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HeroClix Vehicles Rules
The Le (08/13/2012)
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HeroClix Bat JetWrecked Vehicles

When a Vehicle is knocked out, it is Wrecked.  A Wrecked Vehicle is defeated but its figure remains on the battlefield; all of its powers, abilities, and values are ignored and it is considered an Ultra Heavy Object until the end of the game.  (As you can imagine, a destroyed Vehicle doesn’t just disappear.  So it becomes an object that can only be lifted by figures with Super Strength and are over 100 points, and modifies damage by +3.)  If a Vehicle has a Pilot when it is wrecked, the Pilot immediately ejects into a square of its controller’s choosing and is dealt 1 unavoidable damage.  (Getting thrown out of a blowing up Vehicle probably smarts after all.)

So what about the bit where a Vehicle ignores characters for movement?  What kind of extra benefit is there for this on a Vehicle?


Some vehicles have the Ram combat ability:

Give this character a move action; it may only move along a straight horizontal or vertical path and it can’t change its orientation.  (Easy enough: go straight in the direction the vehicle is pointing and it can’t turn.)  After actions resolve, make a close combat action as a free action that targets all opposing characters that were moved through.  (Some people can dodge an oncoming Vehicle, some can’t.)  Each hit character is dealt this character’s damage value and deal this character 1 unavoidable damage for each 100 points of characters dealt damage during the movement.  (For example: the vehicle we will look at starts with a printed 3 damage.  So each hit character is dealt 3 damage.  And this Vehicle takes 1 unavoidable damage for each 100 points of characters hit.  Hitting a lot of characters or a really big one is bound to dent a fender.

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Your Comments:
how many squares do they take up?

Posted by: nick on 9/27/2012 11:12:55 AM
I wonder if those star trek space ships can ride these vehicles? Cause that would be so stupid its funny.

Posted by: BZ on 8/30/2012 12:14:27 AM
The new vehicle rules are way more complicated than they needed to be IMO. They could have just followed transporter rules.

Posted by: JB on 8/14/2012 10:42:04 AM
So, what happens if you ram another vehicle?

Posted by: tikiphantom on 8/13/2012 3:27:13 PM
So can you heal vehicles?

Posted by: Zack on 8/13/2012 2:31:48 PM