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Slade Files: John Constantine
Eric Schaen (01/25/2013)
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Powers and Abilities
John sports three standard powers over his dial including: Willpower, Probability Control and Regeneration. He also has two special power named Mystical Wards and Sheer Cunning. Mystical Wards states that other characters can’t use Probability Control, perfect for neutralizing other players’ use of Probability Control. Sheer Cunning gifts Constantine with the use of Outwit and Perplex. These special powers are what really makes Constantine shine.

Continued below...

Slade Files: John COnstantine

Team Abilities
In addition to being a wildcard, Mr. Constantine has the Mystics team ability. This makes it difficult for opponents to damage John without taking a clix of damage themselves.

Playing John Constantine
Let’s face it, John is not built to be on your front line, however he is far from useless. He functions best as a support piece that also cancels some of your opponents support. Keep him close enough to support your characters attack rolls, but back enough that you don’t make him a target. Pairing him up with a flying character for carrying purposes is a sure bet (preferably one that can use Running Shot).

Don’t forget to make use of his Trait. Being a Wild Card, John can benefit from other team abilities like Batman or Superman for instance. His low cost makes him a good choice for teams that already have a primary and secondary attacker. Keep in mind on his second clix he gains both Outwit and Perplex, so choosing to relinquish the use of Willpower to take a clix of push damage may be the right move, depending on the circumstances of course.

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Your Comments:
Yeah, I think he is well worht his points as well. But, I get what the author is saying. He is fragile and one good hit is mostlikley going to take him out of the game.

Posted by: Dr. Silly on 1/25/2013 1:31:36 PM
"Just barely makes the cut"? I would like to point out that this game basically runs on probability control nowadays. 59 points to neuter the strongest power in the meta is almost always worth the investment. And on the off chance you're playing someone without any use of prob? Just push him into even further utility. Mystics + his own wild card not only gives him tons of options for team building but takes the place that Jason Blood had in many of Wildcarded Mystics teams. In essence, John's going to be your perfect counter to scarlet witch enthusiasts.

Posted by: Shazbot on 1/25/2013 9:57:46 AM