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Giant Size X-Men Spoilers
The Le (10/10/2010)
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Also check out more Giant Size X-Men coverage in our TOYFAIR 2011 Section!
And check out the GsX Poster images!
Also see a preview of the BLOB!
Also see a preview of the GsX Maps!
Also see our Juggernaut Mystical Helmet Token!
Also see the additional Horseman of apocalypse, as convention exclusives!
Also see 3-Colossals Toys R Us Eclusives!

02-02-2011: GsX Poster Images found here!

01-19-2011: Well lookee lookee, we got ourselves a MADDOX, one of the commons found in Giant Size X-Men!

HeroClix Giant Size X-Men Madrox

HeroClix GSX Brick01-04-2011: Here's some official info on Giant Size X-Men from our friends at ICV2!

"The Giant Size X-Men set, which streets March 16th, introduces a new SKU, the Super Booster, which contains one of six different giant-sized figures (which include Nemesis, Onslaught, and the Sentinels). One Super Booster comes packed with eight five-figure Booster Packs in Bricks, and stores can pre-order one additional Super Booster with each Brick ordered.

The set includes 58 new figures in the regular Booster Packs, including subthemes such as Astonishing X-Men, Brotherhood of Mutants, Nextwave, and Hellions. WizKids is reviving its Buy it By the Brick program with the GSX release. The promo figure, Jamie Madrox (Multiple Man) will be made available at stores with Brick purchases, rather than via mail-in redemption.

[Prize] Kit contents are 15 Limited Edition figures (three copies of variant paint jobs of five different figures, each with a character card), 18 3-D objects (nine each of two different objects, each of which will have a special game effect), ten 24” x 36” maps, and an instruction sheet.

Retailers may buy one OP Kit with two GSX cases, two with seven GSX cases, and three with 12 GSX cases (that’s the max per store)."

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Your Comments:
i got a case and got onslauht nemisis collosus and wolverine cable and deadpool juggernaut the captain magneto and storm

Posted by: bp29 on 11/2/2011 5:42:23 AM
this was like 2 months ago, fail by the way for not posting before!

The first time, I got Angel (helped finish off my first class), Mindless One (not impressed), Predator X (one of my Death stars for others), SkullBuster (Ok..ish! although he did survive getting blasted by AOA Cyke before being blown up by Dazzler), and Caliban (so far my weak point). Wasn't so lucky. sadly, Mindless One was insulted by my friend, so ya!

Second Time, Cyclops (OH A!!! great range), Domino (like the song, she is.... Stayin Alive!), Siryn (great running Shot), Madrox (cannon fodder!! YAY!!!!), and Colossus/Wolverine (OOO! Death Star!)! Cyclops and Domino were removed from my eBay watch list!

after that, I got Nemesis!!! Great WMD!!

well, i'm hoping i''l get apoc, a sentinel, and juggernaut! :)

Posted by: Shadius on 5/20/2011 5:19:54 PM
woa the captains dial andmagnetos dial are amazing for there point value and look at those powerers but should have blades i think

Posted by: calvin on 5/5/2011 2:08:59 AM
Well I finally got my Heroclix today. I got #1-45 and Storm. I have to say, I am very impressed with these Heroclix. In the older sets, there were just a few that stood out and actually looked cool, but ALL the characters in this set looked amazing, imo. Honorable mentions (of the ones I have of course): Storm, Rogue, Mystique, Pyro, Blob, Psylocke, Predator X, Stryfe. Oh and the Madripoor/Krakoa map is cool too.

Posted by: Dan on 3/30/2011 1:02:57 PM
@something stinky @crustyjugglers

thank you! people are making more money selling their figures on ebay than wizkids is! theres obviously a demand for GSX and they failed to deliver. please please PLEASE release more :(

Posted by: chameleon girl on 3/27/2011 6:21:01 PM
@something stinky
seriously! the same thing happened to me! Ive been trying to buy a case since BEFORE release day and everywhere is sold out, and nobody seems to have any back orders coming. Ive called everywhere here in the bay area. nothing. is wizkids going to have ANY sort of reissues or is this it? there's still a lot of people trying to give them their money......

Posted by: crustyjugglers on 3/27/2011 6:18:27 PM
so upset with the limited supply of this set. cant find any bricks ANYWHERE. I want to buy at least one brick and everywhere is sold out because no local stores would let you preorder them.

Posted by: something stinky on 3/27/2011 6:14:59 PM
@ lamp post, wow! That really sucks. I hate to hear that happened to you.
@ Dave, you really got lucky!

I am still waiting for my Heroclix to come. I ordered the complete C, U, & R sets and got Storm... Then I ran out of money lol. This set of Heroclix is really expensive.

Posted by: Dan on 3/26/2011 1:21:49 AM
I got three bricks and a few super boosters, and i have the whole set other that the SR Wolverine...... guess i got lucky.

Posted by: Dave on 3/24/2011 10:20:21 PM
i opened my case and got a giant sized dump in mine.. frost giant with a broken sphere hulk with a broken claw 2 armors 2 archangels and a broken storm... thanks wizkids

Posted by: lamp post on 3/22/2011 2:39:14 PM
My question is: Why didn't Gambit get his own single clix? Rogue, Cyclops, Phoenix, Cable, and Deadpool got their own single. Why not Gambit?

Posted by: Dan on 3/22/2011 2:36:54 PM
I bought my brick this past Saturday. I got Nemesis, all memebers of Nextwave (which I was happy about), Armor, and Cable/Deadpool. It appears that the chases in this set follow the White Lantern rule of One per Brick.

Posted by: The Blue Hope on 3/21/2011 8:15:54 AM
@ Daniel. Yeah, same here, but the rumor is that they are in fact chases. I can honestly say, this is one time I HOPE I'm wrong. I'll settle for The Captain and Onslaught though.

Posted by: The Blue Hope on 3/17/2011 9:59:15 AM
@ The Blue Hope, I really hope that isn't true :(
I was really hoping to get Deadpool & Cable and Rogue & Gambit

Posted by: Daniel on 3/16/2011 5:59:44 PM
I just found out some depressing news. All of the duos are chase figures. I was really hoping to maybe pull a Cable/Deadpool. However, my luck has been shot by my FOUR Mysterios in WoS, and the two other chases I opened.

Posted by: The Blue Hope on 3/16/2011 10:05:03 AM
I love the LE Cable it is about time we got another version of him. Ilove the Cable/Deadpool series and to see that version of Cable is awesome. He is definitely going to be a part of my team.

Posted by: Lantern 2814.5 on 3/10/2011 6:58:14 AM
Karima seems like a large price-increase from Omega Prime Sentinel, but with an addtional 2-clicks of life, Indomitable, both the X-Men and PD TA, and better combat values, Karima is not bad at 118-pts!

Reasonable price increase from the Rookie Omega Prime to Veteran Karima.

Posted by: Hodak on 3/9/2011 9:06:41 AM
I am guessing (and hoping!) there will not be another Deadpool figure in GSX. The WoS Deadpool is enough Wade-love for me for 2010/2011! ;)

Posted by: Hodak on 3/9/2011 9:02:13 AM
I would like to see Sebertooth preview.

Posted by: kana78 on 3/7/2011 9:46:40 PM
So if these are LE figs that means there's a solo deadpool figure? Or is it just like the FCBD green lantern (a split duo base) ?

Posted by: Durp on 3/7/2011 9:27:47 PM
Is the special preview in addition to the regular preview or are we picking th regular preview? if it is in addition, I hope they make it exclusive to this site for at least half a day like they did for the Spanish site.

Posted by: JOwenR2 on 3/7/2011 7:09:40 PM
Oh good! More chase figures! Still feeling the sting of DC75th. This would have been a good set to take a break on chases, considering the new format and all. :(

Posted by: ninthdoc on 3/7/2011 6:23:21 PM
Caliban will make a sweet Annihilation Drax mod...

Posted by: Preacher13 on 3/4/2011 6:21:51 PM
@werker the move and attack ability states you cannot use it while locked in combat, but other than that yes you can use the range unmodified hypersonic speed at any time.

With this hulk piece, i am assuming it is merely allowing you to target him with mind control, and not allowing allied pieces to have and use it on him, correct? (any clarification would be helpful).

Posted by: sparkdemon on 3/3/2011 6:02:29 AM
excellent. A decent dial to put my custom archangel on. he's a transporter does that mean he can use hypersonic anytime?

Posted by: werker on 3/2/2011 1:55:00 PM
I totally agree with Japete61, how can you have both Angel and Archangel in a set and not have them AE? I realize that "first class" Angel is not the right version, but how much longer are we goning to have to wait for that to happen? Also, how much longer do we have to wait to get an Angel with the Champians keyword, or Archangel with X-Force? Maybe one of the LEs will help us out.

Posted by: wilx on 3/2/2011 9:21:02 AM
Wow, I really like what I'm seeing from the horsemen in archangel and hulk. I hope they have the other two horsemen to round out a themed team. I was however wishing that they would somehow make angel and archangel alter egos. Anyone know anything about the LEs for this set yet?

Posted by: Japete61 on 3/2/2011 8:52:14 AM
Hmmm, Archie and WarHulk make a nice 298 theme team.

Posted by: Puuka on 3/2/2011 8:42:13 AM
Angel First Class: nice low-cost taxi, good mobility with his SP!!

Archangel: 11AV and Running Shot / Psychic blast can ding high-cost figs like Superman and WL Sinestro, while the Move-and-Attack ability allows a respectable 9AV for 3-clicks; plenty enough to get Deadshot off his SP!

Posted by: Hodak on 3/2/2011 8:09:30 AM
Really like this Hulk. Also, love the fact that he is a Warrior and 199 pts. Now my Warriors team can get a nice make over, or I can make a fun Hulk and Red Hulk team.

Posted by: Javasquirrel on 3/1/2011 6:19:26 PM
100% agree with The Blue Hope.

Posted by: JasonCR on 3/1/2011 8:05:53 AM
I must admit, the new Hulk looks fantastic. I really like the "Here's Your Friend Back" power.

Posted by: The Blue Hope on 2/28/2011 11:10:27 AM
i beat Marvel vs Capcom 3 4 times

Posted by: Little J on 2/27/2011 6:14:16 PM
there's going to be more than just A colossal figure in the super boosters, right?

Posted by: marcus on 2/27/2011 5:39:42 AM
I am hoping that one of the LEs is a Reaver/Hellfire guard. We already have Wade Cole, maybe a Macon or a Reese to start rounding out the trio.

Posted by: Dairoka on 2/25/2011 1:44:47 PM
Reavers? Awesome.
Now wheres Mal, Zoe Jane,and River?

Posted by: johnwhite on 2/25/2011 11:42:31 AM
The Reavers are pretty cool! Good power-set, reasonable cost.

Glad to see these robots (correctly!) all have Indomitable!

Posted by: Hodak on 2/25/2011 10:31:42 AM
These trenchcoats seem to be doing more then those on multipleman from sinister.

Posted by: wilx on 2/24/2011 10:50:34 AM
These trenchcoats... They used to make figures out of more than one piece of plastic, so that the trenchcoats and capes could billow in the wind. These trenchcoats are all molded out of the same piece as the legs and the rest of the body... Arrrgh.

Posted by: Lambert on 2/24/2011 12:34:41 AM
What if the 6th colossal was Dormammu? I know he's not an X-men villain, but it would work with the set. He would go great with the Mindless Ones. And I think a lot of X-men non-fans would jump at it. maybe that's another reason they've kept it so tightly under wraps. To reveal it the day before release would promote a "gotta have it" feel from everyone who was all "meeh" about the set because they didn't like X-men. All of a sudden, they want the last colossal figure to be announced and are scrambling to buy one.

Posted by: Fox Ellis on 2/23/2011 9:59:33 PM
You'd think they'd include Dormammu in GSX as well, would'nt you? Oy...

Posted by: Owlman166 on 2/23/2011 5:34:36 PM
@Sevenfeathers, #18 Caliban was a Horsemen of the Apocalypse. He has been Death and Pestilence (I think). Also I am sure we are getting a Gambit of some kind. He is on the box. It could be Death Gambit or at least a Gambit that has the Horsemen group compatibility.

Posted by: Daniel on 2/23/2011 2:48:59 PM
ouch. nothing delicate about the mindless ones. look out dr strange!

Posted by: tylerdrake on 2/23/2011 9:55:43 AM
@ Tom, I agree that X-man/Nate Grey needs a piece soon.

Posted by: bobby on 2/23/2011 9:49:12 AM
I was kinda hoping they'd do a remake of Tasmaster, since the Avengers version is extremely overpriced. I guess not...

Posted by: Owlman166 on 2/22/2011 8:36:23 AM
@ Tom, the possibility of Spider-Phoenix has made my day. Thank you.

Posted by: Dairoka on 2/22/2011 7:42:45 AM
so this set seems ok...i am really stoked for the Nextwave and will hav that whole team, Juggernaut is going to be on my want list if he has the Thunderbolt keyword and if he doesnt then the Excaliber keyword. i think its awesome that we are getting the Horsemen, but so far its looking like we two Deaths (wolverine and archangel) one war (hulk) but i didnt notice a Pestilence or Famine, i am hoping that thats going to be cleared up with one of the unknown duo clix yet to be revealed. we are also most likely gonna see the Cable of set is going to be in the LE section, where we are likely to see the shadow cat. due to her cuttent state in the comics i can see them repainting the Armor sculp would be cool, but i doubt it...other than that, the Horseman is on my list including the Apocalypse and the rest of the collossal and duo clix. overall i am dissapointed in the overall number of pieces i want from this set. the number is rather low.

Posted by: SevenFeathers on 2/19/2011 7:35:11 PM
I'm pleased by what I'm seeing, but I'm dying to know what the 54 -58 items are(duos?), the 6th super-booster fig (Phoenix?), and the LE's. I'd like to see Franklin Richards, X-Man, maybe an Askanison Cable, Mother Askani (Rachel), and....(I know I'll catch crap for this) Spider-Phoenix!!

Posted by: Tom on 2/18/2011 3:42:56 PM
Cool. The five Nextwave figures add up to exactly 500. Of course, I mostly just want Tabitha for X-Force. . . Monica for Secret Wars teams. Machine Man to fight Marvel Zombies. . .

I am really liking this set. I may have to actually buy a case, which I have not done since Hammer of Thor.

Posted by: tylerdrake on 2/18/2011 3:34:06 PM
@CallMeMMOTO: Thanks. I thought that was him, since I hadnt see Machine Man in like forever in comics. He looks better then he use to, and his dial is an improvement over the original Machine Mans dial.

Posted by: Nightwing-fan on 2/18/2011 2:50:55 PM
@Nightwing-fan: Aaron Stack is Machine Man from Nextwave, and he is a beast.

Posted by: CallMeMOTO on 2/18/2011 2:29:34 PM
I like new previews. Elsa is one I think I will use a few times. I know if I pull her at the sealed event there is a god chance she will be used.

As much as I like the Avengers, I have no idea who Aaron Stack is? Is this the old clix figure, Machine Man's new ID? I honestly dont remember ever seeing him in the comics.

Posted by: Nightwing-fan on 2/18/2011 2:19:27 PM
@The Le, thanks for the info. Although I am not an avid player and due to the cost of raising kids(lol) I have to limit myself when purshasing clix. My oldest has since moved out on his own but I still enjoy collecting clix for my younger son who is starting to grow out of his comic book stage. I can't wait to see the new figures in person. Thanks again

Posted by: Daniel on 2/18/2011 1:42:42 PM
@Daniel: That is up to your store owner. For every case (maybe brick) the owner orders, he can also order an additional "loose" Super Booster, which will be sold on it's own. so please check with your local store!

Posted by: The Le on 2/18/2011 1:28:20 PM
Is buying a brick the only way to get a super booster?

Posted by: Daniel on 2/18/2011 1:20:10 PM
Per the WK/NECA article you can remove the Energy blast but no mention of hand swapability was made :) on a Side note I can't wait to run these guys with the 100 pt IC's as backup.

Posted by: JOwenR2 on 2/16/2011 6:14:05 AM
I want 2 of them, since i have 2 of each of the other Sentinels thats been released. I dont know if I'll want the wolverine hand on both. Hopefully we can swap out hands.

Posted by: Nightwing-fan on 2/15/2011 2:16:17 PM
This being a Mark 2 model means if they give us a latter model should be a real bear.....

Posted by: scourge101 on 2/15/2011 8:34:08 AM
These look great! I best make room on my shelf... display worthy!

Posted by: Ianator73 on 2/14/2011 5:38:30 PM
@Bob: Incinerate is a DAMAGE POWER. Therefore he gets it at the beginning and the end of his dial.

Posted by: The Le on 2/14/2011 3:26:11 PM
wonder what clix the incinerate will be on...since none are outlined in black.

Posted by: bob on 2/14/2011 3:18:08 PM
Will the new Sentinels will retail the Multi-Attack ability? For a 300-pt fig, I would expect it to, but I do not see a Trait symbol on the dial nor the ability on the card. Colossal damage symbol alone does not provide Multi-Attack.

Posted by: Hodak on 2/14/2011 1:35:32 PM
I could not be happier that the Sentinel is hitting Cannonball with its cryo-freeze-eye-beams. Can't recall the issue, but straight out of New Mutants. Also, I miss Spider-Man.

Posted by: Dairoka on 2/14/2011 6:38:47 AM
How big are these figures?

Posted by: Lordcassidyg on 2/12/2011 2:06:37 PM
" Lockheed " isn't as good as I had hoped ; it should at the very least have a ( 6 ) -range .

Posted by: Panther7 on 2/12/2011 12:52:56 PM
The Captain is awesome! He's a character from NextWave, who originally called himself "Captain *!@*#" before meeting Captain America, who beat him severely and left him in a dumpster with a bar of soap in his mouth. In the comics, he's got Super Strength, flight and incredible durability.

Posted by: Electric Mayhem on 2/11/2011 11:03:53 AM
That lockheed is awesome, i can just imagine having 3 of those bad boys on a team behind somebody big!

Posted by: CaptainAwesome on 2/9/2011 10:11:55 PM
That Lockheed is awesome! Is sculpt looks great. Better than the picture. Maybe that will stop you haters from hating. Can't wait to use him.

Posted by: wilx on 2/9/2011 1:54:01 PM
Look at the beasts card and then look at the sculpt soo much different im very disappointed already. I was psyched for beast now im like mehhh.. BUT I am so stoked for lockheed! I want tons of them! I guess some figures cant always be to what you always expect.

Posted by: Jer on 2/9/2011 10:35:11 AM
ive been waiting for months for march 16th to get my case i dont think i can wait much longer

Posted by: tanner on 2/6/2011 10:02:26 PM
release is march 16th...

Posted by: marcus on 2/6/2011 8:04:03 PM
Does anyone know the release date for GSX Heroclix?

Posted by: Rich on 2/6/2011 5:58:31 PM
Here's some character food for thought: The Android Wolverine that hung out with Elcee-Dee (The little girl android), The Demon Sim (from Magik's Demon realm with the techno virus from New Mutant warlok), An Updated Black Queen, A New strand of powered up brood (the old ones were so weak!), All of the Royal Guard from Llylandra's world in X-men, Almagam figures, and an old Marvel Unknown "Bloodstone"

Posted by: Rich on 2/6/2011 5:54:46 PM
i agree with your reasoning for having beast as a duo with spidey... but since their stint as avengers wolverine and spiderman have become a bad a** duo also...

Posted by: marcus on 2/5/2011 11:00:57 AM
I'm kind of glad no Spider-man figure was made. Even though he has teamed up with the X-Men countless times he never joined them. If I had to pick a character for them to do a duo-figure with Spidey in the X-men my first pick would be Beast. They both have high intelligence and similar physical abilities. I think that would be cool. Oh well, maybe next set.

Posted by: aaron on 2/5/2011 7:04:20 AM
Teen Wolf!

Posted by: werker on 2/4/2011 2:13:50 AM
its pretty quiet around here

Posted by: question on 2/3/2011 10:07:01 AM
lockheed only got a solo fig due to his stint in the s.w.o.r.d series... and i agree about spiderman althought a spiderman and wolverine duo would b nice...

Posted by: marcus on 1/31/2011 5:15:31 PM
Also, Forge would be nice.

Posted by: Jake on 1/31/2011 5:15:06 PM
I don't think lacking a Spider-Man is a big deal, he seems overdone as it is. I would sincerely hope that Mr. Sinister and Cable are in this set. If not, I would be very disappointed. Also, to make a Lockheed and NOT a shadowcat? What is that all about? Other than that, I'm way excited!

Posted by: Jake on 1/31/2011 5:14:54 PM
im interested in seeing what actually comes out of these boosters, it could b hit or miss...

Posted by: marcus on 1/31/2011 5:14:28 PM
I hope they do a mr.sinister and marcus (three coments below) he is one of the hourse men so that could work and we need a new one badly anyway

Posted by: tanner on 1/31/2011 5:12:18 PM
If all the characters in the set are as detailed and well painted as this beast figure is, I think I'll pass. Look at the 3-D rendering of Beast on the card right next to it, and then look at the actual beast sculpt that we get. The two bear only superficial resemblance to one another.

Posted by: Gerald on 1/28/2011 3:48:12 PM
they better make apocalypse otherwise that would be false advertising too!!

Posted by: colbert on 1/28/2011 10:22:31 AM
nemesis was also a horseman of apocalypse so theres still one horseman missing

Posted by: marcus on 1/28/2011 6:47:48 AM
@ the question, There have been quite a few Horsemen of Apocalypse:
Death: Archangel, Wolverine, Gambit, Caliban
Famine: Ahab, Sunfire
Pestilence: Caliban, Polaris
War: Hulk, Deathbird
So we know we are getting Wolverine, Hulk, Archangel, Caliban, and supposedly Gambit. Any of these could be the Horsemen.

Posted by: Daniel S on 1/28/2011 2:23:19 AM
Few thoughts...
The four mystery super rares are...
1. Wolverine and Colossus - Fastball Special
2. Gambit has to be in the set or else they are false advertising.
3. X-Man is long over due.
4. Lady Deathstrike - This set needs a Reaver leader.

Some thoughts on the colossal figs
We know Sentinel, Onslaught, and Nemesis
Dark Phoenix
Mojo maybe
The Blackbird on a colossal clix.
All four horsemen on the same clix.
Double clix with Spiderman and Shadowcat from the Ultimate Universe. Dual team abilities as well. Spiderman has to be in every set (Maybe Super Mega Rare)

Posted by: Fife Dog on 1/28/2011 1:17:55 AM
we all know hulk and wolverine are two of the four horsemen... who are the other two and are they in this set?

Posted by: the question on 1/27/2011 4:51:07 PM
I am well looking forward to the set but the actual figures in comparison to the picture on the cards are awful... if they are as detailed as the pictures why such a bad paint job, send them out unpainted, that would make the set cheaper to buy and then at least i could do a good job of painting them!

Posted by: adam on 1/27/2011 7:15:53 AM
How about a Beast that looks like the one on the main page? Just from what I see it's not a home run despite the digital sculpting. Omega looks nice however.

Posted by: hoopty on 1/26/2011 2:23:58 PM
Loving that Beast! Love the double team ability and that trait. But i'm missing the Perplex and not being able to put brilliant tactition on him. But at last we have a beast who can hold his own in a fight.

Posted by: wilx on 1/26/2011 12:04:47 PM
One of the other sites posted cyclops and emma frosts dials and im not disappointed by them...

Posted by: marcus on 1/26/2011 5:19:06 AM
@webslinger14, Yes the Hulk & Wolverine SR's represent when Hulk & Wolverine were Apocalypse's Horseman, War & Death.

I wonder if Leech will counter powers like the Power Leech card did in OverPower.

Posted by: GreenLantern1973 on 1/25/2011 8:20:22 PM
Seriously. Spider-Man had to be in at least ONE issue of the X-Men. The X-Men were the guest hero in the last issue (150) of the original Marvel Team-Up. Can't you stick him in an X-Suit? Make another House of M where he pretends to be a mutant? I'm just sad that the S-M trend looks broken.

Posted by: dairoka on 1/25/2011 2:35:01 PM
all i know is there is finally a trevor fritzroy,gate crasher,and a stryfe. it would be nice to see a new mojo and the warwolves but ya cant make em all i guess. how about do characters that haven't been done already. f**k*ing wolverine and hulk are in this one too why dont y'all throw another iron man in this set too?

Posted by: 5 star zombie killa on 1/25/2011 2:04:16 PM
I think it's cool to do specific sets like this. I think they should keep doing it, but maybe add a few other pieces that won't necessarily fit into the theme for comic book events like Dark Reign.

Posted by: Mikeneto on 1/25/2011 10:22:52 AM
The Avengers in the set are Beast, Wolverine, Monica, and Aaron. The Gaurdians of the Galaxy will have fun fighting Vulcan.
I too would have liked to see more diversity, namely a new Black Widow and Nova, but seeming as how there weren't any X-Men in Secret Invasion or Hammer of Thor and only 5 in Web of Spiderman, it's only fair that the muties get their turn this go around.

Posted by: wilx on 1/24/2011 4:25:18 PM
According to our judge and venue owner. This poster is an early version of the set and does not show the final set list. On a couple of other sites I have read that there is 58 characters in this set. With the poster only going up to 54, who do you think is missing? Are the other 4 the colossals or regular sized characters?

About the poster. I love the fact were getting a new Rogue. She is one of the those I'm most excited about. But there isn't a lot of them I'm interested in. Most of those I am are new versions of the regular/Classic X-Men members and the Brotherhood. Quite a few of them I dont know who they are.

My other question is, Who in this set belongs to the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Defenders, Marvel Knights and all the other parts of the Marvel universe. Is this set going to just be "Mutant Only" and ignore the rest of the Marvel universe.

I see this set selling out, but if it is "Mutant Only". I can see alot of people being turned off by it. Were is the love for everyone else?

Posted by: Nightwing-fan on 1/24/2011 1:30:46 PM
I like the bulk of the sculpts and character choices (but do agree sinister needs a remake) but my big complaint is marvel making over-powered under-pointed characters like our new Magneto, with his power and ability on this piece he should be closer to 250, not that I don't like Mag's or think he deserves such power but to bring it in so low in points breaks the game! (previous under-pointed gods Skrull Miss Marvel, Dr. Strange, and Namor)

Posted by: Emerald Knight on 1/24/2011 11:35:20 AM
Holy poop! Is this the first Marvel set WITHOUT a SPIDER-MAN?!?! Never did I think I would see the day.

Posted by: Dairoka on 1/24/2011 11:10:45 AM
Not sure who elixer is but Domino was Cable's original right hand lady. She is a mutant that is seen with a black and white domino or yin yang type face. She weilds hand guns and her ability is luck and dexterity. Hopefully they make her a sharp shooter. (If not they should have)

Posted by: Rich on 1/24/2011 10:13:15 AM
so since the omega sentinels are female figs its a safe guess that the LE will be Karima Shapandar from the excalibur series and sinisters new marauders... right?

Posted by: marcus on 1/24/2011 7:39:48 AM
very disappointed that there is no Mr sinister.

Posted by: skate4md on 1/24/2011 4:52:03 AM
@Adam don't forget

Archangel = DEATH HELLS YA

Posted by: refrusdraob on 1/23/2011 6:41:03 PM
Hulk=WAR Wolverine=DEATH 4horsemen=Bad Ass

Posted by: Adam on 1/23/2011 1:54:30 PM
I really, really really hope that the quality of the actual figures, the level of detail and the paint job are as detailed and well-done as the publicity photos that have been shown, but that it rarely the case. I suppose one can still hope though. This figures look like the best that the new wizkids under NECA has put out so far, but are still not up to the level of the old Armor Wars and Fantastic Forces releases in quality and detail.

Posted by: Jerry on 1/23/2011 1:07:35 PM
The 15 LEs are, as usual, 3 copies of 5 LEs. They are usually repaints, so I wouldn't expect figures that would require new sculpts not yet seen (such as duos)...

Posted by: razzed1 on 1/23/2011 11:38:46 AM
The set includes 58 new figures in the regular Booster Packs, including subthemes such as Astonishing X-Men, Brotherhood of Mutants, Nextwave, and Hellions.

So with 54 listed, I'm assuming 55-58 are the dual figs, plus the 6 super boosters, and the 15 LE's, makes for a lot of figures. I'm ordering a case, and still doubt I'll complete a set without buying/trading for singles. I'm not sure my venue will be able to handle enough tournaments to complete all the OP items, but one can hope. I can see a huge chunk of cash invested in this set.

Posted by: Tom on 1/23/2011 7:15:31 AM
So the List with numbers is
001 Madrox
002 Purifier
003 omega prime sentinel
004 Hellfire club guard
005 mindless one
006 Skullbuster
007 Pretty Boy
008 Cyclops
009 Wolverine
010 Beast
011 Emma Frost
012 Cypher
013 Empath
014 Roulette
015 Tabitha Smith
016 Aaron Stack

017 Domino

018 Caliban
019 William Stryker
020 Harry Leland
021 Tarot
022 Cannonball
023 Psylocke
024 Gideon

025 Elixir

026 Leech
027 Siryn
028 Elsa Bloodstone
029 Monica Rambeau
030 Rogue
031 Angel
032 Ch'od
033 Blob
034 Pyro
035 Mystique
036 Professor X
037 Gatecrasher
038 Iceman
039 Lockheed
040 Sabretooth
041 Stryfe
042 Predator X
043 Trevor Fitzroy
044 Bonebreaker
045 Vulcan
046 Juggernaut
047 Phoenix
048 Storm
049 Archangel
050 Armor
051 Hulk
052 Wolverine
053 Magneto
054 The Captain

Posted by: David TG Riches on 1/22/2011 11:42:56 PM
Giant Sized YES to Psylocke, Sabertooth, Ch'od, Rogue, etc!! But a Giant Sized NOOOOOOOOOO to the lack of Cable, Mr. Sinister, and Random! I mean, come on guys! Two versions of Wolverine in the set? Another Hulk? Some character are WAAAAAAY over made. Does anyone know who #17 or #25 are though... those are the only two we are missing I think.

Posted by: grizzlegrak on 1/22/2011 7:28:15 PM
Yes! They did make a new Rogue!! The majority of these Heroclix look awesome! Storm, Phoenix, and Magneto... wow. I am very impressed and will most likely spend a lot of money on these. I better start saving up lol.

Posted by: Daniel S on 1/22/2011 5:46:46 PM
A couple that I'd like to get, I am surprised by another Hulk though. I'm hoping that Gambit as a horseman shows up, what is the wolverine R/SR?

Posted by: Javasquirrel on 1/22/2011 11:38:21 AM
Is that Hulk the horseman of Apocalypse version. I don't recognize the outfit, but he was one at one time.

Posted by: Webslinger14 on 1/22/2011 10:00:17 AM
Oh, come on, guys...
No Dormammu? We got the Mindless ones, finally! No Black Bolt? And do we really need another Hulk, or Wolverine?! I will say that Sabretooth, Juggy, Mystique, Magneto, and Cyclops looks awesome, but still...

Posted by: Owlman166 on 1/22/2011 9:56:56 AM
fuuuu... where is Cable ?!!

Posted by: wtf?! on 1/22/2011 6:39:31 AM
Tron Wolverine. Nuff' said, Bub.

Also, I'm guessing that the cannonball special is going to be an LE figure. It isn't on the poster anywhere and it most certainly will not be a colossal, so...

One last thing, the Hulk? Really? Could have been Hope or Cable or anyone other than what looks like another Green Scar.

Posted by: CallMeMOTO on 1/22/2011 2:42:07 AM
I have to say that all the figures looks even better than I thought!!! I really want to see the rest. The only thing I'm a little sad about is that there is not Jubes on this set (not that I know) and so far I have ,not seen anything about her. Well, well most of the time they leave her out, doesn`t sorprise me, but I really wanted to see another Jubilee in action!!!:( Anyway!!! generally the expansion looks just great!!! :)

Posted by: JasonCR on 1/22/2011 12:11:53 AM
Lockheed, Siryn, Cypher and a new Pyro!! Yeah, I know where most of my tax return is going...

Posted by: Bennett on 1/21/2011 11:41:44 PM
One: Yes! Lockheed!!!!
Two: Oh, crap. The put in the freaking Purifiers.

Posted by: American Dragon on 1/21/2011 10:37:57 PM
Ah yes ^-^ how embarrassing, I've gotten the Rule of 3 mixed up with the rules on Unique characters somewhere along the line :) Thank you for your quick response

Posted by: Maj on 1/21/2011 7:06:54 PM
Omega Prime: very nice sculpt, I like the "hip-shot" stance. Good dial for the cost. Would ths be considered a "generic" or were multiple Omega Prime Sentinels in the population? I would like to field multiples on my Robot team, but I tend toward Highlander teams;I rarely, if ever, field multiples of a non-generic.

Posted by: Hodak on 1/21/2011 10:53:14 AM
@Japete61, In GSX a BRICK will consist of 8 regular Boosters and 1 Superbooster. And will cost the same.

so a case will consist of 16 regular boosters, and 2 super boosters.

Posted by: refrusdraob on 1/20/2011 9:12:57 PM
@Maj: I have never heard of any such rule. The "Rule of 3" only applies to modifying combat stats.

Posted by: The Le on 1/20/2011 8:52:19 PM
Will the additional figures still be subject to the rule that states no more than 3 figures with the same name/set number? or will these figures be exempt?

Posted by: Maj on 1/20/2011 7:52:05 PM
I heard a rumor that for this set 8 booster packs and 1 super booster will be considered a case, can anyone tell me if this is true or not? If it is it sucks because you will only get half what you would have before for the same price. Like I said it's only a rumor but I wanted to see if anyone else heard the same thing.

Posted by: Japete61 on 1/20/2011 5:51:42 PM
Robes -- Look at the attack special power, not the trait. The trait is indeed designed to work only with this set's figures, but the special power says "whose name includes 'Madrox' or 'Multiple Man'"... the attack special power will key off the old figures.

Posted by: WolvieFan9 on 1/19/2011 5:16:16 PM
this does look awesome. my fave x characters are finally getting the clix love they deserve.
@ WolvieFan9, that would be cool if the SP could work with the old figs but the GSX symbol next to the name means it'll only work with the ones from this set.

Posted by: robes on 1/19/2011 3:33:10 PM
That Madrox is perfect.

Posted by: RKJS on 1/19/2011 2:17:00 PM
Interesting trait on Madrox -- it looks like one of the LEs will be a Jamie Madrox. I love how the special power accounts for the old Sinister figures in Golden Age! Well done, WK!

Posted by: WolvieFan9 on 1/19/2011 1:35:37 PM
Of course I meant YELLOW and blues, not red and blues...

Posted by: Preacher13 on 1/15/2011 11:04:00 AM
An Astonishing version of Cyclops is my most wanted X-men character, though a Wolvie in the red and blues would be nice too. Oh, and a First Class Angel to finally finish the M&M team which didn't include him for some reason...

Posted by: Preacher13 on 1/15/2011 10:58:58 AM
I hope that the super packs aren't like the huge packs from WotC mini games. The distribution on those was terrible and secondary market on them was a joke. Of course I'll be honest the only huge click that has my attention is Onslaught.

Posted by: Javasquirrel on 1/15/2011 7:26:28 AM
There is a photo and write up of this magneto on the official wizkids/neca web page.

Posted by: Japete61 on 1/15/2011 3:47:22 AM
I'm also worried about the cost...these "big figures" are going to be to expensive to collect...I really hope I get proved wrong...I still think this is fake also...again hope to be proved wrong...

Posted by: Jace on 1/15/2011 2:49:07 AM
My favorate Magneto

Posted by: Little J on 1/15/2011 2:46:57 AM
The original information from WizKids on page one said that there would be 8 Super Boosters. This latest from ICV2 says that there are only 6 different SBs; interesting change.

Posted by: ninthdoc on 1/14/2011 1:43:00 PM
So far I really like what I have seen from this set. I also like the new magneto dial and think I might have to retire my armor wars version. Also, on a side note can anyone tell me why the dial/set list for DC 75th is not on the official site and where I might find a full list.

Posted by: Japete61 on 1/14/2011 1:03:18 PM
This Magneto version is awesome! His attack power is just brutal, even without objects adjacent to him. And, he has a ton of health! I give him a 4.5 out of 5.

Posted by: Owlman166 on 1/14/2011 12:47:53 PM
Here is to hoping that we get a new Longshot and a new Gladiator in this set :)

Posted by: chrisgo316 on 1/14/2011 12:26:33 PM
Hopefully the figures will look at good as the photos do. Magneto looks like he may be tough to take out. At least now I can finally retire my Ultimates version. He was the only one I like of all the early versions of Magneto.

Posted by: Nightwing-fan on 1/14/2011 11:07:26 AM
Cool, Magneto's trait is awesome! By modifying Combat Values, Magneto's first-click defense on a Debris Marker will be 19 against Close Combat, and 22 (effective 21 due to Ro3, but against opposing Perplexers, Drain the Spectrum, etc, you use the 22) against Ranged Combat. I like his Defense SP, as well!

Posted by: Hodak on 1/14/2011 9:44:16 AM
The Emma figure dial has been spoiled already. She looks great and is very playable.
As for some X-Villians that I'd like to see (besides the Magneto, Onslaught, Apocalypse, and Sentinels that were confirmed) I'd like to see:
Horsemen of the Apocalypse (although Hulk as War, Archangel as Death, and Wolverine as Death are confirmed)
Mr. Sinister
Others I would like to see:

Posted by: Peter Papadooulos on 1/10/2011 10:29:24 PM
it would be nice to see the black bolt, but will it be a joke or a true bolt?

Posted by: comic reader on 12/29/2010 9:53:02 PM

For sure!

Posted by: heylecomic on 12/27/2010 9:33:01 AM
Do you think mystique will have shape change as a trait?

Posted by: Underdog on 12/26/2010 5:59:16 AM
It's not impossible that we might find remakes of the Starjammers and a Vulcan figure since some of the X-Men were part of Realm of Kings ... Your wish might come true!

On another note, since Emma Frost is my favorite character of all time, I'm sure that for her remake, we will finally have the choice to use either her psionic powers or her diamond form (because when in diamond form, she cannot access her telepathic powers nor can she be affected by them). The power will probably read as follows:

Chose one of the following abilities:
Emma Frost can use Mind Control, Psychic Blast and Super Senses. She gets +2 to her defense value when targeted by Mind Control.
Emma Frost can use Invulnerability, Close Combat Expert and Battle Fury.

Posted by: heylecomic on 12/23/2010 9:22:12 AM
Regarding X-Villains, I would like to see Onslaught, Magneto, and Sabretooth. However, I would also like to see:
1) Black Bolt
2) Dormammu
3) Medusa
4) Vision
5) An affordable Taskmaster
6) Vulcan

Posted by: Owlman166 on 12/21/2010 10:48:37 PM
Since Madrox is the BiBtB figure, I'm hoping that there'll be a common 'Dupe' figure, so we can really have Multiple Men. And you're right hoopie toopie, we do need some filler X-Men (Siryn, M, Domino, Boom Boom, Rictor - and there'll probably be lots of 'em) , but we also need some remakes like Cyclops, Rogue, Magneto and Psylocke (just to name a couple)! But there are so many!! And what about an Excalibur Dazzler? Proteus? Stryfe would be cool as well as the MLF. I hope this set will have more promise than WoS or 75th (I got a couple of cool figs but I'm not entirely satiated).

What X-Villain would you like to see in the set (that we haven't seen yet)?

Posted by: heylecomic on 12/19/2010 9:52:34 AM
what the set needs is all "filler" xmen not the same old stuff. finish out the original X-force roster, X-factor, New Mutants, Mutant Liberation Front...c'mon where is STRYFE already!!! and my personal wish...a true Multiple Man..when I play him we start with LE, every click of damage pops a veteran, they pop experienced, ex pops rookies, rookies pop pongs until dial is finished out. Truly gets out of hand if you let it..but hey loads of all should try it, I'm undefeated so far!

Posted by: hoopie toopie on 12/17/2010 11:12:06 PM

This set is for real. I'm a retailer as well and info should be available in January's Preview magazine (that we should get in a couple of weeks). Also, go to the heroclix site and look up one of their older posts. It's there. :)

On another note, Magneto will not be a colossal character. By the looks of it, he will look like a giant character. I have two Sentinels and the Jean Grey/Phoenix colossal characters (that they made a while back) and I'm pretty sure they will use these sculpts to remake some of them (they are 6.5 inches high too).

Posted by: Jason on 12/14/2010 9:19:03 AM
After seeing some tids and bits, here are the characters I think will be in the set:

Those that are confirmed (or so it seems):
Emma Frost
Wolverine/Colossus (dual)
Apocalypse (colossal)
Sentinel (colossal)
2nd Sentinel (colossal)
Phoenix (colossal)
NextWave (though I have no clue who they are or if this is legit)

Other characters I think we'll see:
X-Factor characters (since Madrox will be the BibtB figure): Siryn, M, Layla Miller & Longshot
Sebastian Shaw
Hellfire Club Minions
Black Queen (as Necrosha)
Dr Nemesis
Ms Sinister
Lady Mastermind

Posted by: Jason on 12/14/2010 9:15:09 AM
well i really hope im wrong but im a big heroclix fan and my local comic store where i play in heroclix tournaments. they(the store) has not heard about this set "coming out soon" i personally don't this this is legit...its FAKE

Posted by: jace on 12/13/2010 11:42:25 PM
We need X-Man in this set, and some more AoA pieces.

Posted by: Dan on 12/13/2010 10:04:56 AM
What we X-Fans need:
Cyclops (long overdue)
Storm (though the last piece was good, need one that represents her true potential)
Rogue (finally, powers that represent Rogue)
Boom Boom/Meltdown
Layla Miller/Butterfly
Archangel (half Angel/half Archangel)

And some vilains:
Mystique (give her the shape change trait already!)
Mr. Sinister
Onslaught (please!!!)
Lady Mastermind
Ms Sinister
Necrosha/Black Queen (as a giant?)
Pyro (can you imagine the sculpt!!)

Ones we don't really need (but always good to have remakes of):
Emma Frost

Posted by: Jason on 12/6/2010 9:53:26 AM
If the set includes a cable and deadpool click I will be satisfied

Posted by: Whatiwant on 11/29/2010 8:52:14 PM
i cannot wait till this comes out!!!!!

Posted by: y_so_serious? on 11/23/2010 9:16:44 PM
What I'm really hoping for is a good Cyclops. I feel we have been cheated in all the other versions. Aside from Reed Richards no other character in Marvel has been a team leader longer than Cyclops but he has never had leadership on his dial. Personally I feel he needs a good damage stat, good attack stat, great range, Energy Shield/Deflection, Running Shot, and Leadership plus either Energy Explosion or Psychic blast/ Penetrating Damage or some mix of both.

Posted by: aaron on 11/12/2010 9:30:43 PM
Finally! I have been hopeing the X-men Heroclix would be remade. I just hope these rumors and pics are true. I have got to start saving NOW lol. I am going to want to buy all of these X-Clix. All of the pics of the new Heroclix look amazing (especially Magneto, Mystique, and Apocalypse). I really, really hope they make another ROGUE Heroclix figure. I don't care if it's 80's, 90's, or Modern lol. Others I would like to see are: New Sentinel, Storm, Gambit, Emma Frost, Psylocke, Angel/Archangel, Krakoa, Dracula, Cable/Deadpool duo, and many more lol.

Posted by: Daniel on 11/10/2010 1:22:36 AM
I hope i get that magneto in my brick when it comes out! he looks so awesome!

Posted by: Gu7Vr on 11/3/2010 8:39:51 AM
I hope wizkids can see this comment....PLEASE MAKE A GLADIATOR THAT IS A BEAST THIS TIME!!!

Posted by: daffy on 10/27/2010 12:03:28 PM
a giant juggernaut would be awesome but i dont know if he is big enough to be a giant fig tho... dont get me wrong juggernaut is i big dude but hes no apocalypse or sentinal or anything.. would i complain if they made juggernaut a giant fig? HELL NO!!!

Posted by: bugs on 10/27/2010 11:47:46 AM
oh s#@$ its an awesome magneto

Posted by: Nightcrawler24 on 10/23/2010 9:12:34 PM
whos the dude carrying the green thumb really lookin forward to seeing a giant blob or juggernaut etc.

Posted by: yeah yeah on 10/21/2010 7:20:51 PM
Love all the suggestions (4 horsemen are definitely a fav). I'm thinking since multiple man (Jamie Madox) will be the in store brick figure that there must be a Layla Miller figure. My guesses for the giant figs are pretty much the same as everyone else except that maybe Predator X could also be in discussion. Still waiting to see some X-Factor figs (Siryn & M) not made yet. Too many possibilities and whoever suggested the map coming early out should get the gold star.

Posted by: Shawnbesaw on 10/19/2010 1:52:23 PM
why y'all keep sayin' magneto be giant? that sounds not right to me.

Posted by: randomest on 10/19/2010 1:26:45 PM
One more thing to add, would Annihilus be large enough to make a giant fig out of, or is that stretching it?

Posted by: CallMeMOTO on 10/19/2010 3:36:25 AM
Guesses on the giant size figs: Magneto, Apocalypse, and Sentinel )more or less) have all already been seen, so there's three.

Other possibles: Onslaught, Holocaust, Mastermold, maybe a new Pheonix figure. But the one everyone seems to have passed up is the one that made it's appearance in the first Giant-Sized X-Men comic... KRAKOA! The living island. That would be an amazing figure to get ahold of.

Also, it's about time that they make a Shadow King piece.

Posted by: CallMeMOTOq on 10/19/2010 3:09:51 AM
I would love to see if Wizkids again, would make a poster that would show of all the pieces for each set including ultra rares and get them to retailers a MONTH in advance or better, this would stimulate sales and the ooooooh factor..I sold Heroclix at my store and these were a great selling tool. WHICH BROUGHT A TON OF PUBLIC INTEREST..

Posted by: John Stracuzzi on 10/18/2010 8:29:51 PM
We need X-Statix!!!!! I hope the Next Wave figs are as funny as they were in VS System.


Posted by: American Dragon on 10/18/2010 7:47:36 PM
Hate to say it but this really looks faked...that packaging and print looks like the same exact packaging from the giant sized x-men toys I had as a kid and there's scotch tape on the side of the package! I'm hopeful but not convinced lol plus anyone could have made cg renderings of heroclix figures. just saying...

Posted by: werker on 10/18/2010 4:46:57 PM
NEXTWAVE YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS. hopefully one of the colossals will be a new devil dino in a smoking jacket with a luger pistol.

Posted by: supremepontiff on 10/18/2010 11:30:24 AM
Well so far i've seen a new modern Magneto(yes!!!!!!!!!!!)
I've seen Armor , Two Nextwave Characters The Captain , And Elsa Bloodstone. I hope we get the whole team because i need a better tabitha smith or boom boom or boomer or meltdown lol (and please give here the x-force/ new mutant keyword

Posted by: Jatarrasinn on 10/18/2010 11:27:09 AM
Giant Guesses

Apocalypse (They gave us this one.)
Sentinel (On the box)
Magneto (ditto)
Storm in the Hurricane (tornado, lightning, It would be very cool!)
Mastermold (seated)
Gentle from the New X-men
Phoenix (firey)

Posted by: Webslinger14 on 10/18/2010 11:15:05 AM
giant guesses?
Apocolypse, Sentinel, Savageland Dinosaur, Mojo, Giant Man, Magneto w/ energy feild (on the boosterpack), giant moleman creature, and yo mama

Posted by: ProfessorDiablo on 10/17/2010 9:11:03 PM
And I'm trying to leave the buying end of things.... *sniff*

Posted by: ophyjgjhnfn on 10/17/2010 1:48:15 AM
I have such a boner now for Nextwave....

Posted by: Bound on 10/17/2010 1:27:53 AM
Just would like to see if a special booster can be purchased for tournaments? guess will depend on point values...

Posted by: scourge101 on 10/17/2010 12:46:08 AM
Next Wave also known as Next Wave Agents of Hate was a 2006 comic that lasted barely 12 issue by writer Warren Ellis and artist Stuart Immomen. Hate stood for Highest Anti-Terrorism Effort and they searched for UWMD like Fin Fang Foom. The team consisted of Captain Marvel Monica Rambeau, Boom Boom Tabitha Smith, Captain Euro Elsa Bloodstone, Machine Man Aaron Stack, and The Captain aka Captain Fudge who swears worse than a sailor with tourettes. The Captain and Elsa are the one pictured on the box. I wonder if this means Modok's that look like Elvis?

Posted by: David TG Riches on 10/17/2010 12:16:25 AM
Just a quick point i dont know if anybody has picked up on but_

There are 8 different Super Boosters (all of which are blind and have unique content). We moved to a new configuration b/c we wanted a way to deliver “extreme” content.

the key here being extreme content, not neseceraly Colossal figs but extreme ones... to me this means figs that probably wouldnt fit inside a regular booster, look at this latest image of booster art depicting magneto, no he wouldnt fill the booster on his own but imagine getiing the AE for him along with the brotherhood mainstays along with him in this Super/Extreme booster!?!

I think this is more likely as i cant even think of 8 Collosals in all of marvel let alone Xmen releated ones.

Oh and a couple more Collosal guesses while im at it; gaint wasp as symbiot and gaint moleman creature (his Babies) sorry been reading a lot of Mighty avengers recently...

Oh wait how about a super mega giant doombot! that would be sweet, or one of those Uber Hulk busters from dark reign Hawkeye... geeze i cant seem to stop myself these days

Posted by: Ste on 10/16/2010 11:30:42 PM
re; Fast ball special, it's probably better suited being in this set anyway. my problem with it however is that they dont really match up that well power wise to warrent a duo, its not like wolverine's mutant ability is to return to the thrower like a boomerang.
that said will these two that are both obviously melee fighters have a ranged attack???
Power set wise; wolverine tends towards b/c/f, willpower,regen & stealth while collosus is all about super strength and damage reduction, these powers dont really mesh that well.
now the duo thing worked really well with power man and iron fist and they could on some level be likened to these two, however there team up didnt rely on one of them throwing the other at the enermy. only way i can see this ability working is as a kind of charge that ignores breakaway rolls.
me personally, i prefer to represent this with feats or special abilities as it has been in the past. M&M collosus + WOS wolverine works quite nicely as the click he takes from being thrown heals automatically at the start of the following turn

Posted by: Ste on 10/15/2010 7:58:00 PM
As i read through here, i can answer one thing about the fastball special clix. it was supposed to be in marvel anniversary collectors set that was in the works before heroclix got dropped by topps so since it was already done they are just sticking it in here instead of it going to waste. As far as i can tell with the pic it looks like a rough computer model used for sculpting.

Posted by: lanternfan on 10/15/2010 7:31:56 PM
Man, I hope the set size is smaller, like in BatB, since we will be getting less product per brick. You'd think they would put regular figs along with the "extreme" figs in that super booster. 8 freaking big figs @ $23.98 per super booster takes another buck ninety out of your pocket. I like the concept of the big figures, but this will really be too expensive for me to collect. I may have to go full-on secondary market for the first time since the inception of Heroclix just to get the ones I want to collect (if they are affordable. Really hate being negative, cuz this set is totally gonna rock i am betting. Maybe I can get a lucky scratchy at the lotto-mat!

Anyway keep guessing the giants, I'm loving hearing the ideas

Posted by: machineman on 10/15/2010 5:45:38 PM
ok so I looked it up...

Juggernaut is 9' 5" tall and weighs 1900Lbs

Is that big enough to be one of the eight giants?

Posted by: TheFreestyleMonk on 10/15/2010 5:10:58 AM
I don't know if he is big enough for a giant sized figure... but I really hope they make a Juggernaut giant...

but again, he might not be a big enough guy...

what do you peoples think?

Posted by: TheFreestyleMonk on 10/15/2010 4:49:50 AM
LOL sorry to bring this conversation down into the mud (pun intended) but; does anybody else think that wolverine looks like he's doing a poo in Collosus's hand or is it just me??? the face certainly looks like he's putting a lot of effort into shifting some excess body mass. and collosus is saying no if you gotta go now, do it over there!


Posted by: Ste on 10/14/2010 8:13:57 PM
Ohhh Yesssss!!!
This set looks pretty sweet already and we've seen very little of it so far.
My Biggest wants for this set are a more accurate and longer dialled wolverine and a modern Cyclops.
Would be pretty cool if we got the missing Dark Xmen too.

Reckon te Giants will be Apocalypse, Sentinel, Onslaught. would really like but doubt i'll get a Ultimo and a Collosal Giant-man too but might have to wait for an avengers themed set for those two

Posted by: Ste on 10/14/2010 7:30:47 PM
they have to make the four horsemen...what would this set be if you have a giant apocalypse and no horsemen..and please make archangel good..looks and stat wise

Posted by: lt. dangel on 10/14/2010 12:11:23 PM
Does anyone have any ideas on what the other giant clix will be? All I can think of is a sentinel and I also hope since she is on the box art a new giant phoenix would be awesome!

Posted by: Japete61 on 10/14/2010 11:37:34 AM
Yeah, apocalypse does look great and I'm happy that they made him giant sized finally. Since he is holding cyclops and Jean gray do you think he might have the capture ability? It would be really cool if he could capture certain characters and via and alter ego or something turn them into "friendly" horsemen to his force!

Posted by: Japete61 on 10/14/2010 11:31:19 AM
did anybody else poop their pants when they seen this apocalypse fig? i have been waiting for heroclix to make a giant apocalypse since xplosion..

Posted by: tiny on 10/14/2010 11:21:35 AM
I really hope that they put a playable cyclops in this set because the last two were a joke. He should have at least a 12 attack with two or three lighting bolts. He should also have a low def like 15 since he has no damage reducing powers in the comics. Also, he should have a star power where he has leadership and range combat expert his whole dial since he is the field commander of the x men. We could also do with a new version of most of the brotherhood and some new horsemen with horsemen being a keyword. Last, as much as I know he would not be good a Angel with his first class uniform to finish out the first class team restarted out a couple sets ago. Ps, please also make the fastball special click.

Posted by: Japete61 on 10/13/2010 8:58:43 PM
@ Thefreesylemonk-
Haha! Totally... Actually I wouldn't have included Emma Frost, Storm or Gambit, except that they're on the box art, so they're obviously in the set. I don't know why they would need to remake those 3 or Colossus since they're versions in Mutations & Monsters are still completely competitive in the modern age. Oh, wait, I do know $$

Posted by: licensedhero on 10/13/2010 2:41:33 PM
The last 3 pics look like statues that I've seen before (and clearly fake mock-up bases for the pics). The first pics look real, the last 3 look like wishes and dreams or maybe what the figs are modeled after (which I'm hoping for).

Posted by: David on 10/13/2010 2:14:13 PM
I love the Mystique. I really hope the redo all the core Brotherhood figures for this one(Magneto, Toad, Pyro, Sabertooth, Mastermind,Avalanche, etc). If they're going to do Apocalypse they ought to do some of his horsemen too, I say. Sugar man would be a good one I'd think since he's not been done yet. A few others that could be nice would be Onslaught, Astra, Exodus, Caliban, and Vanisher.

Posted by: Bobby on 10/13/2010 2:08:54 PM

Im sorry brother, but that was less of a stab, and more like listing all of the Xmen characters. lol, no disrespect though...

Posted by: TheFreestyleMonk on 10/13/2010 6:52:04 AM
Mystique looks ready to kill. I would love to get my hands on her when she comes out. I just have one special request for Wizkids/NECA:
Please remake Black Bolt! With a 12 range! Even though this is going to be an X-man themed set, That's all I ask. Anyone agree with me?

Owlman out.

Posted by: Owlman166 on 10/12/2010 10:00:13 PM
OK- I want to be the first to take a stab at a list for this set...

1. Fastball Special (duo)
2. James Howlett (AE)
3. Wolverine (AE with Avengers and X-Men TA)
4. Cyclops (veteran)
5. Gambit
6. Emma Frost
7. Storm
8. Jean Grey (AE)
9. Phoenix (AE)
10. Dark Phoenix (AE)
11. Magneto (classic costume)
12. Angel (rookie)
13. Spider-Man (because he's in every set)
14. Apocolypse (giant size)
15. Sentinel (giant size)

Other strong possibilities are Rouge, Shadowcat, Mystique, Sabretooth, the Toad, the Blob, Pyro, Legion, William Stryker, Lady Deathstrike and the Jugernaut. Also this set will be coming out around the same time as the Captain America and Thor movies, so there will probably either be an Avengers sub-theme in this set or an Avengers starter set to compliment this expansion

Posted by: licensedhero on 10/12/2010 1:37:51 PM
I dont play the x-men as a theme team very much any more in heroclix. The few we have gotten have been decent, but never enough. So many of them have been in need of being updated its not funny. The interest in them seemed to disappear when the last X-men movie flopped. The team also hasnt been that competitive against alot of the updated rosters out there today.

But if this is true and not a hoax. I'll enjoy getting this set. I'll enjoy it so I can restock my favorite members of the team with new versions. My eldest son who is our heroclix judge will probably do a backflip. This is is favorite team and he will probably help me buy our case if not try to get us a second one.

I just hope its real and then we all can start looking forward to it sometime early next year.

Posted by: Nightwing-fan on 10/11/2010 7:55:03 AM
Also, I noticed the Sentinal head appears in a couple of places, so maybe another possible over-sized figure is a correctly scaled clix of a sentinal head getting attacked by wolvie as shown on the one box. Meh, who knows?

Posted by: machineman on 10/10/2010 10:53:26 PM
Well, not to be a force of negativity, but this looks like we are going to be seeing a brick existing of only 8 boosters and a "super booster" that may contain an oversized figure, like the Apocalypse shown (probably not a fake mr. "uuhhhhhmmmm really", look at the booster art shown in the bottom pic) and hopefully more than just that. Maybe that super booster will contain 4 or 5 regular figs with one of several possibilities for the over-sized one. I'm sure there won't be a price drop associated with the reduction of boosters per case, so I can't really get too stoked over this spoiler-ish news. I will have to wait until all the details, particularly regarding how much product we will be getting per brick, is released. On a positive note, Apocalypse looks really nice, a great sculpt at least. Of course, that may be just a BibtB figure, but with the adjective "Giant-Sized" attached to the assumed set name, you gotta figure over-sized figures are going to be the new "quirk" with this set, if this is indeed the next Marvel set.

Posted by: machineman on 10/10/2010 10:49:46 PM
i dont know about the boosters but the figure is totally fake look how similar it is to gorilla grod from arkham asylum
sorry to be the upset person

Posted by: uuhhhhhmmmm really on 10/10/2010 8:05:02 PM
The only thing I can say is that...if what I just saw is real, taking in consideration that X-Men is my favorite comic! I can't wait for this!!! It's just amazing!!! I was suspecting that X-Men were going to be the main characters on next Marvel's expansion, because it's been a long time since Mutantion and Monsters. I hope to see this time another: Shadowcat, Rogue, Jubilee, Havok, Psylocke, Cable, Polaris, Boom Boom, Cannonball, some missing and never seen chracters like: Rictor, Feral, Syrin, Random, etc, and some kind of interesting duo-characters such as Wolverine and Colossus, Wolverine and Jubilee, Wolverine and Kitty Pryde, Scott and Jean, Gambit and Rogue, Storm and Rogue. And if they include Jim Lee's 90's customs it would be just perfect! Classic X-Men...the best ever.

Posted by: JasonCR on 10/10/2010 7:16:06 PM
This is awesome!! I am not so excited about the X-men as many people are, I think they have had plenty of support in the past. Monsters and Mutations, and then the X-Force in WoS, but what this does mean is that they can now expand to other factions like Lanterns, and...well I can't think of any other good ones, but if they release these like they do the classic sets between the actual sets this will be great!
Judging by the size of Apocalypse I would say 3-5 figures. We really need more details before we get too excited about this set in particular.

Posted by: Silent Coyote on 10/10/2010 4:05:52 PM
Honestly, I have never been a major fan of the X-men, with the exception or Professor X, Wolverine, and Nightcrawler. The movie series did a faceplanter, in general, However, It is about time that Heroclix got an X-men themed set. Haven't really seen one since X-plosion. (Which, lets be honest, totally fell flat, with a couple of exceptions. Con-artists were the abosolute WORST addition to the game! How often do you see a hooker in a superhero/super villian fight, anyway??) But I digress; I am pleased that X-men fans will most likely finally get some of the pieces they've been hoping for. I for one hope they make Onslaught. I think he is easily one of the top ten most powerful villians in the Marvel universe. Not really a personal fav of mine, either, but I think he'd be very interesting, to say the least.

Owlman out.

Posted by: Owlman166 on 10/10/2010 1:08:22 PM
I LOVE THE SUPERBOOSTER IDEA! Just like D&D minis used to do. I CAN'T WAIT!

Posted by: Bigolegreezy on 10/10/2010 8:20:16 AM
Maybe they will make a good Gambit piece this time around? A trait related to charging up and exploding objects... or mayhaps even other characters?

Posted by: kilowog27 on 10/10/2010 7:45:43 AM
My friends and I were discussing this a while back, trying to decide whether the next Marvel set would be X-Men themed or Cosmic themed. Either way, good stuff.

How do these super booster things work? Is there only 1 figure in it?

Posted by: Evan on 10/10/2010 2:57:24 AM
That looks pretty nice! I'm trying to convince them to do an Atomic Robo set or maybe even a new HorrorClix set.

Posted by: Lord Arach on 10/9/2010 11:56:40 PM
hmmmmm the boosters seem pretty legit, i wonder how many would come in a booster though?

Posted by: miguel on 10/9/2010 10:00:58 PM