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Awesome Clix: Daredevil
The Le (12/01/2015)
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Awesome Clix: HeroClix Daredevil
The Awesome Clix series highlights Golden Age figures that are viable in today's Modern age. Today we present one of our favorite blind heroes -- Daredevil! Well, actually, we're presenting two Daredevils.

Continued below...

Awesome Clix: Daredevil

The Red Daredevil comes in at 75 points and has some good mobility with Charge and late Leap/Climb. On the offense he's only dealing 2 damage, but he has a starting click of Outwit, which lets him deal damage to even the Hulk.

Right: Discounted HeroClix

On the defensive side, red Daredevils got Super Senses, Combat Reflexes and a starting D of [17] -- not too shabby at all. And we're especially pleased with those starting Attack values.

Below we've got black Daredevil at the higher 93 pt value. Which is better? Hard to say. The black Daredevil has less mobility gets Exploit Weakness for the entire dial -- and is a !

I dunno... which do you prefer?

HeroClix Daredevil

Tell us which Daredevil you like better, and why, and you could win a free HeroClix!

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Your Comments:
I have been a huge Daredevil fan for many years before I ever discovered heroclix. Now I have tried both of these and I've had a little more success with the Red version.

But overall I really don't care much for either one of these. My preference is the #201 Daredevil from Deadpool even over the new one from the OP kit.

With #201 I finally got a good attacking version of him and I could finally run him on Avengers theme teams. If only he would have had the Defenders keyword also and that would have been the perfect version to me.

Posted by: Nightwing-fan on 12/9/2015 7:22:05 PM
Mostly I prefer the black version, but his lack of a move+attack power is a noticeable weakness.

Posted by: annoyinglizardvoice on 12/5/2015 3:29:04 AM
While I think Red Daredevil is a more versatile piece, I'd pick the Black Daredevil for his Mystics TA and The Hand keyword (and buffs for other Hand characters). He'd be a blast to run on a Hand theme team!

Posted by: Kungfu Clixster on 12/4/2015 9:11:07 AM
I would use the red Daredevil just for the defenses. I own this clix and its my favorite Daredevil.

Posted by: Dan on 12/2/2015 8:43:27 PM
Oops sorry I meant red daredevil would be better thanks to super senses.

Posted by: Shawn on 12/2/2015 4:03:24 PM
I find that the black daredevil would be a better choice do to his 17 defense on the start plus super senses you can't go wrong either since if you roll d6 on a 5 or 6 attacks will miss.

Posted by: Shawn on 12/2/2015 3:58:21 PM
This black costume is one of the most beautiful miniatures in this game, imho.

But I do prefer the Red one in-game, Charge, nasty 11 attack at first click and Outwit makes him a strong hitter for 75 points, and ignoring ShapeChange is nice, with the high number of Green Lantern Construct: Decoys nowadays. And beeing a Close Combat Experts in the second click even makes him pushable after the first attack ...

Posted by: GuiMaron on 12/2/2015 10:22:57 AM
like the all black hand daredevil

Posted by: twolv on 12/1/2015 9:48:21 PM
I always picked the red suit Daredevil. He was so good at putting a stop to those pesky Nightcrawler teams.

Posted by: Mr. Riddle on 12/1/2015 9:10:04 PM
The Shadowland has the mystic team ability but I must resist the Beast and go with the heroic red suit daredevil.

Posted by: Matt on 12/1/2015 6:40:04 PM
Both are so much better then all the earlier versions I'd use either one. Black for more damage potential and Red for a good all around piece at a nice price.

Posted by: scott on 12/1/2015 12:24:50 PM
Both figures are great with the relatively low point cost letting you fit them in almost anywhere. But it's the lack of move and attack on the black one that really kills it for me. Red all the way!

Posted by: ProvoloneRanger on 12/1/2015 9:02:56 AM
Black Daredevil is certainly the more potent figure. A great leader for Hand teams. Personally I'd go for the 75 point annoying utility piece though. Stealth-busting outwit is always welcome while the adding Injury to Insult of his special super senses is amazing when you pull it off. Red DD needs Stealth to truly pull his weight but that is what the Marvel Knights ATA is for.

Posted by: MantisWarrior on 12/1/2015 8:40:02 AM
I think I would use the Daredevil in black. It would be fun to pair him with Hydra Wolverine and maybe Silver Samurai from the Deadpool set. Or pick a lower point Hydra figure, play a golden age team and toss on the Book of the Skull. The other option is to run him with some Hydra keyword figures that are also wild cards to make use of the Mystics TA. If you can give him charge or sidestep, I think he would be a menace.

Posted by: Tyler D. on 12/1/2015 7:55:47 AM