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DC Batman HeroClix Spoilers
The Le (06/14/2012)
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11-14-2012 Selena Kyne and Catwoman!!! Blades/Claws/Fangs and Outwit?!? YUM!

Catwoman HeroClix Dial

Selena Kyle HeroClix Dial

10-09-2012: Found this image of ROBIN on the alliance open house slide.

Batman heroClix Robin

10-08-2012: It's the Blackbat, 3 wonderful clicks of Charge and some Outwit and Super Senses to boot!

Related: Improved Targetting Rules

HeroClix Black Bat Dial

09-21-2012: It's WARBLADE from the WILDCATS! Blades/Claws/Fangs + Charge is a great combo... and the mid-dial Flurry + Blades/Claws/Fangs is great too!

HeroClix Warblade Wildcats dial

09-10-2012: Check out BIG BARDA! Not only does she have Charge and Super Strength, she also has an excellent Special Power that grants her Quake and Penetrating/Psychic Blast!

HeroClix Big Barda Dial

09-10-2012: So whose dial is this? It's a mystery, but we sure do like a first click Charge and Willpower! (note, this image came from Wizkids. We didn't leave the cards out, nor did we pixilate the image).

Heroclix Mystery Dial

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Your Comments:
@The Le: The Joker doesn't have any Perplex. You might want to update the listing.

Posted by: PassingBy on 11/6/2012 3:45:41 PM
And LSD for harley's super senses maybe? Super senses?

Posted by: The Iron Thug on 10/20/2012 12:59:16 AM
@The Iron Thug ummm...I don't know. I would tend to disagree with you. I want to wait and see what the descriptive names are for her powers. She is a really fun character. I want to see if she has some "circus themes gadgets and gizmos" that justify her standard powers.

Ranged Combat Expert---"Rocket Launcher" maybe? She is iconic for blasting off that big bazooka.
Quake---"Giant Hammer"?? The sculpt says it all right there. If this is the case, maybe should have been more than 1 click of it, but it still makes sense.

I have been dying for a good Harley Quinn character for awhile and like the decent well-rounded nature of her character here.

Posted by: ChronoFett on 10/19/2012 11:28:48 AM
i can see harley quinn havin outwit', stealth, perplex or exploit weakness (all 4 of w/c her dial doesn't seem to have) even charge, energy explosion and b/c/f maybe, but the rest of those powers on her dial just look plain stupid...

Posted by: The Iron Thug on 10/19/2012 9:45:56 AM
@Grim: She can't negate the Gauntlet. Her special power affects relics, the Gauntlet is a resource.

Posted by: PassingBy on 10/17/2012 9:45:48 AM
I will never understand why Two-Face has Probability Control. Why? Why? Why? Flippin a coin ain't the same as fortune tellin' or predicting the future for crying out loud, it's still the same as making a choice, a 50/50 choice maybe but that's still in the realm of decision-making. Does flippin' a dang coin make Two-Face clairvoyant? Does he own a frikkin' magic coin or something that predicts probabilities??? BAH!!!

Posted by: The Real Captain Cold on 10/17/2012 2:13:08 AM
Another Catwoman that can negate the Gauntlet? not just negate it this time but remove it from the game? seems like an ability that should have been given to Nebula.

Posted by: Grim on 10/16/2012 7:49:13 PM
@FlavorableDeez: If WizKids does that kind of rarity scheme with the Prime characters it would be another great bonehead move on their part. The whole purpose of the colors is to make trading easier. (I'll trade this uncommon for that uncommon.) It was smart of them to give the Chase characters a different colored base. Now they are easy to identify. If they go with that rarity system for Prime characters while leaving the base otherwise, it makes it that much easier for someone to take advantage of someone else. (I'll trade this uncommon for your Prime uncommon sucker.....) Sadly, it's this type of shortsightedness that I've come to expect from WizKids.

Posted by: WildCat on 10/16/2012 7:41:08 PM
@phep: Maul won't have any effect on Relics. Maul destroys objects. Relics (as a form of objects) can’t be destroyed.

Posted by: PassingBy on 10/16/2012 5:13:38 PM
@The Le: Booster Gold doesn't have Enhancement, he has Energy Shield/Deflection.

Posted by: PassingBy on 10/16/2012 5:11:29 PM
3 damage for Catwoman? 3 Damage with exploit weakness? I could understand 2 with exploit maybe, blades is really the best way to go if you want to make her a character that can deal damage. But now she does the same amount of damage as the 200 point Batman? I don't see it from Catwoman.

Posted by: Captain Awesome on 10/16/2012 4:53:27 PM
@lordoracle Huh....duly noted. Good call. I've only recently noticed them in DC books, but that's impressive. Griffin, for example having his own DC52 title. That's pretty new stuff. But exciting to have Gen13 on =board nonetheless.

Posted by: ChronoFett on 10/15/2012 9:23:16 PM
Actually, ChronFett, DC acquired Wildstorm franchise from Jim Lee over 12 yrs ago and has run multiple WildC.A.T.s series since then starting with the second volume in 1999.

Apparently the deal did not include the Cliffhanger imprint (Danger Girl, BattleChasers, Crimson, etc.) as Danger Girl was amongst the IndyClix set.

Posted by: lordoracle on 10/15/2012 11:34:17 AM
@Mike K Maul isn't from Batman comics and has probably never been to Gotham. He's from the Wildstorm team that DC has only recently acquired.

He's part of the "sub-teams" that each Clix set has started including. Each set come with a sub-genre team that isn't necessarily related to the overall theme of the set. I mean....the upcoming Amazing Spiderman set is going to have Classic Horror movie monsters as a sub team for God's sake.

Posted by: ChronFett on 10/14/2012 7:19:51 AM
@PassingBy, et al. Actually, the "B" dials(and sculpts) of these characters are the introduction of prime characters and they're different all together. This includes rarity in a way. Even though a common prime character will be labeled common its rarity (or frequency) within the set will be that of an uncommon, an uncommon prime a rare, a rare a super rare and so on. There will be one prime dial in each "phase" of rarity. No clue if the chases are going to have a prime dial in their ranks, but if they do and you get one hold onto it.

Posted by: FlavorableDeez on 10/13/2012 8:32:16 PM
I've never read batman but can't understand why there are characters like maul in this set? I wiki'd him an sounds more like a galactic character? Not a Gotham city local seeing he can grow to the size of a city, that would have definitely caught my interest lol.

Posted by: mike k on 10/13/2012 4:49:19 AM
I was hoping a little more from Maul... 2x2 base... higher attack value, specially when Maul has the Giant symbol... charge... battle fury... ok, maybe a lot more... but, the image looks great! Hopefully the sculpt itself will have better quality than the 10th Anniv. set. Sadly, whether it does or doesn't, seeing the WildC.A.T.s on clix is a dream come true!

Posted by: Ianator73 on 10/13/2012 3:53:42 AM
However, having read the Image comics, I really think when he hits "Getting.. Too.. Big" he should also get Battle Fury because his brain does not grow to the same proportions so he goes berserk.

Posted by: lordoracle on 10/12/2012 8:45:43 PM
Maul seems to be a beatstick that can be used to absorb attacks from the opposing team since he got a hulk like dial design. The mid-dial Half-titanthrope can be a game changer that can have several tactical uses assuming he has no action tokens (He can carry single based grounded figures out of combat, Flurry out from 2 squares, etc.) His trait is interesting as it seems he might be able to remove relics from play.

Posted by: phep on 10/12/2012 7:00:38 PM
@phep and @annoyinglizardvoice: Usually when WizKids promotes the figures they show the actual dial. (Think of Astral Dr. Strange who was shown with both parts on the same dial.) These seem to be more like the Secret Invasion characters with two separate dials/sculpts. But the rarity on each version seems to be the same. (For example, Sasha Bordeaux and Black Queen are both uncommon.) They could just as easily have given them different collector numbers, but I think they think it's cool to use A and B in this instance since they are variations on the same character.

Posted by: PassingBy on 10/12/2012 4:17:44 PM
Maul's dial reminds me of Strong Guy's dial from M&M...only without any kind of move and attack whatsoever, or a useful TA.

Posted by: rickleo on 10/12/2012 12:36:10 PM

Posted by: @djrobertlamont on 10/12/2012 10:26:04 AM
Sorry I forgot there was also a case of A/B figures with the same name when they used the hidden skrull mechanic for Secret Invasion. Perhaps the new A/B figures in the Batman set might have something similar.

Posted by: phep on 10/10/2012 10:58:48 PM
@annoyinglizardvoice thus far all figures with a A/B on the character card have been split dial figures. Basically they are a single figure with two different stats on the same dial. I've seen these mostly on generic figures starting with the Captain America set.

Posted by: phep on 10/10/2012 10:54:09 PM
@ theo Big Barda is in the set due to the fan-vote last year, and General August in Iron is there due to the new52 JLI, so those others might not be as likely due to not having the same connection.

I'm a little concerned about the a and b versions of some characters, are the b versions going to be chases or something?

Posted by: annoyinglizardvoice on 10/10/2012 8:26:01 PM
Blackbat is ... AWESOME!!! Even without any range her improve movement capabilities and indomitable will allow her to reach anyone. Plus her trait makes her semi-immune to outwitters that doesn't have any stealth busting team ability in the open as long as she can attack. In addition to that she can potentially do damage to figures with damage reduction powers on every click thanks to a starting 3 damage, exploit weakness, outwit, & close combat expert. She is worth the 100 pts. to field!

Posted by: phep on 10/9/2012 10:02:43 PM
Zealot is like a throwback to some of the Indy clix close combat figures with better stats. With Indomitable you'll get a lot use out of her if you can get her into combat without getting shot up.

Bad Samaritan is pretty good in terms of being a stealth outwitter. Sharpshooter will allow him to outwit pass opposing figure bases and if teamed up with a figure with Superman Ally, Avengers Intiative/Ultimates, or Thunderbolts coping AI/U TA he can shut down even stealth outwitters like Batman. Plus damaging him will be a pain since he's got mastermind, super senses, & stealth for half of his dial.

Posted by: phep on 10/5/2012 8:06:36 PM
I see Big Barda and General in Iron. So if they make these characters there had be A Mr. Miracle, Orion, and a Captain Atom. Thats all I have to say. I mean come on you are gonna make Barda but leave out her husband and Darkseids son. Atom is on the list because he needs to be remade badly, plus they should all have the JLA TA.

Posted by: theo on 10/2/2012 1:59:25 AM
I think Red Robin is a bit overpriced for what he bring to the table. I think I'd rather use the 66 pts. version of Robin in the AA set over this one.

Hopefully there is a pre 52 version of him on a motorcycle (ie transporter) in this set that better for the points.

Posted by: phep on 10/1/2012 10:25:45 PM
Wonder Woman's plane - Why is Cassy Sandmark not on the list with the other Wonder Womans and Wonder Girls to ghet the special abilities? She was after all Wonder Girl and WizKids did put out a LE of her. Opps get out your Wizkids errata pen

Posted by: Sir Christopher on 10/1/2012 9:11:38 PM
Ah, I see. It's more like Flurry for range...ey...ness. Wow, he's far less formidable than I thought.

P.S. Friends don't let friends drink and post about Clix special powers

Posted by: FlavorableDeez on 9/29/2012 2:46:03 AM
"@The Le, phep, and FlavorableDeez: You're actually not going to be able to use Psychic Blast with Quickfire. Each power requires a ranged combat action to activate the power. That ranged combat action can only activate one of the powers so you'll need to pick which one you're using."

I see your point PassingBy. I was thinking it was more like a passive power like willpower that kicks in as long as the power is showing. However if the use of Quickfire require a range combat action to activate then it wouldn't be able to be used with psychic blast since you can't give a single non free action to activate two different powers. Looks like an errata might be in order.

Posted by: phep on 9/29/2012 2:02:05 AM
@FlavorableDeez: "putting him on his second click letting him make a regular range combat attack" That part won't work. When you gave him the ranged combat action he didn't even have the power yet so it certainly couldn't have been given to activate the power.

Posted by: PassingBy on 9/28/2012 11:24:58 PM
@The Le, phep, and FlavorableDeez: You're actually not going to be able to use Psychic Blast with Quickfire. Each power requires a ranged combat action to activate the power. That ranged combat action can only activate one of the powers so you'll need to pick which one you're using.

Posted by: PassingBy on 9/28/2012 11:15:16 PM
Phep is right, you're only going to get one use of Psychic Blast through his special. Still, it makes him a serious threat: Running Shot with Psychic Blast his first turn, hope your opponent ignores/misses him, and then shirk his willpower to Running shot/psyblast again, putting him on his second click letting him make a regular range combat attack and then giving him a defensive power. Otherwise, if you keep him on that first click and the Wildcats don't get an ATA giving him Stealth he's going to take a big hit, and with a dial like that, he can't afford to take a regular hit

Posted by: FlavorableDeez on 9/28/2012 10:03:59 PM
Yes... Another Wildcat figure! Hoping the next preview is for Voodoo or Spartan next.

@Le I think Grifter can only make 1 psychic blast attack with Quickfire. The free action is a range combat attack not another range combat action.

I'm liking the dial especially on the second click. Hopefully there will be a ATA for the Wildcats.

Posted by: phep on 9/28/2012 8:32:12 PM
August General in Iron is definately a step up from is previous 100 pts. incarnation from the Justice League set. I like that his regeneration clicks are set up to get him back up to full health with the right rolls. Also the special quake power and his 2 clicks of exploit makes him quite dangerous to high point beatsticks/tentpole figures.

Posted by: phep on 9/26/2012 8:54:59 PM
August General does have indomitable

Posted by: Lord Logan on 9/26/2012 11:47:03 AM
I like August General, penetrating damage is always good! Add in Enhancement and Indomitable, and I believe this guy is worth 140+ pts!!

Posted by: Hodak on 9/26/2012 9:43:53 AM
I find it funny that "Bruce Wayne" seems to be a much better figure than Hush even though they are one and the same.

Posted by: phep on 9/24/2012 11:29:12 PM
I'm a little disappointed that there is no wildcats TA. Not sure how useful the barrier sp will be without range on Warblade. The only thing I can think of using it if he's already based by an opposing figure he could use it to place it in adjacent squares between them to cut off adjacency which will allow if to charge without having to make a break away roll. Otherwise it's nice to have a recognizable figure that isn't a remake! ;-)

Posted by: phep on 9/21/2012 8:59:59 PM
Finally a Sasha figure.

I am really enjoying her Black Queen version. It inspires me to make another Checkmate team.

Posted by: SeekerMuadib on 9/19/2012 10:07:03 AM
Also I've read SRG's character card wrong. I thought that Pulse wave was available from the beginning so strategy wise only half of what I posted on my previous post will work until SRG gets to his pulse wave clicks (which would mean constantly pushing him for the first 6 turns of play).

Posted by: phep on 9/19/2012 12:18:16 AM
@manits warrior

Didn't think of Bruce Banner for that one!

The team I suggested was to take advantage of SRG's enhancement for the taxis in addition to using the shield TA to increase his range for the EE attacks. The Pulse wave is to be done when the opposing figures move into half range while the taxis (Positron & Ironman move out of the range with the doombot while taking a running shot attack with Ironman or totally moving out of the range area if SRG uses the full range pulse wave). Unfortunately the FCBD Ironman doesn't have the Armor keyword so it wouldn't work for theme. :(

Posted by: phep on 9/18/2012 6:25:26 PM
@phep Not 100% convinced of the synergy with the trait there. My huge range pulse wave will be mashing up my own taxis! Better to get a couple of cheap perplexers to up the range from a safe distance and TK into position. Teaming him with Bruce Banner from the Hulk set with this special power should be fun too!!!

BOMB SCIENCE: Bruce Banner can use Energy Explosion. Bruce Banner and adjacent friendly characters deal 1 additional damage to the targets of their attacks while using Energy Explosion, if not already modified by this effect.

Posted by: Mantis Warrior on 9/18/2012 7:58:16 AM
The Socialist Red Guardsman has a pretty good trait. A good team idea to use with him would be to use retired figures like Positron from City of Heroes,Ironman from Monsters & Mutations, & the Doombot with ehancement from Secret Invasion for an armor theme team. The SRG will get the benefit of taxis from either Ironman or Positron with an increase to his +3 to his range (Shield TA from Ironman while Positron & the Doombot copy the TA since they are wildcards) via the Shield TA if all 3 figures are adjacent to him, can be given a constant DV of 17 as long as Positron stays on his first click with Defend, and SRG & the doombot can boost the damage of the taxis with enhancement. This would come out to 300 pts. exactly. While it isn't a perfect team I think it has potential since it can dish out major damage at range and has Pulse Wave to discourage close combat attackers.

Posted by: phep on 9/18/2012 2:12:46 AM
El Gaucho??? He looks a little bit like Danny Trejo with a red hood mask! :)

He's not bad for 92 pts. since you can keep up his Defense Value at 18 or higher depending on CCR or perplex showing up on his dial and you can't tie him down due to his improved movement ability. He can be a pretty good tie up piece with the ability to do penetrating damage to opponents that are relative close to him. Plus with proper placement you won't be able to outwit him without anti-stealth busting capababilities. I wonder if enhancement can increase the damage dealt by his special range attack?

Posted by: phep on 9/14/2012 8:40:50 PM
El Gaucho's trait: As if he had a range VLAUE"?? Proofreaders anyone??

I hope this is a digital mistake only and can be fixed on the actual card by WK before distribution time.

Posted by: ChronoFett on 9/14/2012 12:24:10 PM
Heck yeah! Lovin' the BB!!!!!!

Posted by: rwhitl on 9/13/2012 10:05:53 PM
KG by name, Beast by nature! Constant 12AV sniping if you can find some hindering, then once hit you get flurry/blades with guarenteed damage to the toughness+ set. And 5/7 clix with a 10AV to share, solid DV and just 82 points! BEAST!!!

Posted by: MantisWarrior on 9/12/2012 12:10:43 PM
Whats with the Mystery sculpt. This game is supposed to be PG.

Posted by: Daye D. on 9/11/2012 8:14:34 PM
New Big Barda + 100 pts. Justice League 52 Wonder Woman = Team Alpha Strike!

It's nice how the traits actually work well together (even if it's only once per game).

Posted by: phep on 9/10/2012 10:09:37 PM
Mystery dial is either Jason Todd or Some Bat chick

Posted by: Darkhawk26 on 9/10/2012 5:52:33 PM
If you stare long enough at it, you will see a sail bout. lol

Posted by: Mrzombie on 9/10/2012 10:53:37 AM
I am going to say the mystery dial is the new Talon.

Posted by: SeekerMuadib on 9/10/2012 10:34:12 AM
I say the mystery dial is either New52 Nightwing or Stephanie Brown Batgirl.

Posted by: rwint1968 on 9/10/2012 10:18:50 AM
The pixelated image looks like batgirl. Stare at it for 3 hours straight without blinking and you'll see what i'm talking about.

Posted by: The Real Captain Cold on 9/10/2012 9:57:25 AM
Big Barda is a little "soft" on the backside (her DIAL!?! ;) but upfront she has a very solid alpha strike capabvility with Boom Tube.

Good for her points, she will see time on my Apokalips, JL,and Warrior teams.

Posted by: Hodak on 9/10/2012 9:52:20 AM
Mysteyy dial: another Nightwing w/ a Trait for Leap/Climb

Posted by: Hodak on 9/10/2012 9:45:28 AM
Hmm... You know Hugo Strange migh be interesting to use on those Dark Knight Rises henchmen (ie. Mercenary A version, Arkham Asylum Inmate A version, Shadow Assasin A version in conjuction with Henri Ducard), well placed heavy objects, and some TK support they would make really good disposable alpha strikes figures. Other than that I'm not sure how to make full use of his special power and there are better support type figures than he is in modern age for his points value.

Posted by: phep on 9/5/2012 8:45:17 PM
@Mantis Warrior: It's Combat Reflexes.

Posted by: PassingBy on 9/4/2012 4:37:45 PM
Okay, I'm thinking of the Special which gives Charge and SS. Wouldn't you just ALWAYS use with someone with B/C/F? Or at the very least, a character with Exploit Weakness, with SS added, Hugo gives a lots of options for dealing big damage. Seems like with careful planning, you could really play a brutal team.

Posted by: ChronoFett on 9/4/2012 4:12:12 PM
Hugo has some really fun support powers, love the serum, BUT a massive glass jaw. Is that a dfence of 16 DEFEND or 16 COMBAT REFLEXES? Either way your opponent will just zap him if in LOF Closing the range to use mind control or his trait seems like a one way ticket to the K.O. pile! He could be better on an indoor map but at 89 points you won't have enough characters to guarantee map choice.
So who do you pair him with for amazingly abusive Charge+Quake+SS? I'm thinking a Flash. Anyone else? Would love him to be viable!

Posted by: Mantis Warrior on 9/4/2012 9:11:10 AM
yeah, a "great option of brilliant tactician" if your plan is to let him take four damamge to come online, you've already lost.

Posted by: rick leo on 9/4/2012 8:49:15 AM
@white phoenix of the crown
1. I imagine it will be the same sort of drill as the Superman set last year (so one commom and most of the chases)
2. The green ring mean a) the character is unique and b) you may only have one green character in your force in most games.

Posted by: annoyinglizardvoice on 9/4/2012 4:28:59 AM
1. How many Batmen can they have in one set?
2. What does the green on The Caped Crusader mean?

Posted by: white phoenix of the crown on 8/26/2012 12:49:39 PM
The green ring indicates a Prime figure and you can only have a single Prime figure per force, regardless of point total.

Posted by: XStrike on 8/23/2012 8:43:17 PM
Anybody know what the green on Caped Crusader means?

Posted by: Licensedhero on 8/23/2012 5:28:44 PM

Posted by: white phoenix of crown on 8/20/2012 9:26:08 AM
Actually, since THIS would be the BATMAN TA, making a Superman (with stelth and being able to penetrate stealth) would be good) two words to prove this:World's Finest.....And, doing THAT for Flash would REALLY come in handy after Flash's attack resolves.....

Posted by: Danny on 8/18/2012 11:58:39 PM
@ trevlor

IIRC if you pay the points cost(s) for the extra flock of bats then the theme team rules wouldn't apply. However in the case of the Cape Crusader figure I don't think it would break theme since the flock of bats were brought into the game without any cost (similar to how the Chase Thanos does with the golem). That being said I don't think you can give the bats action tokens for probability control either since they don't have the right keywords. Then again I might be wrong.

Posted by: phep on 8/18/2012 1:23:39 AM a tourney, you could not start with/have any extra bats on your team because the keywords right?? im sure MOST judges would be fine with it, but still =-/

these all are AMAZING though! =D

Posted by: trevlor on 8/17/2012 9:59:33 PM
These are the best Batman scuplts I've seen from Wizkids(and I thought the one on the Batman/Superman duo was off the hook!).

The Flock of Bats (although Cloud of Bats would have sounded better per Zarg's suggestion) mechanics are interesting and I wouldn't mind giving it a try once I get these figures.

Posted by: phep on 8/17/2012 7:53:55 PM
Over on (the Horrorclix fansite), a member had developed Swarms, using the minion idea for things like this, and including swarms of bats. His are only pogs, though.

Posted by: MEsch on 8/17/2012 5:28:22 PM
Wow nice scientific fact. A Cloud of Bats would sound way cooler. You never know maybe since you mentioned it, WK maybe able to correct that slight before the set comes out.

Posted by: SeekerMuadib on 8/17/2012 1:41:34 PM
Always nice to see the sneak peeks and the Bat-stuff looks fun -- but here's the obligatory nitpick: Bats don't group in "flocks" (that's birds) they group in "colonies" or "clouds." Kind of a shame that no one at Wizkids likes English, or we could have had a cooler sounding (and scientifically correct) figure called "Cloud of Bats."

Posted by: Zarg on 8/17/2012 1:21:29 PM
These sculpts are beautiful!

Posted by: Tony Antoniuk on 8/17/2012 11:37:02 AM
oh my

Posted by: Blake on 8/17/2012 9:55:33 AM
I am loving all of these Batman figures. Finally I am seeing some great Bats figures. I am totally digging the Flock of Bats game mechanic. I can't wait to see the other figures in this set.

Posted by: SeekerMuadib on 8/17/2012 9:44:47 AM
I don't know... 200 pts with the ability to make a stealth JL or JLI team? Could be worth it.

Posted by: lordoracle on 8/17/2012 7:18:56 AM
Are you kidding me right now!? 200 point Batman!? That is the stupidest thing I have ever seen.

Posted by: white phoenix of the crown on 8/16/2012 11:41:45 AM
my mistake thats just the boarder on all previews
also the 200pt version is only experienced! the vet must be a super-rare prime version then... how much more hardcore can a guy with no super powers get?.... he responds "I'm batman"
interestingly he is 200pts and only has the most restrictive form of move and attack plus little in the way of damage reduction or penertation other than a little scattered outwitt. also seeing a lot of 2s on the damage values.
Still a very good piece

Posted by: Ste on 8/16/2012 8:39:46 AM
is that a green ring on his base? it looks yellow. still i'm loving him if he's a prime character. i can live with this, prime "definitive" versions of the main character as 001 commons of the set. might level the meta-playing field.
i like this batman a lot! give us a decent hundred point robin with some kind of smoke cloud trait and that'll be an awesome 300pt themed team
i just cant wait to see a wolverine prime

Posted by: Ste on 8/16/2012 8:19:32 AM
This is definitely the year of the Batman. A lot of good ones came out this year. I didn't think we would see a 200 point version again unless it was Green Lantern Batman.

Posted by: Nafets920 on 8/16/2012 3:57:44 AM
Cool Batman! Very different take on the figure. At his highest point value he got 10 clicks of life with with high attack value, decent defense/damage values, and alternating Perplex/Outwit for the majority of his clicks. I'll like that he can give figures insta-stealth that can't be outwitted to an entire theme team. That's downright "evil"(or should that be "genius" since it's Batman I'm talking about here).

Just wondering about this as I'm still trying to figure out the improve movement ability can that work in conjunction with Charge or only with normal move actions?

Posted by: phep on 8/15/2012 10:23:44 PM
Two at the top are KGBeast and Booster Gold.

Posted by: Boelabaal on 7/23/2012 3:41:13 PM
Who are the two at the top?
@adam I like the idea of the fan-voted set, but they tend to want sets with a theme (understandably, as it helps newbies with team construction) and often copy existing miniatures, so it might not be that likely.
I also agree with your earlier comment that the Brainiac ship might be cool.
@Nafets I'd like to see a few of them too (particularly Inque and Mad Stan). A keyword that links the beyond Justice League might be nice as Barda is the fan voted min and she was connected to them.

I'm hoping this set will have Huntress (the old birds of prey version, not the new52 version) Batwing (the character, not the plane) and Massacre in it.

Posted by: annoyinglizardvoice on 7/22/2012 2:59:47 PM
Just a thought I think for the next starter packs for DC and Marvel they should let the fans vote on the theme and characters. Or let the winner of the heroclix world championship pick one of the sets. Second place gets to second set and the fans get to pick 1 character to vote on to put in both sets. That would be awesome. Who's with me

Posted by: Adam on 7/20/2012 12:36:51 AM
I wonder if we will ever get any Batman Beyond villains. There weren't too many big ones, but it would be neat to see a Blight, Mad Stan, Inque or Spellbinder.

Posted by: Nafets920 on 7/19/2012 9:20:45 PM
That IS WW's invisible jet, no doubt. Very interesting and overdue element to the game. We'll see how it plays...

Posted by: MEsch on 7/19/2012 9:10:21 AM
i think thats the wonder woman invisible jet.

Posted by: vidious on 7/18/2012 1:18:12 PM
Zealot! WildC.A.T.s for the Win!

Posted by: The Dark Knight on 7/17/2012 4:33:36 PM
Super excited for Booster!

Posted by: Nate on 7/17/2012 3:04:29 PM
There is also a police car, blue beetle's ship, what looks like Batman's jet and a tank. Most likely its the haunted tank. That leaves one unknown I was hoping for Brainiacs ship

Posted by: adam on 7/17/2012 1:55:42 PM
It's Booster Gold and KGBeast

Posted by: Impulse1121 on 7/17/2012 1:18:03 PM
Dude, the Batmobile is very nice, and is that a Batplane I see?

Posted by: rwhitl on 7/13/2012 5:04:25 PM

Was having a discussion about the super-booster vehicles. I saw somewhere there would be 7 of them and we know the Batmobile & Invisible Jet.

There are not many signature vehicles. Others we came up with are the Batwing, Batboat, possibly Baycycle (though there should be multiple on one base). I'd love to see Blue Beetle II's Bug and Nite-Owl's Archie (really the same thing since Nite-Owl was based on Beetle).

Posted by: lordoracle on 6/29/2012 8:54:36 AM
I'm glad to see new HeroClix characters (WildC.A.T.S.) but it sucks that they have to be absorbed into a Big 2 publisher to get made.

Many Indy characters have toys that sell, so why not make more comic-related clix?

Posted by: Kragnorak on 6/18/2012 4:01:32 PM
I don't have a link for it, but apparently this is the set where the BigBarda miniature chosen in the players vote will be found. I look forward to getting one of those.
A little unsure about the vehicles. Can;t think of that many interesting ones from DC comics off the top of my head.

Posted by: annoyinglizardvoice on 6/18/2012 3:49:51 PM
@Foxoptimized: It's all cool -- you brought the images to my attention, so you get credit for that. And Tyroman was identified as the original source, so he gets credit for that. It's all good.

Posted by: The Le on 6/15/2012 3:24:26 AM
The images I emailed to you were screenshots I took from a slide show presented at GAMA I saw on YouTube. So unless that was his slide show presentation than yeah not cool trying to steal someone's thunder lol.

Posted by: Foxoptimized on 6/14/2012 10:33:01 PM
Thank you, XStrike. The catwoman image has been moved to the DC 10th Anniversary Spoilers page.

Posted by: The Le on 6/14/2012 2:55:37 PM
That Catwoman isn't from the Batman set. She's from the DC 10th Anniversary set.

Posted by: XStrike on 6/14/2012 2:14:57 PM
thanks for the credit, theLe :)

Posted by: Tyroman on 6/14/2012 1:46:57 PM
@Nightwing-fan: text that appears in PURPLE come directly from the source (in this case, the Alliance order flyer) -- it is transcribed word-for-word. I try to follow this format everywhere on HeroClix World.

Posted by: The Le on 6/14/2012 1:33:58 PM
On page one of the artice I see that the second vehicle named is Wonder Woman's invisible jet. That just leaves 5 left?

Do I read that right on page 2, that the marquee figures is the Nightwing/Batgirl duo? I'm going to want multiples of that one.

Grifter and Catwoman sculpts look good, but I wanna see Zealot!!! She has always been my favorite WildC.A.T. member.

Posted by: Nightwing-fan on 6/14/2012 1:23:04 PM
yes, they were taken at GAMA. :)

Posted by: Tyroman on 6/14/2012 12:24:48 PM
My guess is October 10th...

Posted by: Stu on 6/14/2012 11:43:02 AM
great screen shots. lol. I took those. :-D

Posted by: Larry (Tyroman) on 6/14/2012 11:22:33 AM
Love the sculpts, yes a Griffter!!

Hate the vehical mechanic.

Posted by: Slade on 6/14/2012 11:07:48 AM
"Expected Release: September 5th 2012"

So, realistically, Sept 26th release date then.

Posted by: hair10 on 6/14/2012 10:47:55 AM