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The Flash HeroClix Spoilers
The Le (04/21/2014)
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09-05-2014: Another solid preview of Bizarro Flash!

Related: The Flash's I Run for Life

Bizarro Flash is kinda cool, also with Speed Force. His standard powers include Hypersonic Speed, Charge, Sidestep, Perplex, Outwit, ##Supersnese, and more. We like the 4 damage with Outwit at the end!

The Flash HeroClix spoilers 019A Bizarro Flash Dial

From Wiki: The Flash is a fictional comic book superhero from the DC Comics universe. Created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Harry Lampert, the original Flash first appeared in Flash Comics #1 (January 1940).

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Your Comments:
magenta is a very versatile character and the 3 rce is nice.
3 clicks of sidestep are excellent but the attract or repel
does not have much appeal to me.

Posted by: plowshares on 10/23/2014 7:31:58 AM
Fun team for gravity feed Jay Garrick: Jay himself possessed by Black Hand or Parallax, full Indigo Power Battery ( my only complete one besides the orange ) Fast Forces GG Lockjaw 50 points and Blue Lantern Recruit for support.

Posted by: My homie is a New God on 10/19/2014 6:27:37 AM
Love Jay Garrick. Not getting far with a nine attack though never mind... Power battery will take care of it.

Posted by: My homie is a New God on 10/12/2014 3:39:00 PM
Love Jay Garrick. Not getting far with a nine attack though never mind... Power battery will take care of it.

Posted by: My homie is a New God on 10/12/2014 3:38:56 PM
Golden Glider - GF version is up on facebook.

Posted by: superfriend on 10/9/2014 6:41:06 AM
I don't remember Magenta as a member of the IL. Mantis Warrior says she deserves the TT team ability. Not so sure about that either. A Teen Titan foil and ex-girlfriend of Wally West, yes. A member? Not that I recall, but it has been a long time since I read a Teen Titans comic with Wally West in it.

But it brings to mind a good question. When you could give a character 2 TAs, do you give them one, the other, both or make them a wildcard? I am more in favor of the "both" option, or putting the character in both the main set and the FF or GF so we can have one with each team ability.

Posted by: superfriend on 10/7/2014 11:09:51 AM
Mob Rule looks to be a great / interesting generic. Might need both versions.

Posted by: superfriend on 10/6/2014 6:49:23 AM
Shame Magenta is saddled with the IL team ability rather than the Teen Titans one. Barring that she gives A LOT of board control full dial and some reasonable offence on clicks 2 through 4. That attract or repel trait is staggeringly effective even considering the 115 asking price. 400 points plus she's going to be really useful.

Posted by: Mantis Warrior on 10/5/2014 8:07:57 AM
Thinking someone, somewhere got "Earth-2", the pre Crisis on Infinite Earths home of the original JSA, confused with "Earth 2", the current nu52 home of characters which are based on the JSA.

Sculpt is clearly Earth-2. 2nd Trait, and possibly other names of powers, clearly from the nu52 Earth 2. JSA team ability, keyword missing, no mention of the JSA at all. Politician keyword is only applicable to the main Earth post Crisis, pre Flash Point, when Jay was mayor of a town.

Punctuation and clarity of intent are important here!

Posted by: superfriend on 10/1/2014 10:52:50 AM
Nice dial. Gravity feed, so reasonably easy to pull. Some nice traits and specials. Soon will be the only JSA member with 3 dials in Modern Age.

Posted by: Jay Garrick on 9/30/2014 1:02:30 PM
Seriously, the Flashpoint versions, special powers and names used for named powers for the Superman set pieces based on Flashpoint will make a lot more sense if you read the Flashpoint mini-series and / or watch the Justice League: Flashpoint animated movie (Project Superman, Bat-Man, Wonder Woman, Aquaman).

While not sure we need another Deathstroke so soon, using the Flash set as a way to revisit the Flashpoint universe. In addition to Deathstroke here, I hope we get:

Cyborg who was THE big hero in that universe.
Abin Sur - White Lantern.
Captain Thunder (think Shazam).
Citizen Cold (heroic version of Captain Cold - might be a candidate for a prime ?)
The Outsider

Posted by: superfriend on 9/29/2014 8:28:51 AM
Watch the DVD!

Posted by: superfriend on 9/28/2014 6:14:28 PM
More Flash stuff revealed over the weekend at the Alliance event.

Nu52 Reverse Flash (sculpt reminds me of the recent Nitro).
Final painted sculpt of Shade (we saw the unpainted from SDCC).

There are slides from the presentation out there for googlers.

Posted by: superfriend on 9/8/2014 6:57:10 AM
A nice powerful version of Flash, although this probably qualifies as overuse of traits/special powers. A lot to keep track of, almost like an rpg!

Posted by: spudeus on 9/5/2014 4:58:07 PM
check out CritToHit's coverage, linked on page 3. There is a sculpt shown at the show which looks like the pirate version of one of your requested characters from Flashpoint.

Posted by: superfriend on 9/5/2014 11:18:38 AM
Nice to see WK doing previews again.

The speed token effects are interesting and I like them. Bizarro Flash is a monster piece on that last click. 12, 12, 19, 4 - hypersonic, precision strike, impervious, outwit?

My only issue is that the last Flash we got (in TT) was also 130 points. Would like to see some outside of 85 to 130 points. If Hal GL can be 72 (JL52) to 145 (DC10th) to 160 (WOL), I think Barry could be also.

But by setting the bar at 130 points for Barry, we could get Wally, Jay, Max, Bart and others across the point spectrum for a lot of hypersonic goodness.

Posted by: superfriend on 9/5/2014 11:14:09 AM
now I see a few people askin about the guy on the Harley quin sculpt, its the winner of the clix tournament they have each year, just like the mr. sinister and the black adam. all were the winners of the tournament and that's the sculpt they choose

Posted by: decoder on 8/12/2014 2:45:47 AM
ok im not a big DC fan nor do I care for the flash, my only DC favs are deathstroke and deadshot, im just wanting to know if you guys will start showing anything on justice league trinity war? I saw a SHAZAM so im exctited to see what he does but then again im so tired of batman and super man all the time. maybe a new deathstroke would be cool and yes I have them all but to me more is always good

Posted by: decoder on 8/12/2014 2:41:33 AM
I really am looking forward to seeing the dials start showing up before I make up my mind toward how much of this set I will get.

While I like reading the Flash comics, due to a lack of funds and a job change for me. Both this set and GOTG I will have to pick and choose the figures I really wanr and skip the rest of them. Right now I have 9 GOTG figures I want. Out of this set it will probably depend on how many pieces have the Justice League keyword.

Besides of the next three Wizkids releases the Trinity War set is the one I am most hyped about. With the funds issue I'm already starting to prepay for a case of Trinity War. Its the only way I will be able to get most of that set.

Posted by: nightwng-fan on 8/11/2014 5:30:53 PM
High Res pics.
Comparing page 2 to page 1.
Grodd has replaced Harley Quinn.

Posted by: superfriend on 8/5/2014 8:07:35 AM
Glad to see Jay Garrick. I miss him (old Jay) in the books.
I wonder why there hasn't been much attention paid to the Guardian set yet. There are some awesome figures whose dials I'd like to see. I mean I can find them else where, so I guess I'm being ultra-lazy, but this is my favorite site.
It probably won't happen but Guardians is the perfect set to release a new High Evolutionary, a giant size one.
We also need a new stronger Ultron, but I guess we'll have to wiat until next year for that.
I think we need a 400-500 point Hulk too. Yeah, yeah I know, but...

Posted by: Prince of Orphans on 7/31/2014 3:30:24 PM

Posted by: Seekermuadib on 7/31/2014 2:26:49 PM
Yeah, Scott Rubin at CritToHit has done another fantastic job of covering WizKids HeroClix reveals at SDCC 2014. He was there every day, posting updates.

Check out his Day 3 coverage for pics of the pieces I labelled as (SDCC) in the post below AND Savitar, whom I forgot when making the list.

Posted by: superfriend on 7/31/2014 7:34:20 AM
Game Trade Magazine and Previews, the latest issues combined with SDCC 2014 have given us a handful of new sculpts for this release. In GTM, the inside cover has a full page add.

Rainbow Raider
Shade ?
Flashpoint Deathstroke
Abra Kadabra
transparent Flash
transparent Flash II

Max Mercury
KC Flash ?
Elongated Man
Swift (of the Authority)

Gorilla Grodd

Posted by: superfriend on 7/30/2014 6:42:58 AM
Straight from SDCC 2014: Rainbow Raider!

Posted by: superfriend on 7/24/2014 7:42:26 AM
I do not know when WK will get to making the Crime Syndicate again, but when the do the modern version I would like to see a nu52 Atom (JL, JLAmerica) with an Atomica Prime (Crime Syndicate).

Posted by: superfriend on 5/16/2014 6:58:02 AM
Now that Deadpool is out, we need an official announcement of this set so we can see a few more sculpts. My votes:

Flash Allies: Elongated Man - show us that all the allies will not be limited to speedsters.

Flash Villains: Kilg%re - show us the depth of villains outsider the Rogues.

Authority: Jack Hawksmoore - show us the depth of this goes beyond just Midnighter and Apollo.

Stormwatch: nu52 Martian Manhunter - show us the tie between Etrigan and Midnighter in the nu52.

Golden Age: Sportsmaster - show us that Ragdoll is not the only Golden Age / JSA villain in the set.

Posted by: superfriend on 5/15/2014 6:59:47 AM
Is it sad that I want more info on this set already? Just a tease of a sculpt every so often.

Posted by: superfriend on 4/30/2014 7:04:36 AM
Interesting choice for a set, I wonder if we're going to see a load of not-seen-in-ages stuff like we will in Deadpool.
Who's the guy on the Harley miniature?
The Etrigan min looks cool, I wonder if him looking like this means we'll be seeing other Demon Knights stuff.

Posted by: annoyinglizardvoice on 4/25/2014 3:42:38 PM
I think WK is doing pretty well in the "off center" characters. Yes we have to get certain characters repeated due to popularity or sometimes set theme, but look at those pictured.

* Ragdoll and Midnighter are in the "never made before" category.
* Rogues: Weather Wizard has not been seen since the very first DC set. Capt Cold does not have a carded version. None of the Rogues have been made since the conversion to Oreo dials.
* in fact, other that Flash himself only Jay Garrick has an Oreo base representation. (Yes, Harley does have an oreo base version, but I'm not sure its fair to count a figure chosen by the world champ and not WizKids in this discussion).

I am super stoked by all the long time or never made characters shown. And the potential for others suggested by these.

+ More Flash allies like Jesse Quick, Elongated Man, the Atom, Impulse, XS of the LSH, Solivar leader of Gorilla City.
+ More Flash villains like Abra Kadabra, the Turtle, the Top, Rainbow Raider, Trickster, Gorilla Grodd.
+ More villains from the Golden Age like Monacle, Wizard, Brainwave, Gambler, Thinker, Fiddler, Sportsmaster, Huntress, Icicle, Shade.
+ More Authority like Apollo, Jack Hawksmoore the God of Cities, Harry Trainor the Emminence of Blades, the Engineer.

Posted by: superfriend on 4/24/2014 6:42:20 AM
Yessss. I knew it. I can't wait for the flash set. Hopefully we get a lantern grodd.

Posted by: pandab0mb on 4/22/2014 11:27:10 PM
You called it, Superfriend! Excellent. I'm excited. They have some great series coming out. I hope they include some off the beatin' track characters. Like the ones they save for the convention exclusives that leave a huge a majority of fans out of the picture unless you're willing to be raped by the guys on ebay.

Posted by: princeoforphans on 4/22/2014 2:25:35 PM
:) :) :) :) :) best set ever

Posted by: Blitz23 on 4/22/2014 2:20:51 PM
Is there a list of what is known in the set yet?? Also....WOOT!!! Been waiting for this set for a while!

P.S. Will they have Kid Trickster and Digger as Boomer??? I hope so!! (Hated Owen)

Posted by: Ellraiser on 4/22/2014 1:03:05 PM
OK, I admit it, I was skeptical when rumors of this first showed up along with the idea that Captain Cold would not be in SLOSH. I was convinced we would need a Justice League: Forever Evil set with a Rogues sub-theme to get the Rogues. Pleasantly surprised I was wrong.

Not sure how I feel about getting nu52 versions of the Rogues. Maybe like in the Teen Titans set we could get both versions of some characters.

Big pluses here:
1. The Rogues.
2. Gorilla City. DO I sense Grodd and Solivar?
3. Ragdoll - JSA villains from way back? Monacle?
4. Midnighter - while here is a case I would prefer the nu52 version, we have gotten the older versions of the other Wildstorm characters, so it is not unexpected.
5. Etrigan - not by himself, but combined with Midnighter, we might get the allies of both in the nu52 like Vandal Savage, Jack Hawksmoore and a new Martian Manhunter.

Yeah, this set has a lot of coolness potential.

Posted by: superfriend on 4/22/2014 8:19:12 AM
Sweet, just in a flash of time! Yes a updated etrigan. Also I excited the Jay is not retiring any time soon. I am so excited to add Captain Cold to my forever evil injustice league team!

Posted by: Kaijuhero on 4/22/2014 8:14:45 AM
BRING ON THE ROGUES!!!!! Great use of World''s winner sculpt as well as a fantastic fan vote Etrigan sculpt

Posted by: John Hafford on 4/22/2014 7:21:15 AM