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Teen Titans HeroClix Spoilers
The Le (10/08/2012)
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04-11-2013: The NOWHERE SOLDIER (Teen Titans Gravity feed) pops in at just 35 points but is just a fabulouse support piece. As if the Team Ability and Special power wasn't enough, this soldier packs 2 clicks of Penetrating/Psychic Blast and 2 clicks of Energy Explosion!

HeroClix Nowhere soldier

03-27-2013: Oooo! Dr Light is a Wild Card! For 135 points he's pretty good thanks to 2 ranged attacks, being a Sharpshooter, and a great starting combo of Running Shot, Penetrating/Psychic Blast, and Super Senses! Need more? How about some late dial Outwit! Fun!

Dr Light HeroClix Dial

02-22-2013: It's LOBO and LIL' LOBO!

We start off with Li'L Lobo with 2 starting clicks of Charge and Exploit Weakness! If you get that second click going, you can also use Charge + Blades/Claws/Fangs + Exploit Weakness (yes, it's compatible!)

HeroClix Lil Lobo Dial

Slobo is a different beast... once again we have the ridiculously inane Improved Movement / Targeting, whena  simple "Slobo Ignores characters on movement" would have things a hundred times simpler.

But also present is Leap/Climb, Stealth, Perplex, and a smattering of other powers.

Slobo Dial

02-20-2013: It's Arrowette. She's a tad weak to start out with, even with the Special Power that gives limited Outwit, but for 68 points she ain't half bad. Arrowette really shines later in the dial with Ranged Combat Expert, which strangely turns into Close Combat Expert. Weird, I know. With a double attack, she'd be a good candidate for Armor Piercing!

HeroClix Dial Arrowette

10-08-2012. Here's some more images from the TEEN TITANS HeroClix set, found on the Alliance Open House slide.  I have NO IDEA who these guys are. They don't look like they're from the Teen Titans team at all.

Teen Titans HeroClix

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Your Comments:
Really only interested in the pre-New 52 pieces. Am disappointed that we did not get a new piece of Jericho in this set. I mean, with the exception of the mother and him, we got the entire Wilson family (Deathstroke, Grant Wilson's Ravager, and Rose Wilson's Ravager).

Posted by: lordoracle on 5/17/2013 10:49:31 AM
Nowhere Soldier (main set). I like cheap Supes Enemy TA. Luthor will certainly be happy to recruit them. Overall, I wish for minions that their minion powers were tied to "higher point characters with keyword X" instead of just one character. It would make them more useful in more situations.

Posted by: superfriend on 5/9/2013 6:23:02 AM
@Kragnorak - I have no issues with how Improved combat functions (none at all). I just find it absurd that they had to introduce 20+ new obscure symbols to represent something, when it should have just been explained on the card itself.

Posted by: The Le on 5/7/2013 5:24:38 AM
Like it or not, I hope The Le realizes that the improved movement symbols are now highly useful now that Leap/Climb is being nerfed.

Skitter can break away for free, right?
Leap/Climber gets +2 to a breakaway roll and thus would need a 4-6 to break away from Mr. Fantastic.

Posted by: Kragnorak on 5/6/2013 7:00:51 PM
You know, the "she's got more ridiculous uses for Improved Movement / Targeting." is getting old. It allows WK to make figs which can use variations of leap climb and charge / running shot at the same time. And mentioning it obscures the info about the new pieces.

Posted by: superfriend on 5/1/2013 11:22:15 AM
Bunker - Purple is a nu unusual choice for a hero costume, so its kind of cool that they were able to give him all the purple powers. Force Blast, Smoke Cloud and CCE all get bumps in usefulness with the new rule set. I also like that early dial perplex. Also, with his 2 special powers, he has Barrier all the way down his dial, which is something that is NOT obvious at first glance.

I also like the way his power of making basically purple energy bricks was incorporated into the sculpt with him both standing on them and wrapping them around his fists.

Posted by: superfriend on 4/24/2013 12:38:14 PM
Le: "I'd say this one is far superior to the Booster version!". I think WK does that on purpose to get people to buy the GF single packs. If they were inferior to the standard booster pieces, why would anyone buy them?

Posted by: superfriend on 4/23/2013 2:20:01 PM
Static is STILL my number 1 want from this set. With each reveal I fear more and more he will not be in it. He has disappeared from the new 52. No other Milestone characters have made recent appearances either. Add that to the report that the last few issues of the Young Justice TV show inspired comic had to be redone to remove Icon and Rocket and it makes you wonder if the contract between DC and Milestone has changed.

Posted by: superfriend on 4/23/2013 2:18:39 PM
Where is Static!
He better be here, some of these characters don't need 2 versions or need to be made yet. Static has earn himself a dial over and over again.

Posted by: Kaijuhero on 4/22/2013 8:18:12 PM
Leash as such a minor character I don't see the justification of making 2 versions of him. I think the GF slot could have gone to a better choice.

Posted by: superfriend on 4/19/2013 6:21:09 AM
At this point, we know so much about what is included in this set, I think Shazam is unlikely. I am keeping a list and I've seen previews, sculpts, or had confirmed to me 68 pieces out of the set. There just is not very much room left.

Posted by: superfriend on 4/15/2013 6:20:59 AM
i know its a teen titans set, but i would still like to see shazam ( i hear he wont be called captain Marvel anymore) he is my favorite comic book character. c'mon wizkids show the man some love

Posted by: Pandab0mb on 4/12/2013 3:45:05 PM
Red Robin - so his Wings power gives him the movement equivalent of flight, but no Carry. Instead, he can be carried and he breaks away for free.

Really not excited for this because we got 3 versions in Batman (main set, FF, GF) and probably have a 5th coming in the Gravity Feed for Teen Titans. And we got 2 Tim Drake Robins in Streets of Gotham.

Going to be on Robin overload after this set and hope to not see Robin, Red Robin, Red Hood or Nightwing for a long time after this set.

Robin - grayson: DC10, TT.
Robin - drake: SOGx2.
Robin - damien: BMx2.
Red Robin - BMx3, TTx2.
Red Hood - SOG, TTx2.
Nightwing - DC10, BMx3, TT.

Posted by: superfriend on 4/12/2013 9:47:07 AM
@Improvement Movement: Everything you mentioned are all more complicated. Actually you answered your own question. Improved Effects is so dang simple that it's so funny Why WK had to make it a little more complicated for the newer players than it's supposed to be. The thing is "Improved Effects" imho are more important to a new player than the stuff you mentioned. I stand by what I said "Improved Combat -- it's something the game needed." And it's something that's here to stay and will be an integral part of the game's core. AS of now, some in this list you mentioned aren't even a necessity to newer players, some in this list you mentioned can even end up as just another novelty in the future and die the way of the dinosaur. The newbies can play without em and live without em while they're getting the hang of the game. They can learn these other stuff you mentioned once they learn how characters move on the map and all the game's essentials. (And trust me, some of these other stuff you mentioned--they're not even getting much love from some of the older players.) If you can't get a new player interested with the core of the game at all, fat chance he's going to be interested with all the other nuances the game has to offer.

Posted by: Chesswithsuperpowers on 4/12/2013 7:58:53 AM
NOWHERE Soldier - liking this piece. Low point generics make repeat buying of blind boxes more appealing.

The PD team ability feels odd because I think of it as reserved for "good guys" and NOWHERE was portrayed as "bad guys". Since Marvel has adopted the PD team ability, maybe its time for DC to add a Hydra equivalent?

I also wish we had gotten 2 versions on the same dial like the Batman 004 Joker Thug.

Posted by: superfriend on 4/12/2013 6:57:57 AM
Im liking some of the young justice models. Hope theres a lot more in this set.

Posted by: Pandab0mb on 4/10/2013 3:28:48 PM
@Chesswithsuperpowers: So you think of all the stuff you listed that Improved Effects is the thing that's complicated? I would think Split/Merge, Vehicles, Colossal characters, Giant Characters, and Team bases are each a lot more complicated.

Posted by: Improved Movement on 4/10/2013 1:02:48 PM
"chess with superpowers". I've used that description for years, followed by " and if you want to show up with 4 Knights and no Bishops, we expect that."

I agree that the game overall is too complicated and the learning curve for new people is too high. I too have been playing since almost the beginning (with a break between AA and SM). My solution is to learn as I go. Colossals I always have to ask about because people use them so infrequently. All these special powers? I just read my opponents cards before we start. Played against the Invisible Jet the other night for the first time. Had to ask for the card 2 times when my opponent did things that do not normally make sense. It was fine. But I do agree, I find all the exceptions to the rules to be intimidating.

Posted by: superfriend on 4/10/2013 12:45:56 PM
Red Tornado - Scuplt looks awesome. Liking the special powers and traits. Wish he was not an SR so would be easier to get.

Posted by: superfriend on 4/10/2013 10:15:25 AM
What endears new players to heroclix is that it's "chess with superpowers" with all your favorite comic characters. About 10 years ago, the first thing we were all excited to learn about was the superpowers part-- then after we learned this the new special powers were a welcome addition to the game-- then after this came improved combat (something the game needed). Some of the longer players went to a learning transition and were fortunate enough to learn the game from A to B to C... Those who think nothing's wrong with the "improved combat" design are not thinking as a "new player". A new player now has to learn about "traits", "relics", "improved movement", "improved targeting", "merging", "vehicles", "transporters","colossals", "giants", "objects", "terrain", "elevations","tiny size", "themed teams"... the list goes on and on and on --10 years worth of additional rules along with the original standard powers and abilities. A new player will have to cram all this information in their brain without the luxury of transition experienced by the older players.

I'm okay with changing or adding rules,these are necessary for the evolution of the game -- but newer players should always be kept in mind.

Why not simplify "improved combat" when it can easily be done so instead of adding symbols and images that would only cause a newer player to end up completely overwhelmed due to information overload? Write the "doggone improved combat" as text on the character card and let the newer players focus on the more important stuff to learn-- why complicate things?

This game might just go the way of the dinosaur again if it will not cater to newer players and will not be new player friendly in the long run (I'm just saying). I do hope I'm wrong. Being a player that's been around since the dawn of clix, I really do hope I'm wrong.

Posted by: Chesswithsuperpowers on 4/10/2013 9:57:08 AM
@superfriend okey okey. Should be fixed now. Thank you.

Posted by: The Le on 4/9/2013 11:45:19 AM
@Le - you got the Gravity Feed part right for the new Rose Wilson, but you still need to go back and change the Fast Forces references to Gravity Feed for Solstice and Red Hood.

Posted by: superfriend on 4/9/2013 11:28:12 AM
Well shoot.. You guys are right again. I blame lack of lunch...

Posted by: The Le on 4/8/2013 3:58:10 PM
@The Le: The Ray can't use Trick Shot. The prerequisites for Trick Shot are Plasticity or Ranged Combat Expert and he has neither.

Posted by: Passing By on 4/8/2013 3:31:58 PM
The Ray - glad to see a new version, but the sculpt was leaked via twitter a while ago, so I knew it was coming and the excitement was back then. As for the dial/card, since the Ray joined Young Justice after a stint in both JL America and JL Task Force, I would have liked to see an Experienced level version to represent his time in Young Justice. Maybe since it has the JLA team ability, it represents him during his JLA days.

I would have liked to see a longer dial and longer range. Since he turns into light essentially, I find the lack of energy explosion and waiting until click 4 for energy shield deflection "perplex"ing.

Posted by: superfriend on 4/8/2013 12:13:29 PM
@superfriend: I've been meaning to write a few "Critical Miss" articles, including one for Improved Combat, but I haven't got around to it.

I've actually been working on a "dial maker" for internal use, which has been taking up a lot of my time -- you can see the results in the "Fortress Wars" scenario. I'm also busy optimizing the site with new features and stuff, like article categories for better navigation, and some other cool stuff (you'll see as I slowly roll it all out later this year).

That being said I am very happy with all the discussion going on, on this article, concerning Improved Combat. All comments are welcome as long as it's kept clean (I have a lot of young'ns that come to this site).

Posted by: The Le on 4/8/2013 7:08:50 AM
I was really really hoping this IM+T discussion would happen in its own article, outside the Teen Titans previews, but alas, here it is.

I was originally against improved movement (IM) until I understood that the squares matched the terrain type and the black circles were actually heroclix bases. So red, green, circle = elevated, hindering and other pieces. After understanding it and playing a few games I am good with it now and find it easy to follow. I think the choice of icons used on the card - colored squares and figure bases - make sense. I find the only issue I have is that occasionally I forget that a figure has it during a game.

Improved Targeting and sharpshooter I am still not on board with because I have not seen it on any pieces so have no exposure and find it confusing. Once they start making pieces with it, I think that will get better too. Are there any IT pieces yet?

As for referring to the PAC, since the colors used match the map, I have no need to reference the PAC for IM.

Posted by: superfriend on 4/8/2013 6:50:59 AM
@The Le: Now that I see your argument there isn't much to discuss. It's too laughable. :( I see a special power on the dial. I check the character card. It grants Toughness and SS. Now I need to consult the PAC to see what those do. Or are you saying you hate all special powers that do that?

Posted by: Improved Movement on 4/7/2013 6:45:32 PM
Nice one The Le! Consult the Character card or Consult the PAC(Not both)!!! CASE CLOSED.

Posted by: Funnier Farmer on 4/7/2013 7:27:43 AM
"Traits can't countered but Improved Combat can" is a poor excuse for bad implementation. There is absolutely no reason why Improved Combat can't be explained on the character card rather than the PAC.

When you see a Trait on the dial what do you do? You consult the Character card.

When you see a Special Power on the dial, what do you do? You consult the Character card.

When you see a Standard Power or Combat Symbol on the dial, what do you do? You consult the PAC.

See? Each item has it's only conclusion.

When you see a Improved Combat Symbol on the dial, what do you do? You consult the Card to locate the obscure shapes... then you consult the PAC to see what the shapes stand for. That's the problem, and it comes from bad design.

Again, I am not against Improved Combat - I am against how poorly it is executed.

Posted by: The Le on 4/6/2013 8:38:52 PM
@0uroboros: Improved Effects can be countered/Outwitted. That's One of the reasons making them a trait doesn't work. (Making them special power isn't the answer due to the limited options for slots.)

As for the rest of the discussion, I think if you can memorize the color coded terrain then you can memorize Improved Effects. Is there someone out there who understands the color coded terrain, but not the Improved Effects?

Posted by: Improved Movement on 4/6/2013 2:45:00 PM
@The Le: That said, I have to agree with you. A trait or an SP would have been a simpler and maybe even more elegant way to include Improved Movement (even though being an SP it would make it susceptible to Outwit, which I'm sure was something that was specifically meant to be avoided). But I guess the purpose of the color scheme was to make it standardized. I don't think the color code for the terrain types makes for a challenge to anyone excpt to the newest of players. I guess the reasoning behind it is that, if you can memorize the color code for powers (which number in the, what, thirties?), it's not unreasonable to expect to remember 4 kinds of terrain (am i right? blocking, hindering, elevated and water + outdoors/indoors, destroy). The character-ignoring is not much more complex (general characters, opposing, friendly and adjacent). Come on.
If this was Facebook, I'd "like" the Iron Thug's comment.

Posted by: 0uroboros on 4/6/2013 12:26:53 PM
And can somebody please tell me, why a SHARPSHOOTER can ignore opposing characters but not friendly characters on targeting? Because he loses his sharpshooting skills cause he's too afraid to accidentally hit his friend who's blocking the line of fire to his target? Well that doesn't really make him a SHARPSHOOTER now doesn't it? Why can't he just "ignore characters" on targeting. Can they just rename this "NOT SO SHARPSHOOTER" instead?

Posted by: Funny Farmer on 4/5/2013 10:36:49 PM
I know where The Le is coming from. It really is a bit confusing especially for the newer players. I think he brings it up everytime as a sort of protest. But giving standard names to all the improved combat abilities is not the answer - The Pac will only end up lookin like a thick pocketbook Lol! But I really feel it could be further simplified. Just putting the plain text on the character card is one of the answers and the most "newbie friendly" way and that's the truth. This may not be a problem for older players, but for newer ones - just lookin at the new 2012 PAC Card might just make em throw the damn thing up in the air and walk away. Just look at the PAC card - too MANY DARN Images... And please, I am not a new player. I'm just stating facts here.

Posted by: The Iron Thug on 4/5/2013 10:17:26 PM
@0uroboros: No no.. I don't necessarily "hate" Improved Combat -- I don't. I just think it's extremely poorly executed. "Hulk ignored characters on movement" should be a trait or maybe even a new Speed Combat Symbol. But it's absurd to make a player see a "+" on the dial, then goto the card, then goto the PAC. That's ridiculous.

Posted by: The Le on 4/5/2013 7:03:04 PM
@The Le: Yeah, well. That's, like, your oppinion, man. I'm not a big fan of improved movement (certainly not improved targetting) myself, but I understand the need for a game to evolve.
There's a lot of things about the game that I think could be improved, one of them being the recurring situation I've encountered in my gaming community of getting stuck on hindering terrain.

"So... Hulk enters hindering terrain and stops moving because... what, he gets stuck in a bush?"
"Can he, like, power through it?"
"No. What do you think he is, a superhero? Bushes are tough stuff!"

Thus a part of me welcomes Improved Movement. If the price of more diversity in the game comes at the expense of a small sacrifice of simplicity and a not so small amount of strategy, well, time are a-changing.
It is our choice to keep up or hold on.

Posted by: 0uroboros on 4/5/2013 2:05:31 PM
@The Le: I disagree with you 100%. The card doesn't define standard powers for you at all. It has cute named powers with the standard power after, but that doesn't tell you anything. If I had never picked up this game before and saw "STALKING (Charge)" I'd have no idea how to use it. I'd need the PAC for that. And that's exactly what Improved Movement is. It's a return to the original Heroclix where you would reference the PAC for how an effect worked. You see the red square, look at the PAC, and you know it means elevated terrain. If they got rid of the PAC and wrote the description for Charge on the card then that would be fine. But that's not how it works.

You also said it's cryptic. How is it cryptic? The colored squares on the card match the color coding on the map. To understand the color coding on the map you need the rulebook. To understand the color coding on the card, you need the PAC. And they go hand in hand. Red for both means elevated, green for both hindering, etc. If you can understand the colors on the map then you can understand the symbols on the card. Your suggestion of naming them would actually be more complicated. (There are also other issues, but I'm going to set those aside right now.)

Not to be mean, but I laughed when you said to imagine that the card didn't say Charge and just has a green boot. That's actually called Heroclix. I own probably over 1000 characters that do just that. They all pre-date cards and all I have is a dial with a green box next to the boot. But I know that means Charge because I learned the PAC years ago. And since I already know the color coding for the map, it took me all of 30 seconds to understand the colored boxes on the card for the Improved Movement effect.

Ultimately, though, all I'm asking is that you stop denigrating the improved effects every time they arise. Like them or not they are here to stay. We all understand you don't like them, but you don't need to attack them every time a character has them. It lends a negative energy for this site that's more reminiscent of a different site that will remain nameless. Imagine this description: "Ooo! Warblade! He has some Improved Movement along with a fantastic Charge + Blades/Claws/Fangs combo to deal 6 damage! We're also super-fond of Poison in the middle -- he might be a good candidate for Armor Piercing!" It's just much more positive and doesn't cast the negative shadow that's been on this site recently. And that's the real shame of it.

Posted by: Improved Movement on 4/5/2013 1:50:15 PM
@Improved Movement: Ultimately, Improved Combat abilities goes against the entire idea of Cards, which is supposed to help define abilities seen on the dial. Traits and even standard powers like Toughness are all defined on the card. For example, we don't simply see a Green-boot on Beast Boy's card -- we see a green boot with the words "STALKING (charge)".

But Improved Combat? Nope. All we see is a plus symbol with arbitrary images that mean absolutely nothing unless you have a PAC with you. Granted, if you don't know what "charge" is then you're still out of luck, but an improved combat symbol is far more cryptic than the word "charge".

If you treat the character card as a mini reference guide, then it's worked very well until improved combat came along. If they really wanted to be consistent and provide something meaningful, they should have given some standard names to all those improved combat abilities rather than ridiculous colored shapes.

Imagine how much more useless the character card would be if they stopped telling you what the standard powers are. So instead of a green-boot that says (charge), it would just be a green boot with no text at all.

As it stands, Improved Combat adds another complexity that's very bad for new gamers. Every game like this needs to evolve, but this particular development hurts more than it helps, as it really only appeals to the hardcore gamers.

And that's a real shame.

Posted by: The Le on 4/5/2013 10:35:36 AM
@The Le: You might be mixing me up with someone else. I've never used an inappropriate word on the site. (Although it does amuse me that assumption is considered an evil word.) Having your attention, I'd suggest doing what superfriend once suggested. Write an article about why you don't like the Improved Combat Abilities and then let us discuss there and please stop commenting on it each time you post a new figure. It just feels wrong for the owner of this site to complain about it every time it comes up.

Posted by: Improved Movement on 4/5/2013 10:08:15 AM
Minor note. The Red Hood and Solstice shown here are part of the Gravity Feed part of this release, not the Fast Forces. For those who do not know, Gravity Feeds are blind boxed single figures, usually numbering about 10 different figures per set. Fast Forces are a set of 6 guaranteed figures which you can see in a blister. For a picture of the Fast Forces set for Teen Titans, go to page 10.

Posted by: superfriend on 4/5/2013 7:04:31 AM
@Improved Movement: The one where you're spewing pointless obscenities? Yeah, I delete that stuff. That being said, I think your previous comment was in a different article, not this one. I very rarely have to delete comments here.

Posted by: The Le on 4/4/2013 4:46:14 PM
Sad that The Le removed my comment about Improved Movement. :(

Posted by: Improved Movement on 4/4/2013 4:14:19 PM
@jpoof You're right! That being said, this is a Wizkids issue. The image file comes directly from the Wizkids official FB site. The top and card both say #207, but the dial says #089. I don't know which one is wrong. It's out of my hands I'm afraid.

Posted by: The Le on 4/4/2013 2:09:18 PM
@ The Le not sure if it matters but for solstice the base and dial numbers do not match so im not sure if that's totally accurate or not

Posted by: jpoof on 4/4/2013 1:38:51 PM
Mid May for release I believe.

Posted by: superfriend on 4/4/2013 6:32:03 AM
When does the set get released

Posted by: Jared on 4/3/2013 6:29:07 PM
Gordonian. Always glad to see a few generics in the common slots. Spiderman gave us all those classic monsters.

For the second time in Teen Titans, WK misses the opportunity to give us 2 versions of a generic on the same dial. We got some great alternate versions of generics recently in Batman and SOG (Joker Thug and Gotham Detective for examples), Wish they had done that here too.

Posted by: superfriend on 4/3/2013 10:11:12 AM
Flash - why is Flash always a rare / super rare? The only easy to get Flash of recent times was the one in the JL52 FF pack, and that is hard to come by now. instead of an SR, WK should have made him a unique.

As for this Flash, overall I like the dial, but for 105 points, I'd probably use the DC10th Wally West Flash.

Posted by: superfriend on 4/1/2013 9:14:27 AM
why all the hate for improved movement? seems pretty strait forward to me =)

14 HSS with 3 natural damage is pretty sweet though!

Posted by: trevlor on 3/29/2013 10:02:09 PM
I didn't accidentally stumble on HC... did I? With the amount of complaining about the Improved Movement ability you would think I did.

Posted by: Improved Movement on 3/29/2013 3:08:48 PM
nu52 JL base: Thank you for the confirmation. Would bet that the last piece you can attach is Flash as he is a member of the team from issue 1 and Green Arrow is not (not yet anyway). Maybe if they do another round, the new JLAmerica could get a base with him. Hoping it looks great.

Were there any other Teen Titans related pieces on display?

Posted by: superfriend on 3/28/2013 9:31:10 AM
I was at Clixathon and can attest to the final team base being Nu52 JLA. I don't know who came packaged with it but I wouldn't doubt the Trinity. I just know that the full figures that can be attached are: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Cyborg, and maybe Green Arrow (that one I can't remember). I will say that they aren't as big as one would think. We could pick them up but now allowed to spin the dials or take pictures. They had all the TT team bases but the Villains for Hire along with some Fear Itself and the Con LE Shuma Gorrath.

Posted by: TechController on 3/27/2013 10:06:52 AM
A report from an event called "Clixathon" at another site says the final large team base is the nu52 Justice League, packed with the Trinity (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman). The person reporting it claims to have seen it in person.

Posted by: superfriend on 3/27/2013 6:30:15 AM
After Harvest, Rose Wilson and Leash, I am hoping we will get a N.O.W.H.E.R.E. generic minion type character with two versions on the same dial.

Posted by: superfriend on 3/22/2013 10:10:40 AM
Leash and Capture
1. I like the trait tied to the Capture ability.
2. Capture is more recent that you think. 003 Arkham Asylum Guard in Batman has Capture.

Posted by: superfriend on 3/22/2013 10:08:23 AM
Nice to see the FF set. Interesting choice of group for the set. In most sets we get most of the same characters in the main, gravity, and FF sets. Maybe this time gravity and FF will be different characters, meaning more characters with 2 versions and fewer characters with 3 versions.

Posted by: superfriend on 3/21/2013 6:45:57 AM
@Mantis Warrior: Most likely Harvest would only be able to use his own Outwit. The Player's Guide has this: Game effects which grant the use or possession of another game effect have no effect if the recipient can already use the new effect.

Posted by: Manhunter on 3/20/2013 8:37:02 AM
So if Harvest has his staff can he use outwit twice per turn or does he just have two powers that let him 'use outwit' i.e. once, but in slightly different ways?

Posted by: Mantis Warrior on 3/19/2013 10:34:58 AM
@superfriend: That is what it means.

@The Le: It's not entirely free for Harvest. He still has to pay the 15 point cost, but small cost for such a nice object.

Posted by: PassingBy on 3/18/2013 7:33:42 PM
That staff is insane. I think the 6 means you have to roll a 6 to pick it up.

Posted by: superfriend on 3/18/2013 4:02:48 PM
@yellow fear
Gizmo was part of the original team, so if we are getting whole teams, he takes precidence over Jinx.

Posted by: superfriend on 3/14/2013 10:26:31 AM
correction: throw in Micron O'Jeneus from Brave and the Bold

Posted by: The Yellow Fear on 3/13/2013 8:40:18 AM
I'm hoping for a full Fearsome Five role call in this set. Shimmer, Mammoth, Jinx, Dr Light, Psimon, and throw in from Micron O'Jeneus Brave and the Bold. It'd make nice use of that common unique I have 2 of.

Posted by: The Yellow Fear on 3/13/2013 8:38:55 AM
Good catch. That'll teach me for posting from work in a lunchbreak without my feat cards in front of me! I forgot it was still opponents choice whether to copy or accept having (effectively) no TA. A nerf for wildcard abuse teams only. I'm sure there must be something game-breaking you can do with that power though, just not sure what it is (insert imaginary quizzical smiley here)

Posted by: Mantis Warrior on 3/13/2013 6:51:49 AM
@Mantis Warrior: Not so much Ouch as Nerf since your opponent would most likely choose to not copy the team ability, but it's still a nice nerf strategy.

Posted by: Byrne on 3/12/2013 8:59:49 PM
@Kragnorak - How does "encouraging each other to get back in the fray" cause the character doing the encouraging to be more fatigued?

Posted by: superfriend on 3/12/2013 9:16:03 AM
Mammoth is a typical beatstick, but as Byrne has pointed out not too scary for 121. Shimmer however is intrigueing, the anti-mystic ability may be of little use in the Teen Titans set itself but in a constructed format could be lethal. Imagine using the saboteur feat to make all your opponents wildcards into mystics and including shimmer and some fodder to make attacks! OUCH!

Posted by: Mantis Warrior on 3/11/2013 8:49:12 AM
Mammoth needs Shimmer to be any good. And even with her, Outwit and hit a 16. Shimmer herself would only need a 7 to wallop him good.

Posted by: Byrne on 3/8/2013 8:33:54 PM
@superfriend said "With the XMen, the swapping of clicks of health kind of makes sense since they are mutants"

Don't forget that the clicks don't necessarily represent health, they also represent fatigue. The Titan and X-Men power can also represent characters encouraging each other to get back in the fray. It is a good ability to represent characters that bend over backwards for each other.

Posted by: Kragnorak on 3/7/2013 9:17:14 AM
Nightwing - I like the special damage power. And that they gave him range. For some reason, the DC 10th Nightwing fig has 0 range.

I wish he had both Titans and Batman ally TAs, as they have given multiple TAs to other figures. There was also a Nightwing figure (Crisis set?) which had a special power which gave him Titans and Outsiders TA.

I've never really understood the logic behind giving Nightwing (or Robin) the Titans TA. With the XMen, the swapping of clicks of health kind of makes sense since they are mutants. But half of the Titans are normal people.

Posted by: superfriend on 3/6/2013 2:21:07 PM
Le - 2 things.

1. instead of commenting on the improved movement in every article which causes everyone to ask why you dislike it, would you consider writing a separate article about your dislike for it so we can all discuss it in one place?

2. May I suggest moving all the pictures and commentary on the switch clix and 80's Titans base to the same page?

Posted by: superfriend on 3/6/2013 2:16:36 PM
@The Le: That Enhancement is actually on the first three clicks. Liking her even more now?

Posted by: PassingBy on 3/4/2013 6:07:40 PM
do not give up hope yet. Considering what we have seen, this set is very heavy in alternate versions of the same character names. Grayson as Robin and Nightwing. Wally and Bart as Kid Flash. Anyone who played a prominent role across the eras of Titans is likely to make an appearance in this set. With the pieces coming in team bases all given numbers above 60 so far. I think Terra and Jericho are both likely from that 80's era. The boxes seen at NY Toy Fair showed a number of members of Young Justice and the Rose Wilson Ravager.

I think we are in for a good amount of Titans.

Posted by: superfriend on 3/4/2013 4:26:19 PM
@Will1161: I'm with superfriend. It's unlikely she'll be part of a team base since there's no asset icon on her card. They need that to tell you who can be attached to which team base.

Posted by: Tristan on 3/4/2013 4:14:40 PM
That sucks, I was hoping for the Terra Perez/Wolfman era. She has no Teen Titans, Assassin or Teen keywords!

Posted by: tikiphantom on 3/4/2013 4:12:41 PM
Team base is unlikely for this group. The Ravagers as a team have been reported to be the Fast Forces pieces for this release. I think all the nu52 Titans and Ravagers will be old style pieces.

Posted by: superfriend on 3/4/2013 3:16:39 PM
This Terra is the Ravager from the New 52. I'd assume they have a team base. Fairchild, Ridge, Thunder, Lightning, & Beast Boy (red)

Posted by: Will1161 on 3/4/2013 2:06:06 PM
Can someone help me with a question. Who is this character? This really doesn't in anyway look like the 1980s Terra by Wolfman and Perez. I thought I recall they introduced a new character a few years ago with the same powers as the old Terra. Any one have the knowledge?

Posted by: ChronoFett on 3/4/2013 1:29:13 PM
I like the trait they gave Terra. Kind of like Barrier that stays up for as long as you want it to.

Posted by: superfriend on 3/4/2013 10:50:37 AM
Those pics aren't ATAs if that's what you're talking about, they are special abilities the characters grant to team bases.

Posted by: annoyinglizardvoice on 3/4/2013 10:02:28 AM
@Kragnorak: What ATA are you seeing on the card?

Posted by: Zack on 3/2/2013 4:22:17 PM
Do I see that ATAs are now being printed directly on the card?

Posted by: Kragnorak on 2/28/2013 9:15:31 AM
@The Le: That still doesn't work because the combat ability can be countered. If it was a Trait, it couldn't be. And they couldn't have the same dials if it was a special power.

Posted by: Tristan on 2/23/2013 6:00:37 PM
YJ comic team list - if I left someone off, please add.

Robin (Tim Drake)
Superboy (clone)
Impulse (Bart Allen)
Wonder Girl (Cassandra Sandsmark)
Red Tornado - more of a mentor than a member
Lil Lobo / Slobo.
the Ray.

Posted by: superfriend on 2/22/2013 10:42:46 AM
@ChronoFett. Young Justice was a comic years ago in the DC comic universe. The characters like Arrowette with the YJ keyword are from that comic run, not the cartoon (which I do like). I think this set has a lot of characters that are similar to the ones on the YJ show, if not exactly the same. For example, we are getting a Wally West Kid Flash, but in the comics he was a member of the Teen Titans. Bart Allen, Impulse was the speedster in the YJ comic team. Tim Drake (the new Robin in YJ Season 2) was Robin in the comics during the YJ comic series. I expect multiple Robin, multiple Kid Flash, multiple Wonder Girl to let players use any era of teen heroes they wish to put together. Characters made for the show, Aqualad, Artemis, Green Beetle are unlikely to appear in the game until they appear in the comics proper. But do not give up hope. Harley Quin started out in Batman The Animated Series and eventually moved into the comics. The YJ show version of Aqualad impressed Geoff Johns so much that he introduced a version of him during Brightest Day. No sign of him since the new 52 rewrite, but this set has lots of pre new 52, so we might get him.

Posted by: superfriend on 2/22/2013 10:39:46 AM
Hmmm...I find the "Young Justice" keyword to be very interesting on Arrowette. Is this supposed to be "Artemis" from the cartoon series? haha I'm guessing they can't use the name Artemis for the figure since Artemis is an Amazonian in the comics, right?

So, should I guess that there will be other figures with the same Young Justice keyword? I love the Young Justice cartoon series. I would love to see figures in the Teen Titans set that reflect the Young Justice characters.

Maybe we would even get a black Aqualad? That would be awesome!!!

Posted by: ChronoFett on 2/21/2013 11:17:14 AM
@Mantis Warrior: When it comes to Improved Targeting I'm not even sure I can think of a character who has it. (There probably is one, but it doesn't come to mind.) It seems to be mainly used in powers like Pulse Wave (and even there it's used sparingly). So it's probably not necessary, but at the same time it's not confusing.

Posted by: Tristan on 2/21/2013 1:33:47 AM
Also I would add is leap climb as a trait would not work for charge so the improved movement is a big bonuswhen coming to that

Posted by: jpoof on 2/20/2013 10:23:10 AM
Returning to topic :) Changeling has the 'Morph:Beast Boy' trait! And costs 60 points! Hoorah! Fingers crossed we will keep on getting more and more morph options for this one fig (and with DC75th about to go 'golden age' we needed an un-animaled version of Garth). I hope we get an armadillo (loadds of damage reducers and little else), a monkey (plasticity, leap and combat reflexes) and a rhino (charge, toughness)to maximise options.

Leaving topic :( @ Tristan Your point about complexity versus gain is brilliant. I quite agree. Improved movement is nice and makes characters like batman and spiderman play more how they should and as you say is not too hard to grasp (the + on the base gives you and your opponent a good heads-up!).
I'm not so sure about improved targetting though. I've rarely found it necessary to get the right 'feel' for a character. But hey that's just me. If you have any characters in mind who needed it I'm up for changing my mind (Gauntlet thrown!) ((chivalry not infinity!!))

Posted by: Mantis Warrior on 2/20/2013 9:33:28 AM
@Mantis Warrior: I understand where you're coming from. (Although I would say the game was actually a bit of a handful right from the start.) That said, as I said in my original comment, I can see where people are coming from with the complaints about the vehicle and team base rules. Those both seem quite complicated with little gain. The same goes for some of the special powers. (Larfleeze, anyone.) But, and I know you weren't speaking for The Le, The Le seems to have a particular dislike for the Improved Movement/Targeting and personally I don't think they're that complicated and they do add a cool element to the game. I was just curious as to what he so dislikes about them.

Posted by: Tristan on 2/19/2013 5:18:11 PM
@ Tristan
Not speaking for The Le here but with all of the New Mechanics in the game Clix both gains and loses. In the beginning (once the PAC powers were finished) the game was pretty simple to learn and was quite elegant in it's simplicity. You could do a lot of tactics with just the PAC and speed/size symbols. Todays game is much more in depth and comic accurate but loses that elegance in the constant checking of character cards and mechanics.
To see what I mean try teaching a newbie to play (I run a wargames club in the school I teach in so do this regularly). The number of basic rules you teach them that figures they own consistently break is staggering!
Is clix a 'better' game today than 7 years ago? Yes. But it has lost a little something along the way. Do we need improved targetting or would sharpshooter suffice? Do we need improved movement or would leap climb as a trait suffice? Potato potaatoe!

Posted by: Mantis Warrior on 2/19/2013 10:03:51 AM
@The Le: Why don't you like the Improved Movement/Targeting abilities? I understand the dislike by many of the vehicle and team base rules (just too complicated for too litte), but what's wrong with Improved Movement/Targeting abilites? They're pretty easy to understand.

Posted by: Tristan on 2/16/2013 4:50:42 PM
I've looked it over.... and I don't like it. Doesn't mean I'm leaving Heroclix like some temper tantrums I've read elsewhere. But it doesn't mean I'm buying in and spending money on it either. Feelings are the same about vehicles and I didn't buy into that either.

Posted by: Danzig01 on 2/16/2013 1:18:11 AM


Posted by: ChronoFett on 2/14/2013 4:27:31 PM
Holy complicated, Batman!
...and I struggled to wrap my brain around the vehicles...

Posted by: MEsch on 2/14/2013 11:34:16 AM
Sounds sick they should have some kind of villian teambase. Like mabey a deathstroke team base with him, rose wilison and jericho. Thatd be sick.

Posted by: Heroclixvillian on 2/13/2013 6:44:16 PM
The Flash Rogues are the rogues gallery that encompasses most of the main enemies of the Flash. These include:Captain Cold, Mirror Master, the Pied Piper, Weather Wizard, the Trickster, Captain Boomerang, the Top, Abra Kadabra, Heat Wave, and the Golden Glider.

Posted by: TechController on 2/13/2013 12:34:06 PM
First off what are the flash rogues? I am interested in learning about them. Are they the whole speedster family? I think the team base is sick dynamic. I just hope I can figure it out. because from what I have read it seems like its a combination of a resource, that moves and attacks with multiple characters kind of like a due based character with out the characters starting spliced and merging together. I still don't fully understand how the resources work yet. So far I like the new teen titans and the outlaws team base but, I am curious about the outlaws base because there isn't a spot on that one for a asset dial. base on that one is the base of a colossal circular. one circle base

Posted by: heroclix villina on 2/12/2013 6:38:54 PM
Though not likely in this set, I am holding out hope for the Flash Rogues in a switch-clix team!

Posted by: Olly on 12/6/2012 1:36:35 AM
OK, actually, what I meant to explain is that Starfire's base goes all the way to the edges too, so you don't see the line in the grey sidewalk. See how it's different?

Posted by: Preacher13 on 10/15/2012 11:28:38 AM
Starfire's base is in there too, it just isn't noticeable because hers is clear plastic instead of opaque.

Posted by: Preacher13 on 10/15/2012 11:26:31 AM
Am so looking forward to this set. Have been a Titans reader since the 80s. Dropped the "New 52" piece of garbage.

I am hoping for a new Terra (Tara Markov) which they can make a variant of for the dark-haired Terra.

Also hope Gar Logan is called Changeling and not Beast Boy. He out-grew that name when he left the Doom Patrol and joined the Titans. Hated when they had him go back to it to keep in line with the Teen Titans cartoon.

If I pull the Titan's Tower team base, it's going to be a display on my desk.

Posted by: lordoracle on 10/12/2012 9:10:13 PM
Not a fan of the titans (hate anything teen or younger :) ), but that Raven min still looks cool. Gen13 look interesting.

Posted by: annoyinglizardvoice on 10/10/2012 8:15:44 PM
Love that Wizkids is making a Titans themed set. Hopefully they make a Cassie Wonder Girl remake in this set as well. I also wouldn't mind seeing some Doom Patrol figures such as Negative Man so I can field the complete original team!

Posted by: phep on 10/9/2012 10:52:57 PM
Gen 13? well another reason to buy a DC set. Never been much into DC Comics but did read a lot of Image/Wildstorm so I guess I will start having some now. With Wildcats and Gen 13, looking good. Hope this trend continues

Posted by: Dread on 10/9/2012 2:27:37 PM
Hmmm... Not too convinced on this mechanic. It reminds me a bit of GW's ill fated "War of the ring" game where you could play bigger games by putting your Lord of the rings single minatures onto 'movement trays'. I suppose for bigger games of clix this could be good too but we're going to need some HUGE square old-school maps in the fast forces set for this to work properly.

Posted by: MantisWarrior on 10/9/2012 8:29:54 AM
GEN 13!!!! WWOOOOOWWW I never expexted this guys were going to be included! This is great!!! Know finally we can expect more of Vertigo, Wildstorm and even Icon comics (Marvel's) such as: More Hell Blazer, WildCats, V for Vendetta, Transmetropolitan, Kick Ass, Kabuki, etc! This is getting just amazing!!

Posted by: Jason CR on 10/9/2012 7:48:05 AM
Instead of DC colossals we get team bases? It's an ok idea, but it gets bumped down to lame if the price for super boosters stays at over $25. Good thing the sculpts for Gen 13 make up for it. Look at that Rainmaker!! Sure she'll be the first to break but what a run it'll be to that point!

Posted by: FlavorableDeez on 10/9/2012 4:55:03 AM
Am I the only one who has noticed that there is no indention for Starfire in the team base? In the place where she is shown on the base it is only smooth. Could it be that she is permanently attached to the base? If so then the super booster she comes with will have to have her on a regular Oreo base.

Posted by: Andrew on 10/8/2012 6:40:53 PM
I wonder if beast boy/changeling can morph into the other beast boy animals clix?

Posted by: tikiphantom on 10/8/2012 3:40:37 PM
The last two are Raven and Wonder girl(Donna Troy)!

Posted by: tikiphantom on 10/8/2012 3:37:40 PM
Finally, Perez/Wolfman era Kid Flash and Robin. I've been waiting for these two figures for along time. I'm liking the idea of the team stand dial.

Posted by: Tikiphantom on 10/8/2012 3:35:50 PM
I have been playing with scenarios in my head on how this switch thing would play out, and if it is, what I think it would be, I am diggin' the idea. Basically trying to get all / most of the Titans or Gen13 characters on the 12x4 dial, then now you have a colossal dial of a team of how ever many points to contend with. Liking the sculpts and new characters from Wildstorms! Bring it on Wildstorms! Is it still called that?

Posted by: Ianator73 on 10/8/2012 1:39:26 PM