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Top 5 Superhero Movies
Eric Schaen (06/14/2011)
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You're Obsessed with HeroClix

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Goto Comments

#4 Hellboy 2 the Golden Army
Hellboy 2What, did you think this article was only covering Marvel and DC characters? Think again. Big red earns a place in the top 5 due to the excellent handling and sheer fun that this movie delivered.

The thing that makes Hellboy 2 such an enjoyable experience is…well, everything. The cast is great, the sets and special effects are jaw-dropping and the story is not only wonderful, it’s also masterfully directed by Gabriel DelToro. Ron Pearlman is great as HB, he really seems to enjoy playing Hellboy. I honestly don’t think I could see anyone replace him in this role. The story does a fantastic job of balancing dark tones and humor. This is comic book fun on the big screen at its finest.

Best Scene: Hellboy and the BRPD take on the golden Army, or maybe HB and Abes’s duet to Barry Manilow.

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Your Comments:
1captain america
2 the dark knight
3 iron man
4 iron man2
5the incredible hulk (new version)
6 thor
7x-men first class
8 daredevil
9 batman begins
10 x-men last stand

the last two were a lie

Posted by: sgtfury on 1/2/2012 4:12:19 PM
How can that be a tie dont get me wrong spider man 2 is a good movie but the dark knight is a brilliant movie im sure you will all agree with me.

Posted by: morgan smith on 12/29/2011 7:00:11 AM
x-men first class!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: heroclix fan on 11/22/2011 4:42:12 PM
2)iron man 2
3)batman the dark knight
4)captain americs
5)spiderman 2
6)green lantern
8)iron man 1
9) batman begins
10)the incredible hulk

Posted by: rob on 9/15/2011 6:15:08 AM
wheres watchmen??? thats the best film ever!!!

Posted by: rob on 9/15/2011 6:12:26 AM
My Top Ten:

1) The Dark Knight

2) Batman Begins

3) Spider-Man 2

4) Batman (1989)

5) Green Lantern

6) The Incredible Hulk

7) Iron Man

8) Spider-Man

9) Superman Returns

10) X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Posted by: Batarang96 on 7/4/2011 9:29:28 AM
hey you forgot Generation X and Doctor Strange talk about lost in the shuffle GEEEZZ

Posted by: Stan on 7/3/2011 1:21:34 AM
Best casting of a actor in a superhero movie.

Dalph Lundgrin in the orginal Punisher movie. The movie was so-so but Dalph looks like how the Punisher was drawn in the 70s-80s.

Posted by: Sirchristopher on 7/1/2011 7:25:58 PM
5.) Daredevil -I knew almost nothing about DD when I 1st watched this movie and now he's my fave super.

4.) Thor -This movie kicked butt, may be the greatest Fantasy film I've ever seen.

3.) Batman Begins -I ususally cry at the end of this movie.

2.) Spiderman 2 -This 1 too.

1.) The incredibles -This movie speaks for its self watch it if you haven't and I think a sequel is mandatory.

Posted by: C3 on 6/27/2011 5:56:51 PM
@ The Le: It's a superhero movie in disguise. Watch it again sometime and see for yourself (and check out the low-tech tv set used for the news broadcast in the very 80's "future")

Posted by: licensedhero on 6/22/2011 6:05:29 PM
5. X-men
4. X-men First Class
3. Spiderman 2
2. Dark Knight/Iron Man (tie)
1. Batman Begins...

Posted by: Owlman166 on 6/22/2011 3:36:51 AM
This is getting very difficult these days... Also, top superhero movies is different than top comic book movies. Therefore, Sin City and 28 Days of Night are not in the running.

1) Dark Knight (epic approach beats out 90 minute popcorn flicks)
2) Watchmen (the ending makes more sense to me than the book)
3) Punisher: War Zone (perfect take made up for Thomas Jane)
4) Black Mask (great superhero movie - an all-time fave)
5) Incredible Hulk

I love how in the 3rd Punisher movie and Incredible Hulk the origins are referenced but quickly glossed over to get to the real story. This is the way to make a film and not condescend to the audience.

I strongly disagree with those that name Spider-Man 2. Those of us that found the organic web shooters creepy were even more grossed out when Peter Parker became impotent and was unable to create the sticky web substance. Extra yucks when a kiss restored his libido and ability to shoot white fluid. I'm not super anal when it comes to sticking by comic canon (loved X-Men: First Class) but stripping Parker of his science prowess was a bad idea.

I'm surprised by the people that really liked Thor. Thor had a good intro, an ending, and a great Loki portrayal but the meat of the sandwich was missing. 90 minute popcorn movies are no place for epic subject matter! So, instead of an actual series of events in the middle act we got Thor at a campfire - disappointing.

Posted by: Kragnorak on 6/21/2011 4:15:03 PM
1. Sin City
2. Thor
3. Iron-Man
4. Blade
5. Constantine

Honorable mentions: the Dark Knight, Watchmen, 300, Hellboy

Posted by: Dr. Morbius on 6/16/2011 1:54:09 PM
wot on v for vendder. I like the cartoon movies a lot more
1 crisis on two earths(justice league vs crime syndicate)
2 batman under the red hood (jason todd story)
3 green lanten emrals knigths ( if like lantens you must see this)
4 ultimate avengers (do i need to say any more)
5 there are a lot of good flims i could have put in there but lets see what dc and marvel give us (marvel zombies, sinestro corps)

Posted by: ikari on 6/16/2011 8:36:57 AM
Licensedhero: I don't think it qualifies -- Is Robocop really considered a "Superhero" movie?

Posted by: The Le on 6/16/2011 6:30:13 AM
@ The Le: But how can you take The Phantom or The Shadow over RoboCop?!?!?

Posted by: Licensedhero on 6/15/2011 10:31:42 PM
5. Batman
4. X-Men
3. Superman
2. Iron Man
1. The Dark Knight

5-3 are the movies that got the genre a foothold in theaters, 1 and 2 nearly perfected it.

Honorable mentions: Batman Begins, X-Men 2, Spiderman, Spiderman 2, Superman 2, Watchmen.

Posted by: Licensedhero on 6/15/2011 10:24:41 PM

Posted by: VikingRS on 6/15/2011 7:22:46 PM
1. Watchmen
2. The Dark Knight
3. Iron Man
4. Batman
5. Constantine

Posted by: Roy on 6/15/2011 1:17:30 PM
Are you joking if anything Spider-Man 2 is one of Fewmovies that actually feels and flows like an actual Comic Book.

Posted by: The Wizard of Id on 6/15/2011 11:47:52 AM
@ The LE I would have rather seen any of your honorable mentions before Spidey 2. What about Punisher War Zone? That movie actually feels like a Punisher comic. Spidey 2 & 3, Fantastic 4 1 & 2, the first Hulk movie, and movies like these have made Marvel a laughing stock when it comes to movies. I'm glad they are doing it right with Iron Man, the second Hulk movie, Thor and X-men first class.

Posted by: Clixkilla on 6/15/2011 4:55:22 AM
Watchmen is the best superhero movie.

Posted by: Det. Cole Phelps on 6/14/2011 5:32:03 PM
i- Dark Knight
2- X-men First class
3- Iron Man
4- Spider-man 2
5- Thor


Posted by: William on 6/14/2011 4:09:08 PM
@JasonCR in what world would Ghost Rider even be in the top 50. "Hi I drink jelly beans out of a glass" was a crap movie and it Dickens me to think they are doing a sequel and that no talent actor who has not done a good film since the 80's ie supposed to be in it. Just saying.

Posted by: The Wizard of Id on 6/14/2011 3:10:52 PM
1- Punisher: War Zone
2- Batman: Dark Knight
3- Watchmen
4- Ironman
5- Ghost Rider

Posted by: JasonCR on 6/14/2011 2:33:32 PM
1. Dark Knight
2. Thor
3. Iron Man
4. X-Men 2
5. Spider-Man 2

Posted by: Friendly Neighborhood Super Soldier on 6/14/2011 9:34:23 AM
OK , this one is good , I like other peoples opinion on things and to say or tell why they have chose who or what they have chosen ! With that being said , I have my own pics . It is very hard to choose , their are so many to pick from . But , haw I choose my top 5 or for that matter my top 10 , is I look at the movie in detail to see how the story is written , how much action their is , who stars in it , and weather or not the movie makes sense . I for one like comic book movies that stick true to the comic books we read , not ones that write or go by their own story or path . SO , with out further ad-do here are my top 5 :
5 ) Judge Dredd
4 ) The Dark Knight
3 ) Superman
2 ) Spiderman
1 ) X2 / Incredible Hulk

Sorry LE , but the Phantom is not in my top 5 , but he is in my top 10 ! OH , and by the way ; to every one out there , the original Captain America movie .....IS IN MY TOP 10 PICS !!!!!!

Posted by: Robert on 6/14/2011 7:43:49 AM
I hated X2, except for Nightcrawler.

Posted by: Owlman166 on 6/14/2011 7:32:13 AM
What??!? How did Supergirl not make this list?! Or Flash Gordon? Don't forget the classics! :p

Posted by: hair10 on 6/14/2011 7:31:03 AM
Alright, Spider-Man 2 was probably the most Comic movie I have seen come out. Sure Doc Ock is not 100% crazies psycho, but it was more true to the actual comic nature like the old 1970's/1980's feel.

Now Batman on the other hand. I would not put that at #1 I would rate that one 6 out of the Top 10 in my book. But that's mainly cause I hate the actor playing Batman.

Top 5 comic BASED movies in my book would be:

#5: The Rocketeer
#4: Iron Man
#3: Ghost World
#2: Spider-Man 2
#1: The Crow

Again this is my view. I base it on the time they were made, actors skills, and the special effects available at the time.

Posted by: Thw Wizard of Id on 6/14/2011 6:54:10 AM
@Clixkilla: What? you're crazy. Spider-Man 2 is easily in my top 10 Superhero movie list, and it's the only Spider-Man movie I own on DVD. I thought the FIRST movie was highly over-rated.

That being said, I stand my by freelance author. While I'm still sad The Phantom and The Shadow didn't make the list, I trust his judgement.

Posted by: The Le on 6/14/2011 6:15:54 AM
SPIDER-MAN 2? GARBAGE! That movie was the decline fo Spider-Man movies. I don't want my Doc Ock to be a sympathetic villian. I want Otto to be a vicious maniac who'll stop at nothing to destroy Spidey. I call Tomfoolery on this one.

Posted by: Clixkilla on 6/14/2011 5:57:30 AM