. Sure hope they go back to the style of base that they are displaying on. Not a big fan of ones from Hot and B&B.

Posted by: battlinbichon on 3/24/2010 5:10:00 PM
awesome thier is no other words to describe it, just awesome

Posted by: dallika5 on 3/24/2010 4:33:07 PM
All I can say is "WOW!". Seriously, that's a fine looking scuplt, even if they do both have jetboots that emit Stark Industries brand shaving cream. Seriously, all kidding aside, I give this preview a resounding two paws up! Now, let us see the dial, then, hmm? :)

Posted by: Spacedog2k5 on 3/24/2010 3:34:49 PM