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War of Light HeroClix Spoilers
The Le (12/23/2013)
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04-17-2014: The following images were found at

HeroClix Sinestro Corps Ring Relic

04-17-2014: The following images were found at


It's Parallax! Below are two version -- Hal Jordan as Parallax and Kyle Rayner as Parallax!

War of Light HeroClix Parallax

From Wikipedia: The War of Light takes place in the Green Lantern Sector of DC Comics. From wikipedia: "An ancient prophecy from The Book of Oa where the seven colors of The Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum would be harnessed and used by the seven Lantern Corps, heralding The Blackest Night. "

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Your Comments:
WOL last Sat. I pulled an all orange - orange construct, orange controller, orange hal jordan, WL Kyle, orange Syad and the ring. I love it that WK does stuff like this.

Posted by: superfriend on 7/14/2014 6:15:43 AM
Finally going to get to play in a WOL event this weekend!

Posted by: superfriend on 7/9/2014 7:16:46 AM
The store I had been playing at closed. So we moved to a new store across town. They have signed up and were able to get the WOL Month 1 OP kit, but no boosters to go with it. They were also able to get the Deadpool OP kit, but they told us they were unable to order any more Deadpool boosters.

So a store that starts running tournaments is able to unable to get standard product because it is already sold out. Not the best sales model.

Posted by: superfriend on 6/24/2014 8:16:51 AM
The best thing they could of done with the blue i think was the low def value + support, most of them will heal on a roll of 5+ you just gotta make sure the're not in the line of fire. Think about it! the hired henchman from SOG has the same thing going for him

Posted by: Steve on 6/18/2014 10:42:26 AM
I really like the Aquaman the trait to summon sharks is awesome especially if you are playing on a map with lots of water like the Nerkod one from Fear Itself. I would like to see them do some kind of similar mechanic with Aquaman
summoning sea creatures in a future regular version of him.

Posted by: AWESwanky on 6/10/2014 8:36:55 AM
IMO, Jade should be in the uniform she wears most often, considering how rarely she gets made.

Posted by: superfriend on 6/10/2014 7:43:57 AM
shold have alternate jade in white outfit and use obsidon on the black lanterns team

Posted by: twolv on 6/10/2014 12:56:11 AM
that Black Lantern Reanimate looks like the aliens from the movie 'They Live'

Posted by: Grim on 6/9/2014 4:41:36 PM
Those individual Black Lanterns look amazing to field. Going to need a bunch of the Reanimates to really use the other pieces to their full potential.

Definitely going after Abin Sur, Aquaman, Firestorm.

Posted by: superfriend on 6/9/2014 7:01:18 AM
Black Lantern group shot is now up. Nice looking, large enough to play and have options group. Add in the DC10th chases (and maybe SM:Maxwell Lord) and you've got a very decent number of Black Lanterns.

Posted by: superfriend on 6/5/2014 10:36:43 AM
So looking forward to this, for me, the event is this Saturday, I'm so pumped up for this

Posted by: TheShadowGamer on 6/3/2014 4:11:38 PM
Anyone know what the possessors in wave two are. I'm very interested in the black lanterns.

Posted by: blacksmycolor on 6/3/2014 1:48:29 PM
3 More words -spelled Kyle Rayner..

Posted by: ajsprint on 6/2/2014 12:28:24 PM
You got an SR and an SR Prime? Very good pulls indeed.

Cannot wait to get some of these myself.

Posted by: superfriend on 6/2/2014 8:34:03 AM
Hi all,
Was able to get my hands on a couple packs, and got some really cool stuff. Pulled a White Lantern Swamp thing and a Green Lantern Galius Zed. This set looks really cool, and I already cannot wait for the Black Lanterns

Posted by: Blacksmycolor on 6/1/2014 8:57:19 AM
Hi all,
Was able to get my hands on a couple packs, and got some really cool stuff. Pulled a White Lantern Swamp thing and a Green Lantern Galius Zed. This set looks really cool, and I already cannot wait for the Black Lanterns

Posted by: Blacksmycolor on 6/1/2014 8:51:41 AM
im going to have fun looking for these white lanterns, literally all of them are OP.

Posted by: TheShadowGamer on 5/31/2014 7:41:04 AM
I was poking around last night and someone mentioned many of the WOL pieces were on eBay. They were right. I'd say just about every piece from wave 1 can be seen there.

The other thing I noticed was the number of OP kits from month 1, both with and without Larfleeze. If you cannot get to month 1, it may be a viable option for getting the Lantern.

Posted by: superfriend on 5/30/2014 6:41:38 AM
A few folks have cracked a few bricks of WOL. The results are interesting.

1. The first wave only includes odd numbered figures. 001, 003, 005, etc.

2. The first wave focuses on certain colors and avoids other colors. Look for Yellow, Blue, White, Orange. Red, Indigo, Sapphire, Black are in wave 2. Green is in both waves.

3. The rings of the focus colors are in the boosters.

4. a designation of a or b is not always a prime rarity but can instead indicate an equally findable alternate version like Amazing Spiderman 001a, 001b, 001c. Actual prime rarities are still designated by a green ring.

5. Each wave includes 2 primes and 4 chases (the focused color entities).

Posted by: superfriend on 5/29/2014 7:31:00 AM
Swamp Thing here confuses me. I know he became a White Lantern at the end of Brightest Day, but if we are going to go there, why is there not a Black Lantern Swamp Thing as well. Even more, why is there not a White Lantern Deadman?

Kyle Rayner as a White Lantern is welcome. So is Swamp Thing. The Weaponer who found the White Lantern energy net that Deadman made is a cool choice too. Krona is an interesting choice, and I bet Volthoom (the First Lantern) is a White Lantern as well. I just wish there was a WL Deadman to go with them.

Posted by: superfriend on 5/29/2014 7:24:12 AM
WOL vs prior versions.

Is anyone else hoping that this set actually brings down demand and prices for prior versions of the characters, from the DC75 set for example or the SOG Guy Gardner?

On the flip side, is anyone else feeling less like they need to chase down the DC75 set versions or SOG Guy Gardner now that these are coming?

I am in both camps actually. As a DC fan, I feel my collection is incomplete because I am missing many pieces from the Rares section of DC75. But as we move farther away from that in time and we get more of the characters remade, my desire to track down those pieces is dwindling. The big change I noticed was when I picked up the WOL Fast Forces set a while back. The need to get the DC75 versions of new characters like Larfleeze, and Saint Walker was immediately removed.

With the Earth GLs being the participation pieces and Red Lantern Guy being in the set, my need to chase the DC75 versions of Kyle, John and Guy and SOG Guy is diminishing.

Posted by: superfriend on 5/28/2014 7:45:25 AM
Yes they do look like digital clix model sculpts. Or possibly like me. It's hard to tell!

Thanks The Le!

Posted by: Mantis Warrior on 5/28/2014 2:10:04 AM
Agreed that Carol should be higher pointed.

@LE - I really like that the 3rd row of avatars look like HeroClix models.

Posted by: superfriend on 5/27/2014 11:30:10 AM
Another frustratingly low pointed Carol Ferris. I mean she is queen of the Violet Lantern Corps I.E on the same power lever as Atrocitus, Larfleeze and Sinestro.

Posted by: white phoenix of the crown on 5/26/2014 1:31:29 PM
Grasshopper at HeroClix World? As a comment-Avatar? That's a crazy idea I tell you... CRAZY!

Posted by: The Le on 5/23/2014 3:29:22 PM
Back to the Lanterns!
Star Sapphire group shot is up at Newsarama.

I have no idea why Guy would be a Sapphire, but apparently he was at some point. I'm more interested in the Red Lantern version of Guy as it had more page time and he is a Red Lantern right now.

Liking the Recruit, Miri, Fatality and Carol. And I find Guy as well. Why? He doesn't feel as over done as Hal.

Posted by: superfriend on 5/21/2014 2:13:47 PM
I agree that sometimes they are trying too hard. The SLOSH Bizarro with the named powers being named other powers was cute but a bit extreme. Most of the time, I like reading the names of the named powers. In general, I think they add fun to the game.

Posted by: superfriend on 5/20/2014 11:16:22 AM
@ Superfriend. Still waiting for Deadpool to hit the UK shores :(. I was debating adding to my GLA team and now I feel I have to! Just need to persuade The Le to add it as an avatar option now...

Thanks for your comments on the named powers. Do you think too many are named now just for the sake of it, or do you find them mostly characterful?

Posted by: Mantis Warrior on 5/20/2014 7:18:12 AM
@Mantis Warrior
I think the named powers are just like flavor text in Magic. It does nothing but makes the cards/pieces more unique, more interesting.

Hope you pulled a Grasshopper piece from the Deadpool set. That is now your official metal image every time I see a post from you.

Posted by: superfriend on 5/20/2014 6:46:08 AM
These will all be mine mine mine mine mine! Mwahahahaha

Posted by: bizmanlance on 5/19/2014 4:19:32 PM
@Mantis Warrior
I believe that with all the monthly exclusives the powers are taken from their lantern oath. I have a lot of questions, but another one is what do you require to become a judge. Is there an age limit, do you have to pay, etc.

Posted by: The Shadow Gamer on 5/19/2014 3:44:19 PM
Has anyone else noticed the tendency to make EVERYTHING a named power these days? Have a look at the cards for the Orange Lanterns. I suppose the text on Larfleeze makes sense (most powers are simply called MINE!) but on the Hal Jordan it looks like they're trying, and failing, to tell some sort of story. I wish they'd bring back the character bios for this rather than 'clever' power names. Don't get me wrong, some work really well as named powers, but a lot feel like they've been wedged in with a crowbar these days!

Posted by: Mantis Warrior on 5/19/2014 8:45:00 AM
Realized this weekend that I would not be able to attend Month 1 at the store I intended to play all 6 months at due to a scheduling conflict. Now I have to find another store to play at for Month 1 and my June calendar is filling up fast.

Posted by: superfriend on 5/19/2014 7:28:10 AM
@The Shadow Gamer: The power batteries are SOLD as their own product, 2 batteries per package. Talk to your local store about ordering them for you!

Posted by: The Le on 5/17/2014 4:45:27 AM
Also, I have another question, how do you get all the other power batteries?

Posted by: The Shadow Gamer on 5/16/2014 4:01:00 PM
Very curious about a comment WK made where they said some Lantern Corps would be more prominent in the first set of boosters and others would be more prominent in the later set of boosters.

Posted by: superfriend on 5/16/2014 1:33:46 PM
@Shadow Gamer
On getting back into the game.
Congrats. I still love the game after 10 or so years. I took a break at the end of 2008 and got back in with the Superman set a few years later.

There have been some changes to the basic rules. You should pick up a new starter set (Captain America Winter Soldier) for the 2014 rules. Then you will want to visit the HeroClix . com Downloads page and print out the latest Powers and Abilities Card (PAC). That should get you most of what you need. Starters seem to be tied to movies these days, so the next starter is probably due when Guardians of the Galaxy hits.

Also, most of the common, uncommon and rare pieces from recent sets are available from several on line stores for almost nothing (Some of them even advertise on this site). So getting some cool pieces from the last several sets should not set you back too much unless you have to have them all.

Posted by: superfriend on 5/16/2014 6:52:30 AM
@Shadow Gamer

War of Light is a Sealed Booster event. Each month there is an event where you will pay roughly 25$ for 2 unopened boosters of product. You open your boosters and make your team on the spot out of the pieces in your boosters.

So, no, you cannot use your own pieces, but after the event, the pieces you bought are yours.

The thing that is unique about War of Light is that these events are the only time you can buy the War of Light boosters. You cannot just walk into a store and buy them any time you want.

I should point out, that for month 1, players should receive the Green Lantern Power Battery, and for each month they should be getting a normal piece of a member of the Green Lantern Corps and a Green Lantern Construct piece. These are participation prizes, incentives to get folks to come and play.

Players also have a chance to get a special piece each month if they win this event, this piece is usually the leader / main character of one of the Lantern Corps. There should also be an additional piece for fellowship.

I used the word "should" a lot up there because each store is allowed some leeway in how they run events.

Posted by: superfriend on 5/16/2014 6:45:52 AM
I've just gotten back into heroclix and war of light seems interesting to me, but do we need the war of light characters in order to participate or can i just use my own?

Posted by: The Shadow Gamer on 5/15/2014 4:06:43 PM
Orange is up.

Glomulus at a sculpt is very nice. Larfleeze is expected. So is Hal. The nice touch here is Syad, now confirmed in both Blue and Orange. I know there is only 1 Orange Lantern, but I think Wk could have done more here in terms of pieces as alternate constructs. Glomulus is the best known, but I am sure there are others that fans would recognize. After a quick google search I come up with a Controller, Blume and a bunch of pics of numerous characters as constructs in group shots. So most of the character constructs are not named.

Posted by: superfriend on 5/14/2014 1:47:50 PM
This set is looking interesting.
There's a lot of commons and uncommons I'm interested in, but hardly any super-rares, so it won't be too hard to get the stuff I want.
@superfriend: as a player who is a big fan of generics and doesn't know much about Green Lantern lore, the idea of recruit miniatures does certainly appeal to me. If I know more about the characters, I'd probably end up repainting some to be those characters. Maybe wizkids will use alternate versions of them as prizes for a later set.

Posted by: annoyinglizardvoice on 5/13/2014 4:44:19 AM
I wonder if collectors / players in general would rather have the recruits called recruits so they feel more like generics or since they are based on actual characters like Skullox and Medaphyll they would rather have them named the actual names.

I see the game need for the Recruits as minions. I think the actual named versions would need to be more points and would lack the Minion powers. Maybe they should have gone with more obscure characters as the recruits.

Posted by: superfriend on 5/12/2014 1:01:07 PM
@Superfriend Thanks. If you're wondering why I post War of Light dials a few days late, it's because I wait at least 24 hours before re-posting dials from non-official sites like newsarama. Reposting dials from the official WK can be done at any time, but reposting from a 3rd party site requires a slight delay.

Posted by: The Le on 5/9/2014 2:08:44 PM
the individual Indigo Tribe dials and cards are now up at Newsarama dot com.

I love the aliens. The recruit is cool looking.

But I just don't get it. I just don't get the expected appeal of all the variants of the Earth GLs and Sinestro. Give me more alien looking Lanterns with more variety of powers. You could even give them the same exact dial as given to say Indigo Sinestro. The feeling of massive reuse of characters is a big turn off to me in this set.

Posted by: superfriend on 5/9/2014 1:43:39 PM
I'm mainly intrested in the Spectrum Entitys which so far dont look bad however im guessing there SR and will be hard to find boosterwise and on the secondary market itll be a wrench

Posted by: The Wanderer on 5/9/2014 12:29:58 PM
Hoping for a new color today. Not sure what it will be. The story went Green, Yellow, Red, Blue. The reveals have been Green, Yellow, Blue. Red.

Orange? Considering how few Orange there are, maybe they will do Violet, then Indigo, then wrap it up with Orange, Black and White all as one entry.

Posted by: superfriend on 5/7/2014 10:22:30 AM
for any/all of these Lantern character pieces, you have to find a store which is running the War of Light events. Then you have to sign up for and play in a sealed tournament. I expect the cost to be 25 to 30$ per event. For that you get 2 boosters of 5 random pieces AND the participation piece(s) for that event. The first events are supposed to happen in June.

the Lanterns themselves can be ordered in pairs from your local gaming store.

Or the 2ndary market. I expect the Bay to be full of them.

Posted by: superfriend on 5/1/2014 12:23:54 PM
How do i get the red lanterns?

Posted by: Blitz23 on 5/1/2014 9:57:45 AM
The Red Lantern group shot is now up at Newsarama dot com.

The reds are a nice selection of alien members of the group plus RL variants of Hal, Guy, the Spectre and Superboy Prime. Guy has been a Red Lantern a number of times now. Hal as Red for an issue or two. Not sure when Spectre and Superboy Prime were Red. I know these are A/B versions, using the same sculpt, but just not feeling these are important for my collection.

On the other hand, I will be hunting down Liara, Dex Star, Skullox (the recruit), Zillux Zox, Bleeze, and any other Red Lantern alien. I wonder if they could have made the main Red Lantern guy from the Green Lantern Animated Series? With TV shows you never know if there are rights issues.

Posted by: superfriend on 5/1/2014 6:20:59 AM
No idea why they chose what they did. Set includes everything from Hal as Parallax through First Lantern in terms of story source. Even have a White Lantern Swamp Thing.

IMO it could use less alternate Lantern Corps of the Earth GLs and more actual members of the other corps. Red - Vice. Yellow - Slush. Black - lots to choose from starting with Martian Manhunter, Elongated Man and wife Sue Dibny duo, Hawkman and Hawkgirl duo, Blue Beetle Ted Kord.

Posted by: superfriend on 4/30/2014 7:02:32 AM
So since its all about lanterns why not some else world lanterns?
Sure it probably wont happen but still it would be cool here are 3 i would love to see.
1. Hal Grayson and elseworld of a mash up between d*** grayson and hal jordan
2. Green Lantern Batman yes i know it has already been done but why not again?
3. Hal Stark yep this is an old one and a crossover but still wouldn't it be nice?
Thanks for reading! Let me know what u thought!!!!

Posted by: LanternofSaturm on 4/29/2014 12:15:03 PM
Er, have they not decided which are Veterans or Rookies or Uniques? Can we have 3 of Brother Warth to get +3 Defense right away?

Posted by: Kragnorak on 4/29/2014 11:21:12 AM
@Tom, welcome back to fun! I think you'll find that characters from 4-5 years ago seem a bit weak compared to newer guys. And really old pre-card characters are good as tie-up pieces because of their longer dials, but they get completely outclassed by some of the newer characters that have ways to act on every turn!

See my comments below about Parallax for example..

Posted by: Kragnorak on 4/29/2014 7:35:26 AM
Awesome, thanks for the info, I got a couple boosters today to see some new clix and I like the new dial system. And the new style of "weaker characters" isn't nearly as bad as I thought, so as of now I am back into heroclix

Posted by: tom on 4/28/2014 9:05:13 PM
Newsarama now has dials and cards for 6 of the Blue Lanterns.

Glad you are coming back. You will want to pick up a new starter set (Captain America has the 2014/newest rules) and print off a new PAC from Heroclix dot com. There have been significant rules changes over the past few years. WK seems to put out starters for Marvel and DC movies, so the next one is for Guardians of the Galaxy which comes out after War of Light starts.

#length of dials
its just a style change. In general, the stats are higher and pieces have more powers than they used to. That makes them more expensive, so the dials are shorter to compensate. It has also allowed them to make a 300 point Superman and a 350 point Thanos.

Personally, I love the new OREO style bases. So much easier to turn and no fear of twisting the figure right off the base.

Posted by: superfriend on 4/25/2014 4:33:37 PM
Hey guys I haven't played heroclix for about 4-5 years now and I'm going to get back into it because of this war of light op, and I was wondering why all the characters are so weak now? (6-7clicks to KO) they used to be like 7-10 or 11 for good ones

Posted by: tom on 4/25/2014 1:57:36 PM
Newsarama now has a big pick of the Blue Lanterns.
Of interesting note is that this includes both Guardians who split off to form the Blue Lanterns. Expecting dials on Friday.

Character wise, my big want here is Warth, the elephant looking alien. He's the only other member of the Blue Lanterns besides Saint Walker that has received development in the comics.

Very mad at DC for letting the writers kill off the Blue Lanterns.

Posted by: superfriend on 4/24/2014 6:19:19 AM
There is a Hal Parallax - he's in the big picture of all the Green Lanterns.

Posted by: superfriend on 4/22/2014 8:20:50 AM
Amazing cant wait. Love sinestro corp!

Posted by: Blitz23 on 4/21/2014 11:50:21 AM
@The Le,

Exactly my point. Due to power creep, they really need to re-release certain characters so that there is a context. Now, if they have a Parallax Prime that represents a 350 pt Hal Jordan to go against this Kyle Rayner upstart then I won't argue...

Posted by: Kragnorak on 4/21/2014 11:30:52 AM
@Kragnorak The original Hal Jordan Parallax was a convention exclusive that was a total piece of junk; Far too expensive with a lack of any punch to justify it's 270 point price tag -- all in and it was just so very poorly designed. It's not too hard these days to make something better than that junk. (ironically, it's still one of my prized possessions).

Posted by: The Le on 4/21/2014 8:21:49 AM
Here's a bit of weirdness: Kyle Rayner as Parallax is far buffer in HeroClix than Hal Jordan as Parallax?!

Posted by: Kragnorak on 4/21/2014 8:13:53 AM
Mongul is great for his points, but why is he so cheap? He was a 200 point character before joining the Sinestro Corps, so shouldn't a lantern make him buffer?

Posted by: Kragnorak on 4/21/2014 8:11:37 AM
Finaly I can use more Lantern Corps the Parallax Entity looks cool

Posted by: The Wanderer on 4/17/2014 12:55:38 PM
Newsarama has a new pic. This time it is the Sinestro Corps from this set. Some very cool sculpts. I think Bedovian, the giant bug looking guy, is my favorite.

Posted by: superfriend on 4/17/2014 7:13:15 AM
that is another good question. You could think they were moving away from it, but then the SLOSH 102 Mon-El LE has the GL TA.

Posted by: superfriend on 4/15/2014 10:07:21 AM
Wonder why nun of them have the GL team ability?

Posted by: Zack on 4/15/2014 8:47:43 AM
@The Wanderer ...I saw the pics of the GL Corp for this event set and sadly did not see him. This makes me sad.

Posted by: rex_mason on 4/14/2014 7:12:03 PM
@The Wanderer: I require pity.

Posted by: The Le on 4/14/2014 5:56:26 PM
Any one know if they made Stel(if you don't know who he is I pity you)

Posted by: The Wanderer on 4/14/2014 5:18:05 PM
I wonder why some GLs have bases which can hold the constructs while others do mot.

Posted by: superfriend on 4/13/2014 1:37:54 PM
interesting that the "recruit" is an actual GL who has an actual name.

Hal should have the Justice League keyword, while Guy should not. I have no idea who hands out the keywords, but they are a little off on their JL history.

I like Hannu a lot.

Posted by: superfriend on 4/13/2014 1:29:10 PM
I really like the ring very awesome. I can make any character I want into a gl. Would of liked to see the ring add flight aswell.

Posted by: pandab0mb on 4/10/2014 8:39:08 PM
I like the green lantern ring relic. Also hopefully the make a von daggle heroclix. He is favorite alien green lantern.

Posted by: Kaijuhero on 4/10/2014 4:54:17 PM
Well, the Power Battery is still horribly undercosted (Will 45 pts of Power Rings be more effective or Black Cat?) but it's an improvement that it's actually on the map and able to be KOed!

Posted by: Kragnorak on 4/10/2014 8:09:11 AM
That image from Newsarama is SWEET!

1. Some of the Green Lanterns have rocks or other things under them to hold the constructs and some do not. Makes you wonder why.
2. Multiple GLC members seem to have green "prime" rings meaning you cannot use them on the same force. Not happy about that.

Posted by: superfriend on 4/10/2014 7:47:36 AM
no, I did not. I wasn't playing during Hammer of Thor thru Superman. I've only picked up a handful of pieces from DC75 and Bats is not one of them - with so many other versions, it just wasn't a priority. (I've been focusing on the Oreo base sets.)

Posted by: superfriend on 4/3/2014 2:28:22 PM
The constructs look really good fun. The 'nurse' may be a stretch but the rest look cool.

@superfriend I assume when you said "Almost like getting D. Grayson as Batman" you're aware that we already have him in clix. D***bats (edited so it posts!)is utterly brilliant (DC 75th #31)

Posted by: Mantis Warrior on 4/3/2014 12:41:19 PM
It is Monthly, not weekly. Hopefully that will work better for you.

As for the monthly winner's prizes, other than Arkillo, we have the DC 75 Fast Forces set, also named War of Light, which contains alternate versions of the prize characters. Sure these dials will be better, but at least the characters are obtainable. Arkillo himself has a far older version, in Arkham Asylum.

What I am really glad to see is all the other Earth Green Lanterns as participation pieces, making them easy to get.

a) Kyle and John's last appearance is DC75 and those are still a bit pricey. Guy's last appearance was in SOG and that piece easily goes for 15$ (and so I still do not have one).

b) the real gem here for collectors is the inclusion of first time made Rond Vidar and Simon Baz. Rond Vidar is THE GL that would have fit in the SLOSH set and Simon Baz will add to the nu 52 JL America team. Also, this is the first version of Jennifer-Lynn Hayden as a Green Lantern. They have made her as Jade before, but not as GL. Almost like getting D Grayson as Batman.

Posted by: superfriend on 4/2/2014 6:43:00 AM
How come the event is so fast? 6 weeks? Miss a week and miss the chance of that week's prizes? Me no likey!!!

Posted by: Dr. Tran on 4/2/2014 5:56:50 AM
My take on the War of Light set / event.

Posted by: superfriend on 3/26/2014 7:41:45 PM
#GAMA 2014
Tons of Lanterns.

Rond Vidar - revealed as the Green Lantern of Earth in the era of the Legion of Super-Heroes (and the son of Universo), the one GL we thought should have been in the SLOSH set and was left out - is the participation prize for month 1. Well played, WizKids, well played. I will want this piece just for my LSH teams.

Jennifer Lynn-Hayden - daugther of Alan Scott, the orignal Green Lantern, who served as GL in one issue of Justice League as a reserve member (JLA 27, a fill in by Mark Miller during the Morrison Era) and became a full Green Lantern for a while when she was Kyle Rayner's girlfriend - is the month 4 participation prize. Again, well played WizKids for holding this back when you showed the main Earth GLs a while back.

I know it will be hard to collect this set, but I will be attending War Of Light events every month just to pick up pieces like these.

Mongul as a yellow lantern. Do I really need to track down those expensive DC75th set rares and SRs anymore? I think their desire level just went down a notch or two. Then again, with new versions of the characters coming out, maybe the price will drop on them making this a good time to add them to my collection.

Posted by: superfriend on 3/19/2014 7:12:36 AM
The GAMA trade show is this week. Hoping for some WOL spoilers!

Posted by: superfriend on 3/17/2014 7:37:06 AM
@superfriend.Shazam you say? I like the way you think. Would also like to see forever evil and earth 2 characters in the hext JL set. Speaking of shazam how about an avatar for him @The Le.

Posted by: pandab0mb on 2/19/2014 12:06:28 AM
That said, I DO expect the next regular DC set, probably in teh fall to basically be a revisit of the Justice League. As such, I think it should touch the following points:

1. Justice League. New members of the various JLs, especially those we have not seen since the introduction of the Oreo base. More Black Orchid, Zauriel, Vibe, Shazam than Catwoman who we got 3 nice versions of in the Batman set.

2. Forever Evil. Crime Syndicate, Luthor's team (that are not in the Legion of Doom in SLOSH), Flash's Rogues, the major players of Arkham War.

Of course, we need to visit the JSA and the modern nu52 Earth 2 as well.

Posted by: superfriend on 2/18/2014 12:33:36 PM
JL 52 set came out after both DC 75 and the GL Movie sets, the only two sets which could be considered GL sets. DC 75 was also just as much of a JSA set as it was a GL set.

DC 10th. Supes, Bats, Wondy, Flash, GL, Martian Manhunter - sounds like a JL set to me.

Justice League: full set named after the team.

Posted by: superfriend on 2/18/2014 6:43:50 AM
How would that be another justice league set? We havent had one since the New 52 set and that was a half set. At least with trinity war or throne of atlantis you can get the OTHER JL members, not just the big 7. Wouldnt a new martian manhunter be nice? A vibe? Catwoman? How about a frankenstein? Throne of atlantis would be awesome to make an atlantis army led by ocean master.

With war of light we are getting the same 7 different lanterns. A new sinestro, hal, larfleeze. Its boring.

Posted by: HeroclixHater on 2/17/2014 3:18:56 PM
We've had or are getting in the next week or so, 2 Batman and 2 Superman sets, plus a Justice League 52, Teen Titans and DC 10th Anniversary set since they went to the Oreo dials. Green Lantern and friends have 5 monthly books, so I think there is some demand.

Wouldn't Throne of Atlantis or Trinity War or Forever Evil be "another Justice League set"?

I'm kind of excited for all the new Lantern characters being added to the game.

Also, this stuff takes time. Months to years of prep before retail. No way could they do a Forever Evil right when it ends without DC giving them story beats in advance.

Posted by: superfriend on 2/17/2014 1:44:44 PM
Why are they doing another green lantern set? I know its an event but this story was 3-4 years ago and they released a fast forces for this set already like a year ago. My god. A Throne of Atlantis event would have been a better. Hell i would have even taken a Trinity War. Shit man they could have waited until the summer and could have done a Forever Evil. Who is the creative brains in this organization..?

Posted by: HeroclixHater on 2/14/2014 7:18:40 PM
I also like the transparent overlay idea. Point is we need a mogo. And those suicidal blink bomb babies. And how could i forgotten ranx.

Posted by: Pandabomb on 2/2/2014 2:27:25 PM
The transparent map overlay is a really good idea. I have long felt that Mogo needs to be represented by a map with special rules.

Posted by: superfriend on 1/31/2014 12:44:24 PM
Forget the MOGO Clix figure.

I want a transparent MOGO band that can be placed over any map either a 2x3 or a 3x3 and then once in place the map has special scenario rules to become MOGO.

Then that way everymap is MOGO. Every map is now just a small section of MOGO.

Damn I am wanting everything in this set. At this time just from previews alone this set is looking awesome.

And lets face it the clincher alone is finally getting a Dex-Starr. I am hoping what ever Atrocitus figure comes in this it has some special ability that helps him out when Dex-Starr is near by.

Posted by: SeekerMuadib on 1/30/2014 2:06:18 PM
#WOL Biggest Wants.
Now that we've seen a smattering of Lanterns from each of the respective Corps, what else do you really hope to see in the War of Light set?

1. Black Lanterns of the Justice League that are easy to get. All black Lanterns so far made have been chases. We've seen BlkL Firestorm. I'd like to see the rest of the Blk L Justice League that was featured in parts of Blackest Night and Brightest Day.
Blk L Martian Manhunter.
Blk L Aquaman
Blk L Hawkman and Hawkgirl - individually or as a duo.
Blk L Elongated Man and Sue Dibny duo.
Blk L Blue Beetle Ted Kord
Blk L Earth-2 Superman.

2. White Lanterns. I was not playing when DC75th came out (My store closed between Arkham Asylum and Hammer of Thor, I started at a new store about the time Incredible Hulk came out). I still do not understand how you get a Wht L Batman.
Wht L Deadman
Wht L Sinestro remake - he was the first.

3. Swamp Thing. In Brightest Day, the big reveal at the end was Swamp Thing. We saw Black Lantern Swamp Thing, White Lantern Swamp Thing, and finally just plain Swamp Thing. They were all giants. This could be an a,b,c piece.

4. The other big players from the big events.
Blackest Night: Flash, Atom, Mera.
Brightest Day: Deadman, Martian Manhunter, Firestorm, Aquaman, Hawkman, Hawkgirl.
Brightest Day JL International: Captain Atom, Maxwell Lord (we got the others in Batman and SOG).

Posted by: superfriend on 1/30/2014 7:44:28 AM
The 5 new Earth Green Lantern sculpts are pretty cool looking. This set is definitely getting a huge influx of Lanterns into Modern Age play. I'm also thinking since we know there are a/b numberings, we could easily see a Guy Gardner a/b with the 2nd version being a Red Lantern.

The Batman Green Lantern is not part of War of Light. It is a chase from the Batman set (and also goes for about 60$). It was put up on WK'd facebook page along with the other 5 pics you have here of Earth's Green Lanterns, so I understand why you grabbed it, but it is clearly the old piece and not from the upcoming WOL set.

Posted by: superfriend on 1/30/2014 7:14:14 AM
I'd like a Mogo click that comes in the box as a deflated 6-foot balloon.

Posted by: Evan C. on 1/29/2014 9:21:42 PM
wait whats up with the batman chase being there?

Posted by: boob on 1/29/2014 2:58:00 PM
I think the best thing we can hope for is maps of Mogo and Ranx. But they could have some cool special rules.

Posted by: superfriend on 1/29/2014 11:40:10 AM
I want a mogo clix.

Posted by: pandab0mb on 1/28/2014 4:21:27 PM
Parallax: According to the original Wizkids Facebook survey, the question (right before revealing both figures) was this:

"Do you prefer the Hal Jordan Parallax from Emerald Twilight, or the Kyle Rayner Parallax from the Sinestro Corps War?"

Posted by: The Le on 1/28/2014 7:19:05 AM
Hal as Parallax - Maybe it was Zero Hour instead of Armageddon 2001.

Posted by: superfriend on 1/28/2014 6:59:13 AM
My only question about the Parallexes is, do we know what the time frame is for where the sculpt for Hal Jordan was taken from? I know that the Kyle Rayner version is from during the Sinestro Corps War (SCW). Hal could be from Armageddon 2001, Final Night, or somewhere else. I didn't read all of the SCW. Did Hal appear as Parallax in that story as well?

Every sculpt I see of this makes me want the set more AND at the same time, I am sad that Geoff Johns is no longer helming the GL titles.

Posted by: superfriend on 1/28/2014 6:47:05 AM
Yeah, completing this will be tough. But at the same time, I'm looking back at my sets Superman forward and realizing I never killed myself to complete any of them. Over time I've collected an almost full CUR of each set so far and anywhere form a handful to an almost full set of SRs for each set, plus I have been lucky enough to pull a chase or buy one for about 10$ from just about each set. I'm pretty happy with what I've got at this point and I'm just gradually filling in the holes.

Posted by: superfriend on 1/13/2014 6:57:39 AM
This event looks like an exercise in frustration.

96 figures is almost 3 times the figures that were in Fear Itself. Most people I know only finished up their sets of FI in the final month and then only if they were playing at least 2 venues.

Now, if a venue botches their ordering and doesn't order enough for packs to cover the final month... that's going to make it even more difficult to complete.

Posted by: Matlockheed on 1/10/2014 4:37:38 PM
Looks like some interesting stuff, but I'm very disappointed with the way this is being organised. It's all the issues Fear Itself had and more. Getting a decent amount of the sets will be very problematic in the UK.

Posted by: annoyinglizardvoice on 1/10/2014 4:11:22 PM
Who wants to see Sinestro Corps Maash and Low in this set? I know I do. Wishing for any of these less known guys!

Red Lantern s-Fury-Six, Zilius Zox and Skallox
Orange Lanterns-Blume, Gretti
Yellow Lanterns-Maash, Low, Slushh and Ranx

Green Lanterns- Volk, Chaselon, Cundiff Cood, M'Dahna, Oliversity, Nautkeloi & Shorm

Blue Lanters Corps-Brother Hymn, Sayd and Sister Sercy
Indigo Tribe- Munk and Kreaven
Violet Lanterns- Miri Riam and Queen Aga'Po

White Lanterns- Jade
Black Lanterns- Elongated Man and Firestorm

Posted by: bizmanlance on 1/10/2014 12:59:39 PM
I can't wait... this set is what they should've done for Blackest Night, IMHO; better late than pregnant, er, never... ;-)

Posted by: MEsch on 1/10/2014 12:52:46 PM
7239It is nice to find some actual cheers for this upcoming event rather then complaints. I understand 96 figures will be a lot to try to get a complete set but guys instea of dwelling on how to get a whole set why not be excited for the number of figures objects and resources to be made all in the Green Lantern Universe! I have been hoping for a big set of Green Lantern Universe heroclix to be made and collect over time and now that is happening. I was a bit conceerned the best we would get was a few figures from this upcoming eveut 96 possible pieces! Just half that number as only figures from the lantern spectrem is epic for more options in building our lantern teams. I am super thrilled. If you feel concerned the event and figuers will be expensive remember it is several months away and gives you time to save money for it.

Posted by: bizmanlance on 1/10/2014 12:13:22 PM
Another thought, even though this set / event is called "War of Light", the pieces shown and the 2nd wave of boxes make it very clear the set covers the GL universe beyond just that event. We have the SCW Scenario pack which is before the WOL. We have Black Lantern Firestorm and Necron which do not appear until Blackest Night. And now we have a duo sculpt of Sinestro and Hal Jordan both as Green Lanterns which is the status/story of Green Lantern issue 1 on after Flash Point, in the nu52.

We could literally get:

1. Any lantern in any color who has appeared probably from GL Rebirth up until the point when they had to cut off for starting production (let's say a year ago).

2. The main heroes of Blackest Night on Earth: Flash, Atom, Mera.

3. Revised versions of the 7 deputy Lanterns.

4. Tons of Black Lanterns, especially those who had significant roles in Blakcest Night. I'm looking at Elongated Man (or an Elongated Man and Sue duo), Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Ted Kord, ...

5. The 12 resurrected heroes which formed the basis of the Brightest Day comic and their main adversaries for that book and the JL International book which ran along side it, including a White Lantern Deadman and White Lantern Swamp Thing.

6. Alpha Lanterns, the Weaponer and other characters featured in the Green Lantern books from that time period. Hal as yellow, Kyle as blue, Guy as red and John as indigo from the War of the Green Lanterns story which happened right after Brightest Day.

7. Revisiting the White Lanterns that we saw in the DC75 set. If they knew far enough in advance the story lines, maybe even Kyle Rayner in his new status as a White Lantern.

8. The other main heroes of the DCU - Superman, Wonder Woman, etc. The Justice League of the time of Brightest Day to the nu52 giving us Congorilla, the alien Starman, and Grayson Batman.

Posted by: superfriend on 1/10/2014 8:35:30 AM
If you follow the link next to "The DC HeroClix: War of Light “The Sinestro Corps War” Scenario Pack" in the original article, there are a few good pics of what is in the pack: Figures of Hal Jordan, Sinestro, GL dice, a GL ring and a GL construct object.

Posted by: superfriend on 1/10/2014 8:05:48 AM
Cheers Superfriend. you've just made my day!
Bleeze too:) this just keeps getting better. i'm more a Marvel guy but this is my biggest want for this year so far

Posted by: Ste on 1/8/2014 2:18:34 PM
There are some pics of a conference where some slides were shown of upcoming stuff. Several members of multiple corps not shown here were shown there, including Karo-sil, Hannu, Arisa, Bleeze, Nuk, Brother Warth and others.

Posted by: superfriend on 1/8/2014 11:00:28 AM
oh please give us a Karo-sil with her three war hound/wolf thingys, my Sinestro Corps needs her almost as much as by red lanterns need that Dex-star!

Posted by: Ste on 1/5/2014 5:59:05 AM
So far the confirmed (from either the WizKids Dinner or Day 12)Blue Lanterns are:

Brother Warth
Sister Mercy
Saint Walker

That only leaves 3 that are missing;
Brother Hymm

chances are that we will see at least one more (probally Ganthet all things considered) with this set.

Posted by: AndrewDrexler on 1/1/2014 7:22:02 PM
Yay for Dex-Star!
Hopefully we'll see a generic black-lantern zombie and that blue-lantern elephant guy as well.
Is this set one of those ones that comes with colossal mins? (just wondering 'cause Necron looks pretty big, and that lantern battery might not be a prize/participation thingy)

Posted by: annoyinglizardvoice on 12/29/2013 11:34:35 AM
I ment Deathstorm my bad

Posted by: Zack on 12/25/2013 6:06:46 PM
Is that Backfire i see?

Posted by: Zack on 12/25/2013 11:40:25 AM

Posted by: supermanvsthor on 12/24/2013 10:46:16 AM
My inner Angent Orange has one thing to say: "MINE!"

Posted by: MEsch on 12/23/2013 12:38:55 PM
Yea i know that video. They showed black lantern spectre black lantern anti monitor. Looking forward to this set.

Posted by: pandabomb on 12/23/2013 12:18:16 PM
There was a slide presentation including several slides of this event a while back. I think it was from a retailers summit and I think a video of it went up on utube. There were a number of other lanterns shown in that that are not shown in the Day 12 picture.

Posted by: superfriend on 12/23/2013 11:24:11 AM
I like that in the Day 12 picture no color is overplayed. And just because they are not here does not mean that a White Lantern version of say Deadman could not be in the set. Black Lanterns mean this covers Blackest Night as well, so why not a little Brightest Day?

We could get Black Lantern versions of the 12 characters brought back, or Black Lanterns of various heroes like Elongated Man and Tempest who did not come back.

Yeah, this set could be very cool.

Posted by: superfriend on 12/23/2013 11:14:12 AM