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Blackest Zombie Night
Eric Schaen (04/04/2013)
Goto Comments

HeroClix Blackest Zombie NightA team of super-powered villains are on their way... but are they really villains? No, they're former supers turned into zombies! Can your Heroes stop them before they infect the world?!?

•2 Players
•300, 400, 500, or 600 points
Max of 4 actions per turn if playing at 500 or 600 points

Blacked Zombie Night HeroClix CardCARDS
•NO BFCs allowed.
•NO ATA allowed
Feats are only allowed on your initial force. If a figure with an assigned feat is KO'ed, and returns as a zombie, that Feat returns with it (assuming it wasn't removed from the game).

At the beginning of the game, after both players reveal their forces, each player rolls a single d6: the lowest roll becomes ZOMBIE Team. The higher roll becomes the HERO team. Re-roll any ties.

Characters on this team are considered "Zombies"

•Zombies modify their speed values by -2.
Zombies lose their normal Team Ability completely.
Zombies gain the Blackest Zombie Night card (this is not a Feat).

When an Hero is KO'ed by a Zombie, remove all action tokens off of the Hero, then heal the Hero to it's starting line and give it 2 clicks of unavoidable damage; it is now considered a Zombie on the Zombie Team; it cannot be a given any actions until the next turn.

Blacked Zombie Night HeroClix CardHERO TEAM RULES
Characters on this team are considered "Heroes"

•Heroes lose their normal Team Ability completely.
Heroes gain the Heroes United card (this is not a Feat).

When an Hero is KO'ed by a Zombie, remove a single action token from all other Heroes.

Play the scenario with no time limit. Victory is scored when one players team is completely eliminated. 

The following optional rules are available to help balance the game, if you feel one side is more powerful than the other.

•No Pain: Zombies can use the Masters of Evil Team Abilty.

Heroes make Critical hits when they roll and unmodied "11" or "12".

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zambies be op

Posted by: vggsndvu on 7/24/2015 10:31:09 AM
Thanks for this one. Cant wait to try it out.

Posted by: Pandab0mb on 4/4/2013 2:47:39 PM
Looks intriguing... May have to give this a shot.

Posted by: MEsch on 4/4/2013 11:36:25 AM
Thank you.

Posted by: A1 on 4/4/2013 8:30:18 AM