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Star Trek HeroClix Tactics II
The Le (10/06/2012)
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The first look at Star Trek Tactics is here, with the RIS VO!

Agile Scout: Whiel R.I.S. Vo makes a ranged combat attack, after actions resolve, it may immediately be given a move action as a free action.

Team Abilility: Romulan Star Empire: Before the beginning of the first turn, choose a keyword possessed by an opposing ship for friendly ships with this team ability; damage dealt by ships using this team ability to ships with the chosen keyword cannot be rduced to less than 1. Uncopyable.

And let's not forget about that starting click with Stealth, Penetrating/Psychic Blast, and Super Senses!

HeroClix Star Trek Tactics II

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Your Comments:
Well didnt think it through lol. Just thought that his ship would have more of an advantage over other borg ships since picards thoughts and tactics would have been added to the ship. Of course eventually all ships would have it since borg have a hive like mind. Just thought it would be cool to have picard captain a borg cube. Or instead a locutus character card that would add stats to a borg cube.

It would be cool for fans to see some sort of character cards not just for play, but also for events or co-op versus powerful ships.

Posted by: Pandab0mb on 6/21/2013 8:23:34 PM
Padab0mb, would Locutus' ship be exactly the same as every other Borg ship? That would be the Borg way, wouldn't it?

Posted by: The Le on 6/21/2013 2:15:26 PM
I have just been assimilated to this set =P. Sorry could not resist (it was futile) had to say it. i'm getting this game just cus of the borg. Will locutus ship be in this? That would be awesome

Posted by: Pandab0mb on 6/21/2013 1:05:53 PM
If Wk would change the rule that all non-Marvel/DC sets were golden age and retire them at 2 years old like the Marvel / DC sets, I'd be more excited about these other releases.

Posted by: superfriend on 6/21/2013 12:11:13 PM
I still want to see a Ferengi ship. I'm curious about their dials. The set comes out in a couple days and still no Ferengi previews :(

I really like the look of the set. I think they skimped out a little on the Team Abilities. I would have liked to see theme teams in keywords and actual Team Abilities based on races. I was excited about the Vulcans only to find out that they have the Federation Team Ability (even though the Ti'Mur was around long before the Federation existed). Would have been cool to see Breen, Cardassians, Ferengi, and so on all have their own team abilities to make them feel more unique, but it still is going to be a good set.

Posted by: Ender on 1/22/2013 4:43:12 PM
Wow, even the scientist starships are "over powered". ;-)

JK, The Talvath got a good set of abilities that work well together. Plus the Romulan TA allows it to do damage regardless of the target's damage reduction powers.

Posted by: phep on 1/15/2013 8:14:51 PM
@ Jem Har,

I see what you're getting at now. Yeah without the keywords the wildcards would be relegated to only their specific keywords and TA if they have multiples.

Posted by: phep on 1/11/2013 6:47:46 PM
@phep accidentally posting as Jem Har: Not disagreeing with you. I was commenting on the team ability aspect of the effect, not the keyword aspect. Wild card characters with the Soldier keyword will like this team ability. I was more saying it won't be as great as a general rule for all wild cards.

Posted by: Jem Har on 1/10/2013 11:36:59 PM
@ The Iron Thug,

think of super strength = tractor beam ;-)

Posted by: phep on 1/10/2013 6:51:39 PM
@PassingBy: Again, and I reiterate "Super Strength for a starship?".

Posted by: The Iron Thug on 1/10/2013 6:17:02 AM
The last post was actually from me to Jem Har. :-)

Posted by: phep on 1/9/2013 11:11:33 PM
@ Jem Har,

According to the rule arbitrators Ships and characters are interchangable in a Heroclix game. So a wild card figure/ship can copy the Dominion TA and as long as they share a keyword with the the Dominion ship with the Dominion TA they would be able to activate the effect of the TA normally. At the top of my head figures like SoG Deathstroke, SI Punisher, and DC10 Nightwing would be able to take advantage of this team ability if they are used in conjuction with the 5TH Wing Patrol Ship 6.

Posted by: Jem Har on 1/9/2013 11:10:45 PM
@phep: It can be copied, but for the team ability aspect a KOd Dominion ship will only activate other Dominion ships and a KOd wild card would only activate that "brand" of wild card.

Posted by: Jem Har on 1/9/2013 2:53:43 PM
That Dominion team ability it pretty good and looks like it can be copied.

Posted by: phep on 1/8/2013 8:51:10 PM
@The Iron Thug: Which would probably have been the death of Star Trek as a clix game. I think WizKids learned a lesson with HorrorClix and HaloClix and stopped trying to create new clix games. Since they've been using Heroclix rules/effects in other games, those games have been relatively successful for WizKids. Part of the reason there is a Star Trek Tactics II in the first place.

Posted by: PassingBy on 1/8/2013 4:25:23 PM
@The Le: That's actually Energy Shield/Deflection, not Enhancement.

Posted by: PassingBy on 1/8/2013 4:22:44 PM
WizKids got lazy. Super Strength for a starship? They could have changed the game dynamic entirely for Star Trek and come up with totally new gameplay instead of just adapting heroclix rules and powers.

Posted by: The Iron Thug on 1/8/2013 11:35:37 AM
In Regards to page 4. The Robinson ship. There was a captured Jem'Hadar ship that Captain Sisko and crew would use in the DS9 episodes "The Ship" "A Time to Stand" and "Rocks and Shoals." It was used to enter Cardassian space to destroy a ketracel-white installation and then later crashed landed on a planet and was destroyed.
Not sure it ever got a name in the show, but maybe Heroclix decided to name it after Andrew Robinson who played Garak.

Posted by: Ryan on 12/31/2012 9:10:32 AM
I wonder if they meant this ship to be spelled Koranak.

"The Koranak was a Cardassian Keldon-class cruiser that was in service with the Obsidian Order in the late 24th century.

This ship was illegally obtained by the Order and was modified with an increased top speed and the addition of a cloaking device from the Romulans. This ship would fight in the joint Tal Shiar/Obsidian Order attack on the Founders' homeworld in 2371. The attack failed, and the Koranak was later lost in the ensuing battle. (DS9: "Defiant", "The Die is Cast")"

Posted by: Ryan on 12/18/2012 11:38:25 AM
That is a pretty strong dial power wise but the attack values are a little low. I am learning so much about these Vessels. Those outwit clicks are going to come in real handy

Posted by: Top10 on 12/17/2012 11:36:26 AM
Ooo imagine a Deep Space 9 colossal or 2x2 base to fight the dominion with. Didn't pick any of the first set up but might try to grab a few now.

Posted by: Mike K on 10/7/2012 2:09:53 AM