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Slade Files: Carnage
Eric "Slade Wilson" Schaen (09/28/2010)
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Carnage HeroClixPlaying Carnage

Carnage works best as a close combat attacker. He has good mobility and can damage even invulnerable foes. I would probably hold off on using the Symbiote Blade power while he has a 4 damage showing. After a push to his second clix though, oh yeah its go time! Pushing him is a good option as he will gain the MASSACRES ARE MY SPECIALTY special power, and use the ability to heal with steal energy and flurry.

When Leap Climb shows up on his dial, you gain the option to pull him out of the fray.


Combating Carnage

Combating carnage doesn’t seem to hard a task. Ranged attacks are your best bet. Try to keep him from basing any of your important characters. One tactic would be to use an expendable character strictly to tie up Carnage and keep his ugly red mitts off your better pieces. His 4 range should be easy enough to stay away from. Since Toughness is on all 8 of his clix, if you do go head to head with him make sure you hit him hard, he won’t be able to evade the attack if you hit.



HeroClix NanobotsIf you are playing in the golden age format, you may want to pick some feats for this psycho symbiote. For Carnage I recommend feats that will help him deal with his weakness, and by weakness I mean his unimpressive defense values. The 8 point Protected feat is an obvious and over used choice, but with Carnage’s lackluster defense values it is almost a must. Alias is another way to potentially keep Carnage from taking damage. At 3 points it’s cheap and comic accurate, since he can change his form and all. For 10 points, Nanobots is another good feat to pick, as he gains leap climb at the same time his damage values drop to 2’s. Carnage can leap away and absorb an object to heal for 2 clix.


Team Building

With only the Monster keyword avaliable, theme building is somewhat limited. It can be done for sure but I think Carnage will work best on non-theme teams. Just make sure the right support is there in the form of Telekinesis and Probability Control. Carnage takes up slightly more than half your team in a standard game. Pairing Carnage up with a ranged attacker is also not a bad idea. The Web of Spider-man set also includes some generic symbiotes, and Carnage’s spawn Toxin. You could theme team with those pieces, that’s going to be a fun team to run, if not competitive.


Final Assessment

Carnage is a bit pricey for what you get. That’s not a reason to avoid him; it just means use him wisely. In a 400 point or more game he will be a lot easier to work with. I would probably stay away from him in a 300 point game or a sealed event, unless I pulled 3 additional symbiotes at the same time, hey it could happen.

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Your Comments:
Uh, he's 153, Trizzo. Can't you read?

And, what if someone's a fan? They should "stay the hell away from it", too? Make sure you CAREFULLY read the WHOLE article before you post next time.

What a maroon...

Posted by: Owlman166 on 1/8/2011 8:47:08 AM
And if he was 153 you should stay the hell away from it.

Posted by: Trizzo on 12/24/2010 4:02:17 AM
ummm duh. he's 53 points not 153

Posted by: Trizzo on 12/24/2010 4:01:03 AM
ICWO (20) + Protected (8) = 28 points + 153 = 181 points.

Posted by: Owlman166 on 12/21/2010 9:45:30 AM
@ Owlman166, only trouble with putting all them feats on him is that your spending a lot of points making an ok character good, but not great, not sure how may points in contact with oracal is but all those points near enough add up to an extra Symbiot,which is probably better build managment, hell gevin my example below the same symbiot team with venom instead would contain 2 extra symbiots for the same build total, i know which side i'd rather be on.

Posted by: Ste on 10/14/2010 8:52:58 PM
Personally, I think he's about 15-20 points over priced, but he has a great mix of abilities. As always, Protected, Nanobots, In contact w/Oracle, and Fortitude make him (and any other character, for that matter) a whole lot more dangerous. I would also recommend Lucky Break; that can really come in handy sometimes. If I was playing him, I would give Protected, In Contact, and probably Fortitude on him, making him a nightmare to deal with up close. (I always play in Golden Age format, by the way.) I also think they should have given him at least some shape change or super senses, like Wombatboy said. I would rate him a solid 3.5 out of five without feats, and 4 out of five with feats. Just don't let him get sniped!

Posted by: Owlman166 on 10/5/2010 10:46:40 AM
he's ok just over pointed, so unless your using him along side Symbiots he's not much cop, even in a Symbiot team venom is the better option as you can field an extra one with the points you save. still im thankfull everyone can now get him without forking out for an old out of print super rare on the secondary market

Posted by: Ste on 9/30/2010 7:01:28 PM
I used him once - never again. He's too expensive and with mediocre defense values he is a sitting duck against both long distance snipers and super strength characters wielding heavy objects. While Spider-Man and Venom can avoid some of those attacks with Super Senses or Shape Change, Carnage has to take what he's given with only toughness to dull the pain.

Posted by: Wombatboy on 9/28/2010 9:09:02 PM
As a player this past weekend used at our tourney. Carnage is fantastic with the feat card Extended Range on him. If you roll a 6 for the range "Blades" your damage is 6 at a range of 7 on his starting clix. Very nasty

Posted by: Nightwing-fan on 9/28/2010 5:24:34 PM
I like him and have tried to get him to work with a 300 pt. team. BUT HE IS JUST SO MUCH. For so little. I like the lock in damage it was my last resort in the games were he survived long enough to use it. BUT I WAS LUCKY WITH MY rolls.(4 & 5) OVER priced. I'll take VENOM over him any day!!! I love THE SYMBIOTE'S THEY ROCK!!!

Posted by: Hof on 9/28/2010 11:21:38 AM
I did a 400 pt team with

Eddie Brock
and 3 symbiotes.

It was very fun.

Posted by: Lord Logan on 9/28/2010 10:08:38 AM
It should also be mentioned that A Perfect 300 theme team is Carnage and X3 Symbiotes

Posted by: Troma99 on 9/28/2010 9:34:07 AM