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Slade Files: Spider-Man
(Back in Black)
Eric "Slade Wilson" Schaen (09/09/2010)
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HeroClix Web of Spider-Man BlackFeats Selection:

If you are playing in a golden age format, here are some feats suggestions.Like the red and blue version of Spidey in this set, I can’t help but want to slap the Lunge feat on him for 5 points. This will help compensate for his lack of move and attack powers. Since he can’t really do damage with a ranged attack, consider the Stunning Blowfeat. 10 points allows him to do damage when he uses Web cocoon power with a range of 6. The Vendetta feat would not only be storyline accurate, but it would help his attacks hit by granting him a +1 when attacking his chosen target. Since he can always use Leap/Climb thanks to his trait, the Nanobots feat might be a good way to keep him in the fight a bit longer. Allowing him to use an object to heal 2 clix of health as needed.


Playing Spider-Man

On the battlefield, BIB Spidey has the potential to be amazing. He can move about freely with Leap/Climb and avoid ranged attack by being all stealthy and stuff. He will be most effective as a tie up piece that can dish out serious damage. So I say get him adjacent to an enemy who has one or 2 action tokens and attack. Don’t be afraid to push him on to his second clix where he gains an 18 defense and the Flurry power.

Another approach is to get him close enough to target an opposing character with his Web Cocoon power, while keeping him out of harms way thanks to stealth again. His lack of move and attack is holding him back some, but there are ways around that. Try some TK or have a flyer taxi him into position.

Combating Spider-Man

Unfortunately Spidey’s lack of move and attack powers can make him susceptible to characters that use powers like Charge and Hypersonic Speed. This gives opposing characters a good shot at getting the first hit on Spidey, but hey, that’s what the Super Senses are for, right?

He also does not have any damage reducing powers, so if you can get a character in close and manage to hit for good damage he will become a lot easier to deal with. Just remember you won’t be able to tie him up or counter his powers as long as he is using cover thanks to his trait.

HeroClix Spider-Man Back in BlackTeam
If you’reusing Spidey as a secondary attacker, make sure your primary attacker has some first strike mobility. You can also try using a character with Telekinesis or flight to get Spidey into attack position.

Final assessment

BIB Spidey’s dial is a very fitting representation of the storyline. He has 7 clix of life and is capable of dealing solid damage through most of his dial. You just have to use him carefully. At 95 points he is a bit pricey, but not so pricey that he can’t be an effective edition to your team. Just make sure you build a team with a primary attacker and the right support to round out your team.

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Your Comments:
I would say the normal breakaway rules apply but it might be worth checking the offical errata on it. logically i couldnt imagine someone with the ability to phase through solid obects having much trouble getting away (phase/teleport) and someone with HHS i could imagine moving too quickly to be able to fully cocoon, leap/climb and plasticity however present a different problem

Posted by: Ste on 10/14/2010 8:44:56 PM
i took it that a character who wants to move from this square has to roll for breakaway even if they have hypersonic leapclimb of phasing since it says it must break away for movement purposes

Posted by: deathstroke77 on 9/18/2010 3:09:00 PM
Defo prefer him to the red spidey. stealth & leap/climb are an awesome combo & Web cocoon + stunning blow is just adding insult to injury! a mean piece and will defo see a lot of play as an AE with me.

Gotta love that Peter Parker AE though! took him in a sealed tournement today and he perplexed his damage and KO'd Mary Jane in a single hit, and there was me thinking Hank Pym was the only wife beater in the Marvel universe. same game he then pushed himself to death KO'ing Wolverine, who had took quite a servere beating from Bullseye.
In closing Peter Parker is the 2nd best AE in the game to date after Osborn

Posted by: Ste on 9/12/2010 7:46:24 PM
What i like to do with pieces like this( that are good on thier first click but get even BETTER on thier secod click) is wait until some one on the opposing squad is double marked or single if i know the owner wont push with him, then jump on them and push the next turn to hit them so your really not losing anything by hurting yourself.

Posted by: CaptainAwesome on 9/9/2010 5:36:23 PM
Actually this is meant to be a stand alone review on this figure only. Thanks for keeping me on my toes though, or attempting to. ;)

Posted by: Slade Wilson on 9/9/2010 1:25:20 PM
You completely forgot to mention the AE ability. This is probably where BiB Spidey will see mose play coming in with 4 clixs of life, stealth/leap climb, supersenses and close combat expert. He also gets web cocoon later on his dial.

He may not be worth the 95 points, but he sure is worth the AE.

Posted by: Blue Atoll on 9/9/2010 12:49:15 PM
I am rather impressed with both Spiderman's, however, not so impressed with the AE from Parker to the Spidermen...I find much of the set just plain lacking and most sculps a bit fruity

Posted by: seven-feathers on 9/9/2010 12:47:34 PM